Why Is Johnnie Walker Blue Label So Expensive?

When winter comes, it’s the best season of the year to start drinking whiskey. For many people drinking single malts is their envy.

Some others belong to those who love to drink premium blended malt whiskeys. That is the case with one of the most popular and premium blended malt whiskeys, Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

It’s one of the most available premium blended malt whiskeys that you can find anywhere in the world. Buying a Blue Label costs as much as ten bottles of Red Label and five bottles of Black Label.

As you can realize, you need to have specific reasons to buy and drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Today we will discuss more on this topic and find out why Johnnie Walker Blue Label remains one of the most expensive mass-production blended malt whiskeys you can find online.

Blue Label Comes from the Rarer Whiskey Barrels

Johnnie Walker officials state that Blue Label bottles come from the rarer whiskey barrels in their collection.

That means only one in ten thousand barrels qualify to have malts that are competent for Blue Label.

These rare barrels always have the best possible whiskeys, and the combination of single malts is unique.

Dozens of whiskey experts have gathered to create the best possible mix for Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

That is the main reason Blue Label is one of the market’s most expensive whiskeys; people always want to buy it no matter its price.

When Buying Blue Label, You Belong to the Upper Whiskey Class

Another reason for the high prices of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label has to do with the sense that you belong to the upper class when you drink it.

People who have excess money to spare will not mind if they pay more than $200 for a bottle of whiskey.

Creating an upper-class whiskey gives you a chance to differ from other population groups. And there is no other way than drinking the wonderful Blue Label and showing it off to others through social media posts or even when they see you being out with friends.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Comes in Limited Supply

It’s true that when you want to have a higher price for a product, you limit its supply. The same applies to Johnnie Walker Blue Label, which is one of the whiskeys in scarcity, especially during Christmas.

The company has managed to keep the production of Blue Label in severe shortage to ensure that the price will never go down a critical level.

That way, people who want to enjoy Blue Label should go the extra mile and pay a lot more to have it.

It’s another example where the laws of supply and demand have worked in favor of the distillers who keep the shortage and thus raise the price for Blue Label whiskey bottles.

It Has Blended Malt Whiskeys That Are Only Available in Blue Label

Some single malt whiskeys that are present in the Blue Label bottle are only available for Johnnie Walker distillers. As a result, malt whiskeys have become even rarer, and that is the reason you need to pay more to have a bottle of Blue Label.

In other words, people know that malts inside Blue Label are so unique you cannot find them anywhere else in the market.

That’s why blending them at the right proportions would create an extreme taste and aromatic flavor that is characteristic of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

It costs more to try perfection, and nobody claims to be irritated because of Blue Label’s higher price.

High Prices for Blue Label Have to Do with Extreme Promotion

Promotion and advertising costs for the Johnnie Walker distillery remain extremely high. Especially during December, when half of the Blue Label sales happen, Johnnie Walker pays an exuberant amount of money to online and TV commercials.

These high prices of promotion for Blue Label contribute to the higher prices of the final product. Johnnie Walker Blue Label also has very delicate packaging giving the essence of luxury to people buying it.

That, of course, gets transferred to the higher final price of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Is the Whiskey of Celebrities

Celebrities usually work as brand ambassadors for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Famous actors and athletes could advertise Blue Label, and that comes at a great cost for the distillers.

That’s another reason why Johnnie Walker Blue Label has raised its prices during the past years. It costs more to pay for these world-class celebrities to advertise Blue Label whiskey.

Celebrities who drink Blue Label will attract higher-income people to imitate them and drink Blue Label as well, which is a real gain for the brand.

Collectors Can Be the Reason for Johnnie Walker Blue Label High Prices

Finally, it’s good to know that one of the reasons for the higher prices of Johnnie Walker Blue Label could be collectors. There are people who collect rare whiskey bottles and reserve them to consume them in the future.

Some others collect whiskey bottles to resell them at a higher price in auctions a few years later. These collectors can significantly increase the current market prices of Blue Label since they create an additional shortage in the market.

To be precise, collectors account for more than one-quarter of the price increase for Blue Label, which remains one of the whiskeys collectors like to have in their collections.

Final Words

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a legendary whiskey firm and a great drink. It’s reserved for the most successful moments of a person’s life, a real premium brand that shows luxury and superiority when you drink it.

Even though the prices remain high, there is always an audience for the whiskey, and the sales skyrocket each year.

It’s one of the most prosperous and successful projects for Johnnie Walker, showing the devotion of drinkers and the upper class to the brand no matter the price fluctuations.



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