How to Crush Your Own Malts?

Today more and more people start taking their own malts. Some others also have a farm and prepare their grains there for their beer and bread production.

No matter which population segments you belong to, this article will show you how to crush the Malt to have the best possible beer wort production.

If you don’t live close to a mill, you should have your own arrangements for crushing malts.

Remember that crushing malts is absolutely necessary to ensure that your beer wort will activate, and the sugars can easily turn to alcohol.

That is the only way for your beer to have a more bready taste, and the beer hops to make it taste a lot better and mix.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to crush malts when you are alone at home and have your own grains there waiting for you.

Why Does Malt need to Be Crushed to Create Beer Wort?

Your Malt needs to be crushed to create beer wort. This is because the grains that you use will have pits, and thus when they are soaked in water, they release starches that create the suds.

By crushing your Malt, these starches are broken down into sugars and other sugars, which can be fermented into alcohol.

Beer wort starts out as Malt, which is simply floor-malted barley. When you crush the Malt, enzymes from the grains break down starches into sugars and fermentable sugars into alcohol.

Throughout the process of mashing and boiling, it’s important to ensure that a consistent temperature is maintained.

Is There a Chance to Crush Malt Without a Mill?

You might be thinking, “What is malt crush without a mill?” Malt crush without a mill is essentially the same as the traditional method, but with a few minor differences.

The most important difference between crushing Malt with a mill and crushing Malt without a mill is that you need room to move.

You’ll also find that the wider your space, the more efficient your maltings will be.

The simplest alternative is simply to use the flat end of a heavy bowl, but many people find this to be tedious and not very consistent.

There are other alternatives that can help make crushing easier and more consistent, such as mills or mortars.

Is It More Affordable to Grow Your Own Malts Instead of Buying them?

Buying malts is expensive. If you’re looking to reduce your brew costs, growing your own might be the way to go.

When it comes to home brewing, there are many factors to consider. It wouldn’t be a good decision to buy a malt from an online retailer if these points hadn’t been thought through first.

You need to have a quality check for all the malts you are about to order.

Some malts are not good for home brewing, and you need to know if they have a good internal sugar intake to create alcohol when yeast gets activated.

On the other hand, growing malts may require a lot of water from your side.

If you live in a dry and deserted place, it would be less affordable to pay for the irrigation water for your grains to grow.

So it depends on where you live and what your status is of creating homebrew beer to decide whether it’s better to grow malts or buy them ready from large-scale farmers.

How Much Room do You Need to Crush Your Own Malts at Home?

Crushing your own malts at home is not an easy process. Even when you have lots of space, you need to place the grain mill in the right position.

If you want to have a good beer wort production, you will need to grind many thousands of pounds of malts. That may require a barn or another place in the backyard that has no humidity at all.

The malts should be easy to clean and keep sterilized. If you have the malts in the open air, you can have them contaminated by other factors or insects, and then your beer wort quality will decrease sooner or later.

The newest industrial grain mills take up a huge amount of space.

So you need to find the most compact solution to ensure that the malts are totally crushed, and you can add them in barrels to start the beer wort preparation using high-quality water.

Does it Take Too Long to Use a Grain Mill to Crush Malts?

That depends on the type of grain mills you have at home. Some beer brewers prefer to get their grains to the local mill and have them ground, paying a small fee.

However, when you live in a place where no mills are present, you need to make different arrangements.

If you want to be totally independent of others, you have to buy your own grinding mill for malts.

It will take you a couple of hours to grind 100 pounds of malts. That will be good for just a barrel of beer.

So you need to know in advance what your grinding capacity is and what amount of beer wort you ideally want to create to begin the fermentation process.

Will Crushing Malts Make Your Homebrew Beer more Malty?

Crushing malts is the only way to unleash the power of your malts.

You will need to crush the malts to break the outer cover and let the inside sugars come out and mix with the water and the beer hops.

If you want to create a successful and tasty beer, you need to have the malts crushed to perfection.

That way, all the ingredients will mix together in the water, and you will have them closely reacting with the enzymes from the yeast to turn sugars into alcohol sooner.

Final Words

Crushing your own malts is the most important process for creating beer wort.

That’s why you need to pay attention to that stage of beer creation and enjoy the most impressive homebrew beer that you can ever imagine!



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