What Does Blue Moon Taste Like?

Blue Moon is the only beer brewed by Coors, who bought the recipe from Joseph Coors.

It was originally brewed in 1995 and removed from their catalog after one of its last valuable cans remained sealed.

In 1999, a blue moon occurred on this day, and, inspired by this event, marketers offered consumers the opportunity to buy three cases of Blue Moon for a reduced amount.

The next time you drink, ask yourself what a blue moon tastes like.

Most people are unaware that a delicious sparkling wine is named after an astronomical event. So grab your bottle and taste for yourself!

What Makes Blue Moon So Unique?

When you look at the bottle, it’s made from a series of triangles. Each triangle represents an inch-long slice of sunlight that reflects off the water in your glass.

The beer has a special hue; you can think of it as part lemonade, part blueberries, and part sweet potato pie.

In addition, Blue Moon beer is very crisp in taste and makes you feel good when you drink it.

Blue Moon’s premium craft beer is brewed with a touch of honey, giving it a sweet taste. Note the mellow maltiness.

Wheat is added to give Blue Moon its characteristic flavor and aroma.

The result is a refreshing, full-flavored beer that you will enjoy again and again.

Blue Moon combines the distinctive character of malted barley, natural honey, and select wheat to create a subtle yet distinct flavor.

This timeless brew is deeply rich and slightly malty, with hints of honey and citrusy, floral notes. It’s a crisp, smooth finish, comes in a uniquely shaped bottle, and has a history of Belgian brewing.

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With a deep, rich color and a smooth, hoppy taste, the Blue Moon is perfect for people looking for a beer just a little different from the rest.

The Blue Moon garners a significant fan following because of its intricacy, finesse, and aroma.

Blue Moon Belgian White is a unique beer that has received much attention from beer lovers and critics alike. The only thing about this craft beer that many people know for certain is that it’s different!

A Closer Look at the Ingredients Used to Create the Refreshing Flavor of Blue Moon.

The flavor of Blue Moon may be the main reason people choose to drink it. It has a balanced taste that is distinctive and refreshing.

With so many different ingredients used in creating that flavor, it can be hard to identify what they are.

Various ingredients are mixed and mixed to create a refreshing Blue Moon beer to form a malty, light, and crisp taste.

Furthermore, when these ingredients, such as malt extract, corn malt, hops, water, etc., are mixed, no preservative is used so that the beer remains stable through storage for years.

The blue moon is a rare astronomical event that occurs when a full moon coincides with an additional lunar phase. Blue Moon is a unique flavor because of its refreshing taste and light sparkling color.

Some ingredients include flavored malt, hops, and lemon juice to achieve a refreshing Blue Moon.

The malt ingredient in beer is produced by brewing de-stemmed and dried barley before being ground into flour.

Afterward, more than 4 gallons of water is added to this mixture until it reaches the thick consistency required for brewing.

After boiling, this mixture goes through a process called “mashing,” where large grain grains are soaked in hot water for about an hour.

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During this time, the starches from the grains are broken down and turned into simple sugars (called glucose), which can then be fermented by yeast to create alcohol.

Other active ingredients include niacin, sugar, salt, dextrin, acetaldehyde, and many others.

The Brewing Process that Produces the Distinctive Flavor of Blue Moon.

Blue Moon is the most popular Belgian-style wheat beer in the United States.

It derives its distinctive flavor from the yeasts used to brew it, created from a brewers yeast culture known as ‘Brettanomyces’ (also called Brett).

This culture ferments and produces unique aromas and flavors not found in other beers.

Blue Moon Brewing Company is a specialty craft beer producing Belgian-style wheat beers.

The brewing process begins with steeping proprietary grains and spices, mixing them with water, and boiling them for 90 minutes.

Following the boil, the mash temperature is increased to allow enzymatic activity to continue for about 20 minutes before being transferred to the fermenter.

The wort is fermented for approximately 3-5 days before it is ready for packaging and bottling.

Furthermore, the distinctive flavor of Blue Moon is a result of the special brewing process that produces this beer.

The first step in making the Belgian Tripel style beer is brewing a stout beer.

A large percentage of the liquid used to make this new batch goes through the stout’s aging process for about two weeks.

This process allows carbonation to be released from proteins in the stout, resulting in an extremely high level of alcohol.

The flavor of the blue moon comes from yeast which plays an important role during fermentation processes.

How to Best Enjoy a Refreshing Glass of Blue Moon.

It’s no secret that Blue Moon is a favorite among beer drinkers.

The Belgian-style ale has been around for more than 20 years, and it’s gained in popularity as the craft brew industry has grown.

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The light, refreshing taste of Blue Moon makes it the perfect choice for any occasion, from celebrating a special occasion to enjoying it with friends on a warm summer evening.

There are many ways to enjoy a refreshing glass of Blue Moon. Some of which are:

Mix it with soda:

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Blue Moon is by mixing it with soda or tonic water.

Combining carbonation and flavor will make your drink even more refreshing and delicious.

Drink it straight:

Another way to enjoy Blue Moon is by drinking it straight from the bottle or can.

The light and refreshing taste make this option ideal for hot days filled with activities and parties.

Add fruit juice:

If you want extra flavor to your brew, try adding fruit juice, such as lemonade or orange juice, to make your drink even more refreshing!

However, it is imperative to note that Blue Moon comes in two varieties: regular and Belgian White.

The typical variety is brewed with barley malt and hops, while the Belgian White type uses wheat instead of barley malt as its base ingredient.

Also, if you want something sweet with your beer, try adding some vanilla syrup or lemon juice (or both) to your glass before pouring in the beer.

This way, you won’t have to wait long before tasting this delicious brew!


The answer to this question may seem facile, but the taste of the Blue Moon beer lets you savor it to the fullest.

It is sweet but without overdoing it, contains multitudes of flavors and some undertones, so it goes well with your favorite food.

Beer experts compare it with Heineken, Foster, and Guinness, while they find Coors beer comparable to Miller, Budweiser, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.



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