Can Beer Yeast Be Used To Make Bread?

Bakers are always looking out for new experiments. On comes the chef’s hat, and off you go to try something new that you can excitedly share.

And that’s how you have come to the topic of beer yeast, used in bread, with the big question this article is about to answer for you.

Can beer yeast be used to make bread? The answer is simple and interesting, and what this article is all about.

Read on, for this page is just for the daring baker that is in you.

Is Beer Making Yeast the Same As Bread Yeast?

Yes, both of them are yeast. The only difference is that it is sometimes used in beer and sometimes used in bread, just like ketchup that you sometimes use in Pizza and sometimes use in, what, say pasta?

So, why the confusion? It is yeast, nevertheless.

If you are still confused, let’s make it easy. Yeast is a one-cell fungus. The scientific name of this is Saccharomyces, and while it has two types (bread yeast and brewing yeast), they both come from the same biological species.

In other words, there is a slight difference between the two based on the strains they produce. But that’s okay. They can still be put in different environments and used interchangeably.

The difference? You may want to know. Bread yeast is dry and powder-like, while brewers yeast is usually available in liquid form. Bread yeast produces little alcohol in the process of baking, but brewers yeast produces much more.

Now, will this alcohol get into your head? Well, don’t you think this section is already too long?

Let’s move on to the next question. As you read on, you’ll know.

Can I Use Beer Instead Of Yeast For Bread?

Yes, you can. The fact is that most beers contain some yeast cells.

What you can do is add a can of beer in the place of yeast at the end of the process of fermentation.

The alcohol will evaporate in the process of baking, but what you will get as a result is a kind of bread that is richer and denser and hence more sumptuous.

Try it, and you will now see how it makes even the simplest bread and butter sandwich so enjoyable.

What Happens If You Use Brewers Yeast For Bread?

You already saw a little of that above, which, if you are a passionate baker, sure would have got you excited.

And so, read on, for here’s a little more.

One drawback of it all is that brewer’s yeast can end up making your bread a little bitter. This could be good news for some who like bitterness. Are you one of them? Well, then, good for you.

You will love the savory quality that this kind of yeast gives to your beer and the additional flavor that comes with it, too, something that you can’t enjoy with bread yeast.

What is the Best Beer Yeast For Bread?

There, so you are now getting excited, aren’t you? Chances are you have already decided when to bake next and are on your way to get your ingredients.

And as always, you want nothing but the best, which is what led to the above question.

That said, have you heard of SafAle yeast? Well, when it comes to yeast for baking bread, this is the best.

Now, this is a kind of English ale yeast that ferments at high speed and has a high flocculation rate, which is why it is very popular in beer too.

And when it comes to baking bread, you will get a dough that bubbles and foams with ease. As a baker, you know how important this is when you are baking bread.

So, if you can get this kind of yeast to bake your bread with, nothing like it, and if you can’t, then don’t worry. Use any brewer’s yeast. After all, you’re a good baker. You just have to believe in yourself, and you are sure to make it happen, best yeast or worst.

What Is Beer Yeast Called?

You already saw that above, but here it is once again because knowing the term could be a little help when you are out there trying to purchase this kind of yeast that is often used in beer.

Okay, so this is known as saccharomyces cerevisiae, but if you find this too long and hard to pronounce, then you can just call this brewer’s yeast, lest you confuse everyone at the store with your French lessons as you struggle to say the name of this yeast.

Why Should You Avoid Brewer’s Yeast?

Had to add this last part, but wait, don’t run away yet. Brewers yeast is harmless for all those who are not suffering from allergies.

But if you are, then this paragraph is for you. After all, allergies can be treated, can they not? So, once you are cured, this article is again for you.

And then, again, for those who have diabetes or are under any medication, sadly, you too will have to stay away from brewer’s yeast.

Don’t worry, for bread made with fresh bread; yeast is tasty too. You always loved it till now, didn’t you? So, forget all about what you read till now, and be cautious about your health, for prevention is better than cure.

You know that, don’t you?

Go Ahead and Bake Your Bread

So, if you like what you read till now, go ahead and get adventurous the next time you are in a baking mood.

Take your baking experience to a whole new level as you experiment with something new.

What’s more, you get to tell the people who get a slice of what you baked all that this new venture taught you.

Can beer yeast be used to make bread? Sure, they’re going to ask you this, so be prepared with all the answers and all the things you think they should learn from you.

In the end, you would like them to be creative bakers, too, don’t you?



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