How to Brew Beer with Unmalted Wheat?

For ages, beer brewers had access to malted wheat and other cereals for their beer. However, you may not have direct access to it for several reasons.

Unmalted wheat is the type of wheat you get directly from the field. It has no processing on it and will give you the taste of bread in your mouth.

Even though finding unmalted wheat is easy, you will need to improve your skill to brew beer through it.

Most brewers work with malted grains to ensure that the fermentation process becomes easier.

Otherwise, it will take them months to start this process, and alcohol cannot get extracted if sugars are not in the mash.

Let’s see what unmalted wheat, which is abundant around the world, can do for your beer.

The way to extract sugars from it is the first stage, and then you can expect it to become alcohol and give you a bready beer like the one you never had before.

Wheat Is Present Everywhere

Wheat is one of the cereals that are present everywhere on earth. Unmalted wheat comes directly from the fields, as mentioned before, and is the primary meal for livestock.

That’s why you can still find it at an affordable price. Despite that, it has more than half the price compared to malted wheat.

That’s because malted wheat can get used for whiskey preparation, one of the finest and most expensive alcoholic beverages of all time.

Malting Wheat is Expensive

Malting wheat requires you to have the right amount of fresh water and a big surface. People who want to malt their wheat need to have a big barn where they can lay the wheat grains on the ground, dry them and then wash them again until they sprout.

It’s the only way to unleash the germs producing sugar and enzymes and prepare the wheat to get fermented.

As you can see, that process can take several weeks to complete, and thus buying malted wheat could cost you a lot. Let’s see what your chances are to make beer with unmalted wheat instead.

Unmalted Wheat May Cost You Less

Getting unmalted wheat from local farmers is an easy task. You can buy it for an affordable price and store it in big packs in your storage room.

However, when you need to get it into beer barrels, you need to smash it harder than the malted one.

Otherwise, you will only end up having a mash of water and grains that will be grain water and not beer.

There is no chance to produce sugars that turn into alcohol with unmalted wheat with the same ease you do so with the malted grains.

Brewing Beer from Unmalted Wheat is an Option

As a general answer, yes, you can brew beer from unmalted wheat. However, it will take you much more time and effort to have a decent beer taste.

Some countries may forbid brewing beer with this wheat for public health safety purposes.

That is because alcohol is not easy to make, and the germination inside the mash could be dangerous to consume for certain people. You can smash the wheat and let it wash out with water.

Then you can dry it up and place it will beer hops in the mash using only fresh water. Adding some magic ingredients would be the right thing to do.

Adding Enzymes to the Mixture is Necessary

After doing all that process, you need to add some enzymes inside. These enzymes will allow the sugars to ferment and give you the necessary alcohol to make your water solution into beer.

Enzymes are easy to find online and are a relatively cheap solution to brew beer from unmalted wheat or any other type of grain.

However, if you forget to add the enzymes at the right stage, you will only have a bready water solution.

It’s better to ask your chemist to ensure that the time is optimal, and you should wait a lot more to brew the beer of your dreams when using unmalted wheat.

Unmalted Wheat is the Best Way to Brew Beer Secretly

Some states don’t leave their citizens to brew beer. That is because alcohol consumption is either forbidden or strictly controlled.

In both cases, you can buy unmalted wheat that will not make anyone suspicious of your intentions.

Malted wheat is always used for alcoholic beverage preparations, so many states may forbid or control its use.

By buying unmalted wheat, you can prepare your beer in secret barrels and enjoy your drink without anyone knowing about it.

You Need More Patience to Brew a Great Beer

As mentioned above, it will take one or two months more to brew your beer with unmalted wheat.

It will be the best possible beer to have when you like the breaded taste. However, you need to be precise about the enzymes you use and the temperature.

Only then will you be sure to reach the right alcohol concentration that will allow you to enjoy the best beer in the world!

Bready Taste is what Your Beer Gets From Unmalted Wheat

Bready taste is something many people like for their beer. You can achieve that by adding unmalted wheat to your mix.

If you have used malted grain, then this addition will only make your beer better.

However, you need to be careful, as the unmalted wheat can make your beer blurry.

Many people will not like it, so you better be prepared for some amendments to the final recipe.

Final Words

Even though it’s harder, there is a chance you can make beer from unmalted wheat. You can find it anywhere and in big portions, so that’s the main advantage.

The longest brewing time, however, makes it impossible for some people to wait. As a responsible brewer, you need to ensure the pasteurization of the final beer product.

Wheat grain can make anything possible, and the bready beer will make you brag!



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