Best Gatorade Flavor for Colonoscopy Prep

Today more and more people are getting assigned for a colonoscopy. Especially those who reach the age of 50 years old should right away have an appointment for a colonoscopy.

Even when you have not heard the term before, you assume it’s something that inspects and investigates your intestine.

So you need to be sure that it will be cleaned from feces that are there all the time and allow doctors to see the inside part a lot easier.

With the use of special drugs that are meant to clean the intestine for colonoscopy, most people are ready to throw up.

That’s why the need to use flavored drinks that we all like to have is essential. Gatorade is a unique drink that you can use with colonoscopy cleaning drugs.

It will make the flavor of the mixture a lot more tolerable and allow you to drink it all. The more you drink, the better the cleaning results for your intestine.

Let’s check what colonoscopy is in the first place and why you need to have Gatorade as an additive to your colonoscopy prep.

What Is Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is one of the major diagnostic examinations for the thick intestine. It starts from the anus and ends close to the beginning of the thin intestine.

You will need to have such a procedure to know what is going on in your intestine and check if there are any tumors or polyps there.

Patients undergo colonoscopy every five to seven years and need to stop eating for a day and take as much water and soluble agents as possible to empty their thick intestines from feces.

On the other hand, drugs for colonoscopy cleansing are effective but have a very bad flavor. Most people want to puke when they have their first sip.

And they need to drink multiple liters of that substance. That’s the main reason you need to add some of your favorite Gatorade flavors to your mix to ensure you can drink it.

Otherwise, the whole preparation could get spoiled, and you will need to repeat it until you have a totally clean intestine to help the physicians investigate it.

Why do You need to Add Gatorade to the Colonoscopy Prep?

Gatorade is a simple beverage that has a lot of water, electrolytes, and sugar. It is a clear solution and will never cause any issues when it reaches the thick intestine.

That neutral behavior allows physicians to propose Gatorade as an additive to the colonoscopy prep.

It has shown that when patients add Gatorade to the prep, they comply a lot more with it.

Not to mention that they consistently come with clean intestines to ensure that the colonoscopy can be done easily and effectively by the relevant doctors.

Is it Safe to Add Gatorade for Colonoscopy Prep?

Adding Gatorade of any potential flavor to the colonoscopy prep solution is a safe practice.

That means you can keep on adding as much Gatorade as you like as long as you dilute it in the colonoscopy prep mix.

Gatorade is quite clear and transparent to allow the doctors to see through the camera their insert in patients’ intestines. That’s why Gatorade is one of the best water solutions to add and acts like a flavor stabilizer.

Patient compliance reaches almost 99% when you add solutions like Gatorade to the colonoscopy prep.

That is why most gastroenterologists insist that their patients add Gatorade to their colonoscopy prep.

What Is the Various Gatorade to Serve You?

There are multiple types of Gatorade flavors to serve the patients:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Fierce Blue Cherry
  • Cool Blue
  • Fierce Grape
  • Frost Glacier Cherry
  • Riptide Rush
  • Frost Icy Charge
  • Frost Glacier Freeze
  • Lemon-lime

As you can imagine, not all of them are eligible for adding to the colonoscopy prep mix.

The most important fact is that they don’t have much red color inside, which blocks the ability of the doctors to see directly through the camera.

The reason is that reddish Gatorade could cause a blurry and low-quality image in the intestine that could block doctors from having a tumor diagnosis and save their patients’ lives.

Which Gatorade Flavor is the Best for Colonoscopy Prep?

One of the best Gatorade flavors for colonoscopy prep is the Gatorade Lemon Lime. That is the only one that is completely transparent and is like water.

You can add it during the colonoscopy prep since the sugar that it has inside cannot react with the other active drug ingredients.

On the other hand, the electrolytes in Gatorade help you replace them when you prepare for a colonoscopy and you need to go to the toilet and empty your intestine many times per day.

Does Gatorade Cause Any Side Effects Before Colonoscopy?

Gatorade is a simple beverage that has nothing to react or interact with the active substance on the colonoscopy prep mix.

So you need not worry about adding much Gatorade to your colonoscopy mix, as it’s quite innocent and will add no issues.

The only issue with having too much Gatorade is when you suffer from diabetes Mellitus, and you can’t allow too much sugar intake within the day.

You can either choose a sugar-free type of Gatorade or find another beverage that will do the same work for you when you receive your colonoscopy prep.

Why Should You Avoid Red-Colored Gatorade Flavors?

Red-colored (and sometimes blueish) Gatorade flavors prohibit doctors from having a good look at the inside part of patients’ intestines.

That happens because there is blurred vision inside the intestine since the reddish color could stay in the intestine for days after the consumption.

Final Words

Adding Gatorade to your colonoscopy prep mix is the best thing you can do to receive the whole of it and have the best possible results.

Remember that adding Gatorade will do nothing to your health and will have the best effects for your doctors to diagnose any malignancy they see in your intestines.



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