Does Moonshine Go Bad?

Since the time of alcohol prohibition in America, people have tried to distill their alcohol. Creating alcoholic beverages is a national trend in many countries, and that’s something that hasn’t changed through the years.

Today governments need to have a monopoly over alcohol to protect public health and their budget. That’s the main reason they prohibit people from making their own spirits and distilling alcohol in their home settings.

In this short article, we are about to discuss Moonshine and what it stands for in modern society. Moonshine used to be the code name for alcoholic beverages that were not produced in a factory.

Most of them are still illegal, but you can find them across any place in the world under different names. Let’s take a look at Moonshine, its meaning, and how you could know if it’s perishable or not.

What is Moonshine?

As mentioned before, Moonshine remains one of the main popular alcoholic drinks in several countries. Today you can find Moonshine drinks in the United States in several places where you can produce alcohol from crops.

Most producers have a low production rate and place their beverages in glass bottles with caps. These caps are usually sealed to ensure that there is no atmospheric air to interact with the beverage and mess up the quality.

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A Moonshine could have a variable concentration of alcohol. That is what we are going to talk about in the next chapter to ensure we are all on the same page about the Moonshine quality and potential dangers.

How Much Alcohol do You Get in a Moonshine?

There is a chance to have anywhere between 40% and 65% of alcohol in Moonshine beverages. Some people believe they can standardize the production, but this requires large-scale equipment that is expensive to have and impossible to keep at home.

Moonshine always has variable alcohol concentrations and makes it impossible for you to know what you drink. It’s that ambiguity that makes it interesting to consume Moonshine in many countries you visit.

The best of it would be when you mix it with other fruit juices and ice, and you have it as a cocktail. But let’s focus on the Moonshine seal and how it could be non-perishable for the foreseeable future.

Can You Consume a Sealed Moonshine Years After Its Distillation Time?

When you seal a Moonshine alcoholic beverage, you keep it away from bad influences. That means the air will never make it inside the mix to react with the alcohol and start the oxidization.

Keep in mind that oxidization is the sole process that could harm your Moonshine. Alcohol has a very long self-reduction time, and you will surely consume the Moonshine before that happens.

That’s why if you have a sealed Moonshine, you can expect it to be as good as fresh when you open it after several years. That is valid for all kinds of Moonshine that are now on the market.

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What Happens to a Moonshine that is Opened?

When you open a Moonshine, you simply let the external air get in touch with the alcoholic beverage. It could be anywhere between several weeks and six months before your Moonshine starts having a funny taste.

We believe that it’s better to consume an opened Moonshine the soonest as possible to ensure you have the best possible quality and you don’t risk any health issues when drinking it.

Can You Replace the Cap in Existing Moonshine Bottles?

You could easily replace the cap in the existing Moonshine bottles, provided you have a device to remove the air. If you don’t have such a device, you can simply boil the bottles and let the air go out the old-fashioned way.

A new cap could revive your Moonshine and let it be more potent than at any other time. You could consume it even months later, and the final quality will not be far away from the original one.

What is Dangerous About Moonshine Bottles?

Moonshine bottles could give you poisoning. These are the main health dangers when you drink alcoholic beverages that are called under the term Moonshine:

  • Blindness: People have sometimes been drinking Moonshine that doesn’t contain alcohol but methanol. It’s pretty easy for home distillers to make that mistake, and the issues with optical nerve could make you blind just under one Moonshine bottle consumption.
  • Nerve and kidney failure: With methanol and formaldehyde, you could have nerve poisoning and kidney failure. That’s why you need to know where you buy your Moonshine drinks from and where you consume them.
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Why is Moonshine So Popular in Many Countries?

Moonshine is very popular in countries where the taxation over distilled alcohol products is huge. These people try to unite and have common devices to start distilling spirits and producing alcohol.

Some other countries simply like to have their general population drinking only approved alcoholic drinks. This is where Moonshine cannot get easily promoted, and you will need an excessive campaign to persuade the audience to the contrary.

How Do You Know if Moonshine Is Off?

When you have been served a Moonshine that is off, you will surely know it. First, you will see its color be blurry or changed.

Then you can feel it when you smell it. Most Moonshine drinks should be fresh. When the Moonshine smells like mold, then you know that you should never proceed with drinking it.

Finally, Moonshine is always off when you see microorganisms in it. Alcohol should kill them instantly, so if they still develop, it’s simply not too much alcohol inside.

Final Words

Moonshine is a culture of creating alcoholic beverages that still is valid in many places around the world. You can be sure to drink Moonshine only when you see it in sealed bottles, and you have the chance to check the ingredients.

Most Moonshine producers are there to offer you unique assistance and give you a chance to meet with others and have the time of your life!



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