Best Famous Mexican Beers That You Must Try

If you are looking for the best beers in the world, it’s better to try the Mexican ones. Even though the Mexican beer market is not as great as the American one, there are still plenty of beer lovers there.

Breweries in Mexico are keen on having their beer hops cultivated close to their central equipment buildings. In other words, they rarely get some beer hops from other countries or destinations. As a result, when you enjoy a Mexican beer, you get all the flavors and aromas from the Mexican country.

Mexican Beers that Need Your Attention

Let’s see some of the beer brands that have become famous worldwide. These are all Mexican breweries that give the best possible beers from Mexico and ensure that you always get the right quality and foam portion.

Corona Extra

Corona extra beer has been the first lager beer to get exported from Mexico. Today it’s the number one Mexican beer in the United States, Canada, and Europe. It comes usually in a glass bottle with a characteristic long neck.

That gives you a chance to view its vivid blond color and ensures you will get a lemon slice in it when you have the chance.

This Corona beer is produced in Central Mexico with local beer hops that take the scent of flowers and herbs.

You will have no problem drinking that beer wisely all day long. It only has a 5% alcohol concentration to ensure that you will still be fine even if you have one or two beer bottles at a time.

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Corona comes at a moderate price so that everyone is happy about buying it.

You can still afford to have a Corona beer even when you are in an expensive restaurant. That’s the main concept of Corona extra which is the best ambassador for Mexican beers and way of living to the rest of the world.

Estrella Jalisco

Estella Jalisco is a famous Mexican beer coming from Mexico City where the main breweries are present.

You can find the Estrella in any bar or club in the United States or Europe. It’s the equivalent of a pilsner beer with less than 4.5% of alcohol concentration.

You will know you are having an Estrella from the particular white and transparent glass bottle with the star imprinted on it. Estrella has a crisp taste and leaves no aftertaste in the mouth.

For that reason, it’s great to accompany people who eat fish and need something refreshing for their food. It’s an affordable beer, not as affordable as the Corona one but still easy to buy anywhere.

Sol Cerveza

If you are looking for a fruitful and light beer, then Sol Cerveza is the best option for you. It’s one of the lightest Mexican beers with less than 4% of alcohol concentration.

Produced in Mexico and bottled there you can find it anywhere in the world. Sol is famous for the contests it creates on beaches across the world since it’s one of the major supporters of beach volley championships.

The best way to drink Sol beer is through the bottle. It comes in a convenient glass bottle keeping all the aromas inside. Sol uses the best quality Mexican beer hops you can only find in the countryside.

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You will have the scent of grass, lemon, and orange when drinking this beer. It’s a refreshing beverage and it’s better to drink it chilled for increased satisfaction!

Tecate Original Beer

When World War II ended, people living in Baja, Mexico (the closest city to California), started creating their best beer. In 1945 the beer was already famous to American surfers coming to Baja for their surfing activities.

They all wanted to drink it directly from the barrel, making a real fuss to enjoy it after they are done competing on the sea waves.

Tecate original beer is a real lager that was later adopted by the miners who worked in the Baja area. It is served chilled on the original glass bottle, which helps it to remain fresh and active no matter how many days have passed from the embrittlement.

You can drink it wisely since it has a mere 4.5% alcohol concentration. Users say it has a citrusy aroma and a bittersweetness they enjoy when they have their beer!


Victoria is one of the lightest beers you can have when you are in Mexico. It gets exported in small quantities and it’s better to enjoy it when you visit the country.

That’s because it has some of the fresher and most sensitive to sunlight and temperature beer hops. The alcoholic grade is only 4% and you can expect to drink many of them without getting intoxicated.

The beer hops used in this come in pellets and can give a fruity and cereal scent to the rest of the beer.

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It’s the Mexican beer with the most flavor and the thickest layer of foam you can possibly ask for.

Carta Blanca

Many people like to drink their beer fresh from the barrel without any additional carbonization.

If that is the case with you, Carta Blanca beer is the best option. Made in Mexico with the local breweries being close to Guadalajara, Carta Blanca is the pride of Mexicans.

The final alcohol grade reaches 4.5%, so you need to be careful with how many bottles you drink when you are eager to refresh yourself from a busy day.

Beer lovers like Carta Blanca beer’s special personality with a creamy and bitter taste and a lot of foam. This beer is ideal for drinking when eating fine cuts of meat and another prime dining.

Final Words

Most Mexican beers are exported and you can find them in any restaurant around the world.

However, Mexican beer is a lot better when you drink it in Mexico. They are all fresh and bottled to perfection, sold at the right price for everyone to enjoy.

Drink Mexican beers responsibly and you will have the best possible satisfaction when you need something to relax.



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