7 Beers Like Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale [Best Alternatives]

Many beer lovers have tried the Sierra Nevada, one of the most popular Pale Ales in America. It’s a beer you can enjoy either from the glass bottle or the keg. Most restaurant owners serve it chilled with some fruits or chips accompanying it.

However, you can also find the Sierra Nevada at your closest liquor store and ensure you chill it yourself in your fridge.

Let’s talk more about the special personality of Sierra Nevada and how it will make you feel after you have the first sip. It’s one of the Pale Ales that you will love to consume with a moderate alcohol concentration.

You can still feel sober even if you had two bottles of it, so drink responsibly and don’t drive home after you have it!

How Does Sierra Nevada Taste Like?

Sierra Nevada is a beer you can drink all day long. It has a low ABV that is close to 5.8%, leaving you quite sober when you drink it. The beer is better served chilled and comes in brown glass bottles with the best possible stars etiquette on the front panel.

You can taste some sweet grains behind the excellent beer hops bitterness. The beer is made from the water of the Sierra Nevada river in Nevada State.

There is also the chance to smell some grapefruit and piney aromas that get revealed as the beer temperature rises when you consume it. It has a rich foam, and you will get the best possible fizziness as it’s full of naturally created carbon dioxide.

Alternatives to Sierra Nevada Beer

After we had seen what it is like to drink Sierra Nevada beer, it’s high time we talked about its alternatives. You can find many beers that taste like the Sierra Nevada, especially when you love Pale Ale beers.

Let’s see some of them, the most popular ones, that you can find in any liquor store across the country.

Captain Lawrence Fresh Chester Pale

Captain Lawrence Pale Ale is a great alternative to Sierra Nevada Beer since they have almost the same ABV, which stands at 5.5%. This beer is light and will give you only 165 calories when you consume it.

It gives you aromatic notes of citrus and pine, while you can get some wild bitterness when you drink it. This type of Californian Pale Ale beer has beer hops grown in Palisades, Cascade, and Columbus, being one of the easiest beers to find online and in stores.

Blue Point Hoptical Illusion

If you like Pale Ales with a trace of great bitterness, Blue Point Optical Illusion is the right choice for you. It resembles the Sierra Nevada, only that it is made in the farms of Oregon, north of Californian valleys.

The beer has a mere ABV of 6.8%, which is quite enough to give you an optimal buzz when you drink it.

It is rich in foam, better served chilled, and smells like an old American-style IPA with great fruity and earthy tones. You need to search a little to find it, and it costs a little more than other alternatives, but it’s worth every penny you spend on it!

Stoudt’s American Pale Ale

Here is a beer coming from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It comes from the famous Stoud Brewery, home of some of the best beers served in the country. This Pale Ale has a moderate ABV that is only 5% and can allow you to drink two bottles of beer in a row without intoxicating your brain.

The beer has a crisp medium body and a light amber color that will make you love it. It smells of grass and hops bitterness to give you the scent of a wonderful beer that is easy to accompany all your meals.

Victory HopDevil Ale

Victory HopDeliv Ale is the only American Indian Pale Ale in circulation this time. You have an ABV that comes up to the impressive 6.7%, which is close to the ones found in wines.

So, you need to consume responsibly as this beer can get you drunk right away. As a result of the higher ABV, the beer gives you 220 calories when you drink it.

It has a spicy and delicious taste giving you a long-lasting bitterness coming from the high-quality beer hops used to brew it.

Dogfish Head 60 Minute

Dogfish beer comes from an old brewery in Milton, Delaware. There they know the beer art more than anyone else as they brew beer from the 17th century, as Delaware is the first state to adopt the Union flag.

The beer has an ABV coming up to 6% and 220 calories to offer you.

The beer has a citrusy character with some bitter hops making it very interesting to consume. It is better served chilled directly from the glass bottle!

Rogue Dead Guy

Here is another popular beer smelling and tasting like the Sierra Nevada. It also comes from Oregon, where the fields with beer hops are plenty and ready to give their aromas to the local beers.

The beer has an ABV of 6.6% and thus gives you 220 calories when you drink it.

It has a great malty taste with rich honey color that will make you drink it all the time!

Two Brothers, The Bitter End American Pale

If you like beers coming from Illinois, then Two Brothers are the ultimate choice for you. It has an ABV close to 5.2%, giving you only 160 calories per bottle. The beer offers you a crisp taste with some mild bitterness and fruity notes.

As you may imagine, you better drink it chilled from the refrigerator for optimal taste results!

Final Words

Sierra Nevada is the common beer every American likes to enjoy when coming home from work or during a night out with friends. However, if you can’t find the original one, you have many alternatives, as you can read in this short article.



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