Can Vodka Gummies Get You Drunk?

It’s Sunday, and you have planned a party at your home. How can it be possible without vodka gummies?

Vodka gummies are a must-to-have on your party menu. If you still need to add it to the menus list, do it now!

Even if you are up for binge-watching a Netflix series, vodka gummies double your entertainment. But what to consider is, “Can vodka gummies get you drunk?”

What if you consume too much of them? Will it have any effect on your senses?

In this article, we’ve got some useful information for you. Read it out and get all your queries answered!

What Are Vodka Gummies?

Do you know what gummies are? What about vodka gummies?

Well! Gummies are a mix of starch, glucose syrup, food coloring, sugar, gelatin, and citric acid. Most commonly, they are in the shape of a bear. But they do come in other shapes too.

Now that you know about gummies, let’s talk about vodka gummies. When you soak the gummies in vodka and allow them to puff, the product is vodka gummies.

It’s the simplest, quickest, and yummiest way to enjoy vodka.

How To Make Vodka Gummies?

Want to enjoy your childhood treat with a touch of adultness? Vodka gummies are the best option.

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Preparing them is a piece of cake. Besides, the ingredients are also just a few.

For preparing vodka gummies, you’ll need only 3 things:

  1. Of course, a bottle of vodka from a good brand
  2. A few packets of gummies
  3. A bowl

Now, let’s make vodka gummies!

Step# 1 Take the Bowl

Take the bowl from the utensil stand. Ensure it’s clean and completely dry.

Step# 2 Empty The Packs of Gummies In the Bowl

Open the packets and empty the gummies in the bowl.

Step# 3 It’s Time for Vodka

Now slowly pour the vodka into the bowl. Allow the gummies to soak in the vodka.

Step# 4 Cover The Bowl

Since gummies have a fruity smell, cover the bowl to prevent it from spreading in the house. Keep it aside for 20-24 hours.

Some people store the soaked gummies in the fridge for 5-6 days. It’s not an ideal step.

Soaking the gummies for so long makes them too slimy to eat.

Step# 5 Uncover The Bowl

After completion of 20-24 hours, check the gummies. Their size has increased by many folds.

Your vodka gummies are now ready to be consumed.

Can You Get Drunk After Having Vodka Gummies?

Undoubtedly, vodka gummies are yummy. When you soak them in vodka, they absorb it and get bigger.

Upon eating the gummies, of course, you are consuming vodka too. So, the answer is yes.

Vodka gummies can make you get drunk. Remember, one or two gummies will not do anything.

If you want to get drunk, you’ll have to eat more.

How Many Vodka Gummies Get You Drunk?

Now, you already know that the fruity and boozy partner of your summertime can make you drunk. But exactly how many gummies do the magic to your senses?

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Let’s figure it out! A single gummy bear seeps in 0.071 ounces of vodka.

And 1 1/2 ounces of vodka is enough to make you tipsy. What does it mean?

It’s time for some calculations!

0.071x 21= 1.49 ounce

It means that 21-22 gummy bears make you fuddle.

How Long Do Vodka Gummy Bears Last?

Have you prepared too many vodka gummies and want to store them? How can you do so?

To store the gummies, cover them with a lid first and place them in the fridge. Doing this allows you to use the gummies for at least one week.

But there’s a drawback. The gummies will stick together and become too slimy.

If stored for a longer time, the vodka gummies start smelling off. The taste and texture also start deteriorating.

Can You Freeze Vodka Soaked Gummies?

Well! There’s nothing bad about freezing the vodka-soaked gummies. But it’s not an ideal practice. The reason?

If you put them in the freezer while soaking, the gummies will take longer to absorb the alcohol and increase their size. It is recommended to freeze them after soaking.


How To Make Alcohol Gummy Bears?

Making alcoholic gummy bears is super easy. You must take a bowl and soak gummy bears in alcohol for a day.

And taa daaa! Your super fruity and tipsy alcohol gummy bears are ready.

How Strong Are Alcohol Gummies?

Alcoholic gummies contain 15% of alcohol by volume. It means that they are for sure strong.

One more thing, these alcoholic gummies are just for adults. Keep them away from your kiddos.

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Or else you’ll have to face serious consequences.

Do Gummy Bears Soak Up Vodka?

The answer is yes. Gummy bears absorb vodka, that’s why their size increases many folds.

If you don’t trust us, try it at your home. Soak a few gummy bears in vodka and keep them aside for a day.

After a day or so, compare it with the unsoaked gummy. The results will surprise you.

What Is the Best Alcohol For Gummy Bears?

You want to make alcoholic gummy bears. Right? Are you confused about which alcohol to choose?

Worry not! Vodka works best for gummy bears. But whiskey and tequila are also cool options to consider.

They work the same as vodka. If you don’t have vodka, that’s not a problem.

You can go with either of the two. Remember, they would make the bears sticky. Pick them with a toothpick to avoid the mess.

Final Thoughts On Vodka Gummies

Can Vodka gummies get you drunk? It’s a common question every vodka lover asks.

Luckily, the answer is yes. If you love gummies, soaking them in vodka is a nice way to enjoy these fruity treats.

Consuming 21-22 vodka gummies in a single sitting has enough alcohol to make you drunk. If you eat more than 30, you’ll probably be on the ground without knowing what’s happening around you.

Besides, if you have made extra vodka gummies, don’t throw them away. Instead, put them in the refrigerator.

They can stay at a cooler temperature for just a week. Afterward, the gummies start to rot.



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