Can Sweet Cider Turn Hard?

Are you fond of sweet cider? Do you drink it often?

If so, there’s a surprise for you. You can turn this delicious drink into an even more exciting: HARD CIDER!

The sweet cider has a refreshing taste that can transform into a beverage with a little kick. In this article, you’ll learn how easily you can turn sweet cider into the hard version.

So, let’s get started!

What Is Sweet Cider and How Can You Make It?

Have you ever had any experience with sweet cider? Well! If you need to learn what sweet cider is, here you go!

Sweet cider is an unprocessed, unfiltered apple juice extracted by crushing and pressing apples. It is an unfermented beverage bottled and sold as it is.

Moreover, it’s a fantastic refreshing drink for summer.

What Is Hard Cider and How to Prepare It?

As you’ll learn later in the article, hard cider has a strong association with sweet cider. Let’s talk about hard cider!

Like sweet cider, it’s prepared by crushing and pressing apples. However, the significant difference between sweet cider and hard one is fermentation.

Yes, you got it right! The hard cider is fermented and, of course, alcoholic. The yeast culture carries out the fermentation process using the sugars from the juice.

Hard cider was a popular drink in Europe and America, but now it’s famous worldwide with various flavors and styles.

Can Sweet Cider Turn Hard?

Many people buy or prepare sweet cider at home and frequently ask, ” Can sweet cider turn hard?” Let’s answer it!

Well! You are fortunate enough if you love experimenting and want to turn sweet cider into a hard one at home. Yes, you apprehended it correctly.

You can turn sweet cider into hard cider quickly. However, it’s noteworthy that not all sweet cider will give you the desired product.

If you have a pasteurized sweet cider, no matter how hard you try, it won’t turn hard.

How to Make Hard Cider from Sweet Cider?

Now that you know that unpasteurized sweet cider can be converted into a hard one, you might wonder how this transformation occurs. Right? Well! It’s pretty simple.

Buckle yourself up to learn about the process! Here’s the ingredients list:

  • A gallon of sweet cider
  • A packet of yeast
  • A sanitized fermentation vessel
  • Some spices for flavoring, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.,

It must be noted that spices are optional ingredients. If you want spicy notes in the hard cider, go for them.

Now let’s move towards the recipe!

Recipe for Making Hard Cider from Sweet Cider

Step# 1 Take the sanitized fermentation vessel.

Step# 2 Pour the sweet cider into it.

Step# 3 Open the yeast packet and sprinkle over the cider in the vessel.

Step# 4 Stir a bit to distribute the yeast evenly.

Step# 5 It’s time to add spices. So add spice according to the taste you want in the final products.

Step# 6 Close the vessel tightly with the airlock and the stopper.

Step# 7 Place it in a dark and cool place between 55°F and 70°F.

Step# 8 Leave it there for 1-3 weeks to allow the juice to ferment correctly.

Step# 9 Now, your hard cider is ready. Pour it into another sanitized container and enjoy the beverage.

That’s it! There’s no rocket science in making hard cider from the sweet version.

How to Store Hard Cider?

Since your hard cider is ready, storing it is a significant concern for many of you. Here are some tips for maintaining its flavor and quality for a long time.

Tip# 1 Temperature Matters a Lot

Keep the cider in a cool place between 35°F and 45°F.

Tip# 2 Avoid Exposure to Light

You must keep the cider away, whether it’s sunlight or the bulb light, as the light spoils the flavor. It causes oxidation of the compounds in the hard cider resulting in off-flavors and aroma.

Tip# 3 High Humidity Is Also Bad

Ensure that the cider is not in a highly humid area. It promotes the growth of molds in your beverage.

Tip# 4 Put It in The Refrigerator

Once you open the hard cider, put it in the refrigerator. It slows down the oxidation process and prevents early spoilage of the drink.

By following these tips, you’ll enjoy your beverage longer.

How Long Can Hard Cider Be Stored?

You’ve learned much about hard cider but don’t know about its storage period. Do you know how long hard cider stays in your refrigerator?

Well! If not, that’s not a big deal! Here’s the answer.

You can use it for 6-12 months without it rotten. However, if you have a store-bought hard cider, use it before the expiration date.

How Fermentation Changes Sweet Cider to Hard Cider?

In producing hard cider, fermentation is a must process driven by yeast. During the procedure, yeast uses all the sugars in sweet cider as food and has alcohol.

As a result, you get alcoholic cider, also known as hard cider.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Hard Cider?

The alcohol content in hard cider varies depending on the type. Generally, it ranges from 1-8% by volume.

However, some hard cider has an alcohol content of up to 12%.

Can You Make Hard Cider from Store-bought Sweet Cider?

Well! The answer is yes. Store-bought sweet cider is an excellent option for making hard cider.

What Are the Health Benefits of Drinking Hard Cider?

Hard cider is an alcoholic beverage that must be consumed in moderation. If done so, it fights against the free radicals in your body, preventing oxidative stress.

Besides, it also boosts your gut health and lowers the risk of heart disease.

The Bottom Line

Can sweet cider turn hard? Well! Yes, it can happen if the cider is unpasteurized, or else it’s not possible to get hard cider.

Moreover, making hard cider from unpasteurized sweet cider is easy. You just have to ferment it using yeast. That’s it! So, follow the recipe above and try hard cider at home.



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