Why Do People Put Salt in Beer?

Salt and beer creation go hand in hand. Imagine the Ancient Egyptians, where no refrigerators were available. They only had salt to preserve their beer. That was the very first use of adding salt to a beer content.

Today we have many more amenities, and we still use salt in our beers for different reasons. In this short article, we are going to mention the most important reasons people add salt to their beer.

It will amaze you, but millions of people do the same around the world. Let’s know why they do it, and maybe you decide to do it yourself next time you will have an open beer can close to you.

Their Ancestors Did the Same

If you look at why many people do some things, you will find tradition. Germans and Indians have a tradition of adding salt to their beer barrels. The same happens with their beer mugs.

They try to add some pure salt inside every glass of beer to have a premium aftertaste of their favorite beverage.

Their ancestors did so to preserve the beer for the next weeks. Today they do it to improve their taste and ensure they get the maximum satisfaction out of it.

More Salt Means Less Bitterness

When you add pure salt to the beer, you end up having a less bitter beverage. That’s true not only for beer but for every other drink you may have. As long as you have a high-quality type of salt, you can easily add some pints to your beer.

It will dissolve in there quickly and take away the bitterness. That is the easiest way to remove bitterness from other beer barrels that have too many beer hops inside.

These beers will taste a lot less bitter and give you a great aftertaste that you would always like to enjoy.

Salt Can Enhance the Sweetness and Umami Taste of Beer

More than that, salt can also upgrade the sweetness and umami taste of a beer. We know that you can’t easily find an Umami taste in a beer (except if you try Japanese beers), but when you do, you certainly need to add some salt inside.

That will give you a more profound taste for your beer and ensure you are the one that will accompany it with other foods and snacks.

Beer always has to be combined with other foods and snacks to allow you to have it without any guilt.

After all, enhancing its sweet taste with salt addition will allow you to eat fruits with your beer and be perfectly happy and balanced with your choice.

Beer Drinkers Need More Salt to Drink More Water

Another great reason to place salt in your beer would be your inherent need to drink more water. That is apparent in warm countries like India and Brazil, where people drink beer and add salt inside to have more water afterward.

Keep in mind that the warm weather in such countries creates a dehydration issue for your body. That’s why people add salt to their beverages (beer is one of their favorite drinks) to ensure that their bodies will ask for more water later.

It’s an easy and fear-free process that will allow you to remember to drink more water, especially when the humidity is high, and your sweat does not easily evaporate from your skin.

Salt May Increase the Alcoholic Grades and Give you a Buzz

Drinking a beer is most of the time to have a good time with others. That’s why you need to have this optimal buzz that everyone likes to have when alcohol comes into their blood.

By adding salt to the beer, you make alcohol passing easier from your stomach to your duodenum and the bloodstream. As a result, when you want to increase the alcoholic grades of your beer, the only thing you should do would be to add a generous portion of salt inside.

It will give you an optimal buzz right away and without the need to drink excessive amounts of beer.

Adding Salt to the Beer Can Make You Urinate Less

People (particularly men) have issues with increased urination when they are in a bar and drinking beer all the time. That could make them visit the toilet more than two times in a row for a single hour.

That could be frustrating and tiring for their company. For that reason, men add some salt portions to their beer.

Salt is known to get through your kidneys and reduce the filtering of blood.

That will make your body retain much of the water intake, and you will not have yourself urinating as often as without salt.

It Can Create More Bubbles in Your Beer

Finally, there is a funny reason people try to get some salt in their beer. That is nothing else than the creation of bubbles from the bottom of the glass to the top.

As we all know, salt gets connected to carbon dioxide molecules. It can lead them from the bottom of the beer glass to the top.

However, that action doesn’t have a great duration, and you can only achieve the extra bubbles only for the first few minutes after you add it to a cold beer glass.

Salt is the agent that makes carbon dioxide evaporate into the environment, and you can have fun by viewing the bust of the bubble out of the glass.

Final Words

Beer and salt go hand in hand in many cultures. That’s why you will see many bars and pubs offering premium salt to their customers when they want to make them drink more beer and have their beer-drinking experience more spectacular.

People who drink beer all the time know they need some salt to be added to their beer to have the best taste experience.

However, you need to be careful with the amount of salt, especially when you suffer from hypertension and you have pills prescribed for it.



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