Is Dos Equis German Beer?

A common confusion that most people have concerning a beer called Dos Equis is its origin.

If you are German, you would like to believe that it is a German beer, and if you are Mexican, you would in no way want Germany to take the credit for this beer.

Now, which category do you fall into? And more importantly, is Dos Equis German Beer.

Read on, and you’ll get the answer. After all, isn’t that why you are here?

Is Dos Equis Made In Germany?

The answer is no. The beer was made by a German, and that’s it. Even today, the beer is made in Mexico and this is where it has its basis.

To be more precise, it is made in a place in Monterrey, which is in Mexico and not Germany.

By the way, why are you so eager for the beer to be made in Germany? Living in Europe, are you?

Which Mexican Beer Is German?

Dos Equis, of course, is the beer that you are reading about here. So, this was a beer that first saw its brewing in the state of Mexico, which makes it Mexican by origin.

But then, it was brewed by a German, and so that makes it German too. To put it together, you can safely say that Dos Equis is Mexican as well as German.

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And oh, before you go, the beer first saw its brewing in the year 1897, and the German’s name was Wilhem Hasse.

No, he didn’t name the beer after himself. Quite generous of him, isn’t it?

What Country Makes Dos Equis Beer?

You mean, which country apart from Mexico? Well, there is no answer to this, for the beer is made only in Mexico.

Today, it is made in different parts of Mexico that, include Monterrey, Guadalajara, Orizaba, Tecete, Toluca, and Meiquei.

Now, which of these above was the hardest for you to pronounce? Jokes apart, beer brewing, is yet to reach other parts of the world outside Mexico. Or, who knows, it may just be comfortable having its home in Mexico.

Keep your fingers crossed and see.

Did Germans Make Mexican Beer?

Someone here is obsessed with Germans and beer. If that is you, there is hope for you, for beer in Mexico is largely the brainchild of the Germans, and you just read about one of them here.

Apart from Germans, beer in Mexico mainly had its influence from the Austrians, both of who were here as immigrants in this state.

Well, and perhaps to make their lives easier, they proceeded to make beer, and that’s how Mexico this culture continued thereafter.

In other words, that is how you got Dos Equis, the German Mexican beer, the beer born of a German in Mexico, and now to the Mexicans so dear.

What Is the Most German Beer?

Okay, this is for the German patriot in you. The most German beer is Pilsner. In other words, this is one of the most popular beers that is enjoyed in different parts of Germany, and if you are German, this wouldn’t be something new to you too.

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So German, you have something to be proud of too. Germany has made a sweet contribution to the world of beer.

What Beer Came From Germany?

Still not satisfied, are you? Well, you would already have known this by now, but just to please you, several beers came from Germany.

There is the Hefeweizen, which is one of the most popular. And then, you have Dunkel, Helles, and Bock and Dobblebock.

These are all some of the best German beers. There, now that got you grinning from ear to ear, didn’t it?

Why Is It Called Dos Equis?

Coming back to the beer of this topic, there are a lot of curious souls even here, wanting to know the history behind the name of the brand and all.

From what you read earlier, one thing has become clear and that is that the beer is not named after its founder.

To start from the very beginning, Dos Equis means two Xs. And this was a beer that came about in the 20th century, and hence the two equis, translated to Dos Equis.

Simple, isn’t it? What’s more, anybody can pronounce it. And if you don’t here, it is

Dos (that is just the way it is) Ekees. Say that again. Perfect, now you even know how to say it; say it like a Mexican, for that is from where the beer is.

That last part is just a reminder, for the Mexicans wouldn’t want you to forget it.

Is Heineken and Dos Equis the Same?

Some readers have doubts regarding this. No, Heineken and Dos Equis are not the same.

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Rather, the latter bought Dos Equis, which means that Dos Equis is now under it.

To make it clearer, Heineken bought itself an entire Mexican brewery known as FEMSA Cervezza.

This includes names like Tecate, Indio, Kloster, and finally, Dos Equis.

Is Dos Equis A Strong Beer?

Now that you read all that you have to know about the origin and roots of the beer you know as Dos Equis, it would be good to say a little about the beer.

Of course, most of you here are familiar with it, but this is for those of you who have not yet tried the beer.

The drink has an ABV of 4.2 percent, which makes it more like a Pilsner, with a balanced composition and a smooth, clean finish.

In other words, it is crisp, refreshing, and light. No, Dos Equis is not a strong beer but rather refreshing on a hot day that makes you want to enjoy a cool little beer.

Is Dos Equis German Beer?

Now, you got your answer. Dos Equis is a Pilsner Style beer, and Pilsner is a German beer, but Dos Equis? No, it’s very much a Mexican beer.

It goes well with chips, steak, and tacos, some of the things you enjoy the most in Mexico. All this makes it one of the best drinks to pass around during parties and preferably a day party when your guests are hot and would like to cool themselves with some chilled beer.



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