Best Breweries in Utah That Brew the Most Highly-Ranked Beers

The craft breweries industry in Utah is booming, that much is true! Per capita, the state doesn’t possess the most local beers. Utah consumes the lowest amount of beer overall in the country.

The state has experienced a growth of craft breweries by 5.28% since 2011. Utah is brimming with excellent breweries that produce the best IPAs, lagers, and ales available.

Utah breweries routinely bring home prestigious trophies from the Great American Beer Festival or other prestigious national & global competitions.

Here are a few of the top choices from the State’s microbreweries.

Alcohol Laws in Utah

If you’re new to Utah, you may want to look over a comprehensive guide to the state’s alcohol regulations. They’re not as crazy as you might think.

Utah alcohol laws are however a bit peculiar. Among the most widespread misunderstandings about having a drink in Utah is that people can only get a lite beer.

That uncertainty results from the fact that Utah measures the alcohol level of drinks by body mass. It is a rather antiquated system that the vast majority of the world abandoned aeons ago.

For instance, a vodka tonic made with 2.5 ounces of vodka would not be permitted, but a Vesper made with vodka but also gin might be!

Utah’s Top Ten Breweries, In Order!

Contrary to what you might have noticed, Utah does indeed have bars. In fact, similar to the rest of the country, our local craft breweries scene has boomed in size over the last decades.

Here is an existing, comprehensive list of every Utah craft brewer below.

Red Rock Brewing Co.

Red Rock Brewery, founded in Salt Lake City in 1994, has established a solid reputation in the national and regional craft beer industry.

The liquor shop makes all the local beer, which according to Utah law cannot have more than 4% volume of alcohol and bottled beer, which is permitted.

The brewery, however, has areas downtown, Fashion Place, Park City, as well as in SLC itself. With over 100 local and national accolades, this beer store is unquestionably fair for your money.

Epic Brewing Company

Epic Craft beer Company was founded by David Cole and Peter Erickson. The local artisans, add small-batch lagers produced by this newest brewery.

This Company is rapidly winning over both citizens and tourists. Classic, Raised, and Incremental is the three distinct beer lines offered by Epic, all potent and expertly crafted for the ideal flavour.

Bohemian Brewery & Grill

Bohemian breweries produce craft beers with a European flair. The Old School Ale is created by microbreweries using tried-and-true methods and premium recipes.

The liquor shops provide a sizable choice including both draft and bottled beers. In the cold season, the Bohemian Bar & Grill has a cosy fireplace.

Moab Brewery

John Borkoski established a brewery in McCall, Idaho, and Dave Sabey enjoys good beer anywhere! Moab Brewery offers fresh, hand-crafted ales.

While hiking, biking, climbing, etc. such an adventurous atmosphere, the founders established a craft brewery ideal for the traveller in search of a straightforward, fantastic beer.

Desert Edge Brewery

This micropub is housed in a charming old cart garage, to savour their expertly crafted breweries.

The breweries have such a commitment to protecting the environment, which is why they reuse hot kettle liquid for cleanup and give leftover grain both day and bread to hog farmers.

The biggest environmental benefit comes from the manufacturing of local beers which never set foot inside a semi-trailer, a bottling line, or a shelf in a chilled supermarket.

Wasatch Brewery

Wasatch Brewing Company has pioneered the Utah craft beer market and has been in business for close to thirty years. Wasatch formed the Polygamy Porter, a gloomy, brown porter, etc.

The Springs Girl is a light, crisp German pilsner that is sure to be the life of the party, making fun of a county known for its strict morals. “Polygamy” is their best-known beer.

Uinta Brewing

Uinta Brewing Company is a brewery that pays homage to the area’s legends and scenery. This brewery has been winning the hearts of Utah beer lovers for more than 20 years.

Uinta breweries sought a new strategy for displaying its products in light of its forthcoming tenth anniversary while preserving the traditional Uinta vibe.

Uinta can categorise and clearly define the three beer lines that make up the Uinta Family: Classic Line, Organic Line, and Crooked Line.

Squatters Craft Beer

A popular restaurant and brewery shop is Squatters. Locals adore the brewery as a place to socialize in addition to its beers, of course.

People swarm to Squatter’s for the craft beer, along with the good food. Squatters are committed to its Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, and Profit.

Park City Brewery

Some claim that the location of the brewery greatly influences the drink’s quality. Similarly, Park City Brewery is persuaded to produce beer in Park city’s mountain ranges and has psionic powers.

It is a great place to enjoy a beverage and a delicious burger, and watch football at Park City Brewing.

Shades Brewing

The recipe modifications to traditional styles are what make Shades of Pale beer so distinctive!

They produce handcrafted, individually brewed beers of a high standard that keep consumers coming back.

The Newest Offerings from Utah’s Breweries

At the first Utah craft beer Guild Fest, over twenty Utah local breweries collaborated to brew unique concoctions. Craft beer enthusiasts found the cooperative process to be a great addition.

Visiting your preferred breweries’ social media pages is the best way to find out about new beer and artisan ale products.

Amazing microbrews and establishments that specialise in beer can be found in Utah. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are frequently used to announce the release of new beers.


Contrary to what you’ve heard, Utah does indeed have bars. Just like the majority of the country, the state’s local craft breweries scene has boomed in size over the last three decades.

You can find different flavours that are distinctive to Utah almost anywhere in the state. Each brew skillfully offers a distinct and robust flavour.

Customers can purchase bottled beverages from all of Utah brewery stores and can enjoy them at a multitude of neighbourhood bars or dining.

Although there are no drink specials, Utah is still pleased and more upbeat than the majority of states.



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