Where Is Bud Light Brewed?

So, you are a fan of Bud Light and have enjoyed it for quite a couple of years. You are looking at the can in your hand, all curious to know where this wonderful drink is brewed.

If that is the case, you are on the right page. Walk with us as we tell you all that you need to know, but before that, let’s begin with a brief introduction to Bud Light for those who accidentally happened to stumble on this article.

What Is Bud Light?

Well, this is nothing but a kind of premium light lager that was first introduced in the US today and has now grown to become one of the first light beers in the world, and not without reason.

That said, let us come to the big question. We all want to know where good drinks are brewed, don’t we?

Then there’s no leaving bud light off the list. But before that, let’s learn a little about the drink’s history.

A Little Background To the Drink!

Anheuser Busch. Now, this is the company from which the drink started, with the creation of Budweiser, which is a popular name among beer even today. It all began with the little desire in the hearts of Americans to enjoy a beer with fewer calories and smaller alcohol content.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and so here Budweiser came out as the mother who took the place of this necessity and came out with this much-needed invention.

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The company was founded by Adolphus Busch and his father-in-law Eberhard Anheuser. While the latter initially owned the company, the former worked towards building it into the brand we have today.

Well, for those of you who didn’t know, today, you even have Bud Light, one of Budweiser’s core brands.

This is a company that mainly grew as a result of its innovation, right from its pasteurization to its effective distribution.

Where Is Bud Light Brewed?

Bud Light, as you guessed, is brewed in the US. We knew you knew that already.

That said, you have this drink brewed in various locations in the US. Here are their names.

St. Louis, Williamsburg, Baldwinsville, Los Angeles, Cartersville, Columbus, Fairfield, Houston, Jacksonville, Merrimack, Fort Collins, and Newark.

We hope we didn’t miss out on any names from the list. Well, no, we didn’t. And the above is the list of all the places in the US where you will find Bud Light being brewed.

The Chronological Order

Notice the first name that we mentioned on the list. There is a reason we did this. This was where the first brewery for this drink was set up in 1852, followed by Newark, NJ in 1951, Los Angeles in 1954, and Houston, TX in 1966, which Columbus followed, in the year 1968, Jacksonville, FL in 1969, Merrimack, NH 1970, and then Williamsburg in 1972, Fairfield, CA which Opened in 1976, and then Baldwinsville, NY in 1983, Fort Collins, Co in 1988 and finally Cartersville, GA in 1993.

Whew, so that was quite a long list, wasn’t it? And we hope you are not memorizing the names now that you got the complete list.

The Bud Light Brewery At St Louis

Of all this, we can say that the brewery at St. Louis is one of the most iconic, being the first among the many that we have today and one of the most spectacular. You, too, would agree with this if you were to so much as have a look at the building.

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And as a beer enthusiast, you would definitely not want to miss having a look at what’s in store when you walk inside. Don’t worry if you can’t go all the way to the US to make a visit, there are videos on YouTube that will give you a good enough tour, and you are going to love it.

But don’t go off right now. We have some more information for you on where Bud Light is brewed.

The Bud Light Brewery In Los Angeles

And with that, the next in line is the Los Angeles brewery, which we thought you should also have a look at. This was, in fact, the first brewery to brew the newly launched Bud Light when it was introduced in the year 1982.

So, go ahead when you check out the one in St. Louis, for this one also deserves a good look.

And then, you have the one in Williamsburg, which also deserves a special mention. Now, what’s special about this one? Well, it’s the fact that this is the brewery that first brewed the famous flavored Bud Light Orange that has today become so popular.

The Bud Light Brewery Outside US

Well, Bud Light is brewed widely in the US, but that’s not all. Today, this most popular drink is found all over the world and on various continents, so it shouldn’t be surprising to find this drink brewed in places outside the US.

Today, you have Bud Light breweries in South America, Europe, and even Asia and Africa. Australia is yet to enter the list. We can perhaps leave out Antarctica, considering the beer is not good for places where one feels chill.

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All thanks to the mergers and acquisitions that have happened over the years, today, you have breweries all over the world, with the increased need to expand the drink’s brewing capacity.

Of the many mergers, one of the most famous that we have today is that with Ab InBev, which took place in the year 2016, taking the company to new heights to provide the many more breweries that we have over the world today.

Bud Light Breweries Over the World Today

The company has, in fact, been growing fast over the years and still continues to grow, so you can expect much more.

And so, apart from the eleven breweries that you have, spread across the US, you have some more names of some more cities from different parts of the world.

After all, today, you have about 27.2 million barrels of Bud Light being shipped to different parts of the world, so there should be no surprise to have so many breweries produce the drink, should there be?

Final Words!

And now you have all the education you need about where Bud Light is brewed; the next time, you are going to look at this drink in a new light as you take each sip, giving those around you the education that you think you should.

For we think that good things have to be shared, don’t we? Perhaps your friends too may have this question on their mind.

Perhaps you can start the conversation with a simple question, “where is Bud light brewed?”



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