Almond Milk Silk vs. Almond Breeze: Know the Differences

Many people wish to have milk as their daily calorie provider and a beverage that relaxes them and makes them sleep better. However, many of them have issues with lactose intolerance, which is the main carb present in dairy milk coming from cattle.

Today we will present two of the most popular milk alternative beverages in the American market: Almond Milk Silk and Almond Breeze.

Both drinks are similar to milk and come from almonds. People have mentioned from centuries ago that when you wash and smash almonds mixing them with water, you take a mix that looks like milk.

Even though they didn’t know it beforehand, almonds did not have the same sugar intake as regular dairy milk. Today chemical analysis of almonds showed that they are a great source of vegan proteins, but there are almost no carbs present.

Let’s see what the major differences between the Almond Milk Silk and the Almond Breeze, which have both taken the market by storm, are.

What Is the Difference Between Almond Milk Silk and Almond Breeze?

Even though you see them on the supermarket alleys every day, you still are uncertain about their qualities. So here we are in this short article to give you all the comprehensive lists of differences between the two brands:

  • Almond Milk Silk is a natural almond product that only has water and salt as additives. On the contrary, Almond Breeze has some vegan fatty acids and cane sugar to make its taste a lot more approachable to people who are not used to drinking almond milk.
  • Almond Milk Silk also has a smoother and creamier consistency than Almond Breeze. That could be awesome for people who use Almond Milk Silk when cooking and would like to have a product with elevated cooking qualities for their foods.
  • Almond Breeze is a lot easier to store since it comes in a convenient plastic bottle than the Almond Silk Milk coming into a carton box. You can store multiple Almond Breeze bottles in your kitchen countertop and cabinet and then use them and refrigerate them only when you open them.
  • Almond Breeze also offers you 35 calories per serving, while Almond Milk Silk only gives you 30 calories for the same serving. That is good to know for people who are on a diet and need to measure calories all the time.

These are the main differences in terms of availability and calorie intake between the two products. Now it’s up to you to decide which almond milk drink better matches your needs and tastes.

Can You Drink Almond Breeze When You Follow a Low-Carb Diet?

Almond Breeze is a type of almond milk that contains too much cane sugar. It’s crystal sugar that is almost as harmful as the one we eat in sweets, caramels, and cakes.

When you have Almond Breeze as a main breakfast meal, it would be ok for your diet. However, drinking Almond Breeze between meals or as a simple beverage to reduce your sentiment of hunger could give you many more calories than you think.

So in case you follow a low-carb diet like the Keto one, you shouldn’t prefer buying Almond Breeze. It’s full of carbs, and the excess of vegan fat will also give you more pounds.

Is Almond Milk Silk Good for Vegan Diet?

Almond Milk Silk is the perfect milk for a vegan diet. Should you consider yourself a vegan or not, you can keep on drinking that milk that is low on carbs and other fats.

That means you only have a pure almond extract with only a few artificial sweeteners to keep the taste at the best possible levels.

For vegan people, Almond Milk Silk is the best beverage to have for their breakfast or have it as a main meal during the day.

What Is the Calorie Intake Difference Between Almond Breeze and Almond Milk Silk?

Most people would notice that in the front panel of both Almond Breeze and Almond Silk Milk. That calorie intake is measured to the 150ml serving.

For that reason, Almond Breeze is fatter than the Almond Milk Silk, offering you 35 calories per serving. On the other hand, the latter gives you only 30 calories per serving.

However, the difference looks minimal. You can have a great issue with calorie imbalance when you follow a strict diet.

Clinical dieticians would prefer to give you Almond Milk Silk as it has fewer calories and no more fats that are useless for your body when you try to lose weight.

Do You Need to Keep Almond Breeze Refrigerated?

Almond Breeze should be refrigerated when you open it. That happens because Almond Breeze has a lot of fats and proteins inside.

That beverage could be sensitive to temperature fluctuations. It is not recommended to keep the Almond Breeze in the cooler for more than two days in a row since it could be perishable.

Is Almond Milk Silk Better for People With Lactose Intolerance?

Almond Milk Silk is better for people with lactose intolerance. Even though both Almond Breeze and Almond Milk Silk don’t contain any lactose, the latter has a better profile for people who have lactose intolerance and suffer from intestine bloating and incontinence.

Almond Milk Silk is a simple solution of almond extract, purified water, and salt.

As a result, you can have faster rehydration without having the nasty symptoms of lactose intolerance that could easily make your belly explode as gases evolve there due to the action of lactose in your intestinal chloral.

Final Words

Drinking Almond Milk Silk or Almond Breeze would be great for your shape. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you will find these two products helpful for your way of life.

However, when you need to select one between these two, you need to carefully measure your needs and buy the one that will support your daily lifestyle.

Almond Breeze and Almond Milk Silk are greatly available in any supermarket and online store to offer you the best possible choices for your lactose-free meal!



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