Beers Like Stella Artois: 8 Best Alternatives

When you feel like drinking a European beer, Stella Artois is the best you can try. It comes directly from Belgium and brewers there take the fermentation process a lot more seriously than others.

It’s a classic lager beer with a crystal clear view and a great blonde color that you will always love when you see it.

The ABV concentration is kept close to 5.2% and it will be better to be careful when drinking it to get the optimal buzz. Let’s now see how Stella Artois beer tastes when you drink it chilled.

It’s one of the most popular European beers in America, and you can find it in many bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. However, it’s less affordable than the other American Lager beers since it’s imported.

What Does Stella Artois Beer Taste Like?

In this section, we will explore the taste and aftertaste or aromas of the Stella Artois beer. Stella Artois is close to the Budweiser beer taste, with a straight bitterness to the mouth and a great dry aftertaste.

You can expect a little spice and some earthy pit taste and flavors coming to your mouth and nose as you consume it chilled. It’s the best way to consume Stella Artois beer since warming it up will make it lose its original taste and aftertaste.

Famous Alternatives to Stella Artois Beer

Here are some famous alternatives to Stella Artois Beer that you can easily find in the American market. These beers are all tested for their quality and they are quite more affordable than Stella Artois (at least the ones produced in the United States).

Let’s discuss and present them in the following paragraphs.

Stone Delicious IPA

Stone Delicious IPA is an American beer with an ABV close to 6.9%. It has some fruity and citrus tones coming to your mouth and nose when you drink it.

Lately, the beer has been made gluten-free to ensure that all people can enjoy it, no matter their gluten sensitivity. It comes in yellow aluminum cans and gives you the best foamy experience of all time.

Drinkers can also feel a spiciness coming from lemongrass and some other aromatic hops with some mildly-toasted malt that makes the taste a lot more complex.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

It’s one of the beers that have been leaders of the revolution of American craft beers. Samuel Adams is made in Massachusetts and is one of the beers with a rich foamy character and full-bodied.

It leaves you a great aftertaste even though it’s slightly more bitter than Stella Artois. The ABV rate is 5%, and it’s quite a light beer for all occasions.

Peroni Nastro Azzuro

Peroni is an Italian beer that is similar to Stella Artois. The ABV comes up to 5%, and it’s a lager you can easily drink anytime.

You will taste the initial bitterness due to the Italian beer hops that are quite different from the American ones. The beer has quite a crisp taste, and it can accompany any meal you may like to have.

It has a citrus aroma and a pale golden color that is similar to Prosecco wine, so you better be careful not to confuse them together! You can easily find Peroni almost anywhere in America, even though it costs more than Stella Artois in some States.

Carlsberg Pilsner

If you like Danish beers, Carlsberg is the best one to have as an alternative to Stella Artois. Even though it’s a Pilsner, the flavors and aromas are closer to the Belgium lager beers.

Carlsberg has an ABV that is close to 5% being one of the lightest beers you can consume. The beer has distinctive citrus and floral hop aromas that make it have a special character and differ from all other lagers you have seen so far.

Heineken Lager

Heineken lager is the pride of the Dutch brewery industry. It is the most popular beer in the world. Heineken lager comes in the well-known green glass bottle with the lone star in the front imprint. Its ABV comes close to 5%, and it’s a very light beer to have as an appetizer or even accompanies a light or heavier meal. You can have hints of apple or sweet corn when you drink the beer.

It also has some expert foamy qualities for a better aftertaste, and it’s the closest you can get to the Stella Artois beer.

Sapporo Premium

Sapporo is the beer with the lowest ABV, close to 4.9%, and it has the freshest taste you will ever experience. It’s close to the taste and aftertaste of Stella Artois; that’s why it’s so popular in the American market.

Experienced beer drinkers can find some citrusy, floral, and grainy notes as they enjoy Sapporo beer chilled enough. Sapporo beer also has a higher level of carbonation to make it smoother and tastier than other beers of the same kind.

Pilsner Urquell

Here is the only Czech beer on the list, and it smells like Stella Artois beer. The ABV comes up to 4.4%, and it’s the lightest lager beer you can find in the market.

The beer has a pit flavor and a lot of bitterness with a dry aftertaste that will leave you with a lot better experience than any other beer and is similar to Stella Artois, although it’s also imported.

Polestar Pilsner

Here is the only German-style pilsner beer that tastes like Stella Artois and is available in America. The ABV is 5.5%, and it has a crisp and elegant taste making it one of the premium beers you can enjoy in bars and restaurants.

Wide hop varieties are available in this beer and will leave you with the best possible taste effect of all.

Final Words

Stella Artois is the best beer you can have, but when it’s not available, you can still try the alternatives presented in this article. You always need to drink beer responsibly and try all you can to serve them chilled to your friends when they come home to enjoy a beer together.



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