Top 5 Best Breweries in Alabama of High Value

The craft brewery revolution has brought about a hike in the number of breweries in Alabama, some years ago that wasn’t the case the few available were either in big metro areas or rural spots. Retail sales of craft beer grew more than 90 percent in the space of 8 years (2011 to 2019).

We have compiled a list of the five top breweries in Alabama to serve as a guide when next you need a drink. And for those interested in the art of mixology beyond breweries, consider checking out an Alabama bartending school.

Cahaba Brewing Company

This company is fueled by a passion for the beer craft, and this has led to the company’s growth and expansion. It was founded by a group of friends in 2011 and has grown since then to become one of the favorite spots in Birmingham.

The Taproom space is very big, it’s a neat renovation warehouse location. The brewery equipment is visible from an indoor seating position.

It is a fun place for families to hang out. They have a great arcade for game lovers, and it offers a flexible event center for a variety of events like weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, etc.

They have a variety of beers for every palate on their menu. You can find staples like blonde, pale ale, lagers, Irish stout, Steel Cut City, and other creative and unique flavors.

They offer delivery to places throughout Alabama, like Greater Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and North Alabama.


It can be a bit crowded sometimes.


It is a fun hang-out for the family, it has become one of the people’s favorite spots in the area.

Big Beach Brewing Co.

This Alabama brewery has much to offer beer and wine lovers both homegrown and sour beer. It’s a family-owned brewery with amazing local craft.

It is established in a beautiful setting, indoors and outdoors with a relaxing atmosphere and an awesome selection of beers; Ales to IPAs, and Belgian at a fair price.

Although they don’t serve food, there are good food trucks around the corner where you can get food, you are allowed to bring your food.

They house a variety of beers that you can taste and choose from. The staff is friendly, hospitable, very knowledgeable, and ready to answer all your questions.

They have a live band on weekends, and games on weekdays. They have an outdoor setting where they sell sodas for non-drinkers.


They don’t offer meals.


The beer is great, wine is not so much. It is a great place If you want to have a good beer and you don’t care for food.

Common Bond Brewers

If you are a lover of craft beer you are sure to find something that suits your palette. Common Bond Brewers is located in Montgomery and it is the city’s only production brewery.

It is a cool old brick building. They serve beer Pale Ale, American Blonde Ale, Rye Amber Ale, and India Pale Ale.

It’s a great place with a cool environment for hosting events like birthdays, weddings, etc. The staff are friendly, open to chatting, and very knowledgeable and helpful.

There is quite a wide selection of beer to taste and choose from. The is a pizza place next door that serves quite decent pizza, you can place an order for pizza and they deliver it to the brewery for you to enjoy.

You can have fun here with the entire family, as it is kids friendly.


They don’t serve food.


If you are in Montgomery you would find fun here and great beer, if you want a casual and comfortable place to hand out, this is worth giving a try.

Braided River Brewing Company

I had a good time here, and I love that they have a variety of beers to offer, my favorite was St Louis Street. The staff was warm and friendly and willing to chat with you.

I learned quite a few things from the brewer who was very receptive. They make flavored craft beers that match the golf Coast culture, blending drinkability with great taste seems to be their specialty.

They make craft beer fun, the environment is clean, and has a majority of young people. The interior is comfortable and simple, creating an atmosphere for great relaxation.

The size is pretty decent, It has a lot of indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate quite a large number of people and they offer canned drinks for easy pickup.


They don’t serve food


It is a nice hang-out spot to stop for a couple of beers.

Black Warrior Brewing Company

It Is a brewery located in downtown Tuscaloosa, they have good craft beers and wine varieties brewed on the premises. Beer, wine, IPA, and cider are available.

It is a place for hangouts and beer tasting. The staff is friendly and ready to chat, they have got a beautiful taproom, and games and tv available downstairs.

The bartenders are ready to help and overall it is a very nice and casual atmosphere for a friendly hangout. The patrons are calm and just enjoying a good beer.

If you are a dog lover you can come here with your dog and they are sure going to get some nice treats. The atmosphere is neat and I was impressed when I walked in.


Food is only served on specific days.


A brewery with friendly bartenders serving good beers in a relaxing environment is a good brewery.


Alabama now has businesses involved in making craft beer and great wine. These are produced locally and have greatly improved the economy of the state.

According to statistics, the personal tax revenue from breweries in the state is over $250 million. Apart from enjoying a great drink in a nice relaxing environment, your patronage is also helping to keep a whole lot of people working and earning money.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you are in Alabama come to check these out and have a fun time. Cheers!!



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