Top 5 Breweries in Mississippi of High Value

It is a pleasure that brewing in Mississippi is expanding mostly to craft breweries. The Mississippi State is great for vacation.

They have a rich culture, rich history, food, music, and excellent local craft breweries. There are a handful of these breweries that offer their locally-made beer with new flavors.

Most of these breweries provide a rich collection of uniquely flavored and brewed beers for you to try.

If you are visiting for the first time, you might be overwhelmed by the choices you have when it comes to breweries to visit. Here are our top five breweries you should visit;

Chandeleur Island Brewing Company

I picked this brewing Company for its hand-crafted beer, they make good beer. That is one main thing you need to know about this place.

I am not from here but they always wow me each time I visit, and they never disappoint in terms of the quality they serve. They make a locally brewed drinks, made with fresh ingredients, if you are a lover of beers brewed locally then this is the place to be.

Great for a pre-dinner drink, If you like sours you are going to love this. They have an unusually large selection of micro breweries with fair prices.

It is an amazing place to go for beer tasting and sampling different types of beer with friends and family, their customer service is excellent in a very friendly environment.


  • They have few bartenders which makes service slow when the place is crowded.
  • They don’t sell food, but one can get food from other shops.


It is still an amazing place to drink, the unique flavors they offer are worth checking out.

Natchez Brewing Company, Natchez, MS

I like local breweries and this is as local as it gets. You can see that the beer is brewed right on the premises and it is fresh.

It is a very popular place in Natchez as you would easily see a lot of people there which is an indication that the place is loved by many. There can be a queue sometimes but the line moved quickly.

Their service is amazing, you can place orders right from your table and skip the queue. They also have a kitchen that offers one of the most delicious pizzas I have ever tasted.

It’s a great place for tasting while you decide on which is best for you. They have quite a nice selection of beers.

Their hospitality was okay, all the staff was very nice and helpful. It’s great out in the afternoon mostly if you are visiting with a pet dog or cat.

It has a great relaxation spot inside to unwind with lots of tasty beers to choose from.


  • No parking space is available, you would have to park in the streets.


Despite no parking space, the brewery is still parked full, their great beer tasting and hospitality make them stand out.

Lazy Magnolia

They have a combination of unique beers not seen in other stores. It has the look and feel of a brewery.

They have a great selection of local beer, and pizza that you can order and it goes well with the drink.  You may also choose to other any one of their various food like flatbread which is delicious and cheese.

It is a functional brewing and you can see the working area of the brewery with all its facilities. The very lovely, kind and friendly employees were very cheerful and helpful.

The owner was so friendly and he was willing to share stories about the history of the brewery. The live band playing music in the background made the place more lively, and sometimes they bring in a comedian.

It’s very neat and organized. There is a souvenir shop with really cool stuff for vacationers.


  • There are not a lot of parking spaces
  • It is not kid friendly


The drinks are great, and the pros are a lot more than the cons, so it is still a great place to visit.

Southern Prohibition Brewing, Hattiesburg, MS

I popped in there because I have heard a lot of good stuff about the Southern Prohibition Brewing and I wasn’t disappointed. The bartender was very welcoming and helpful, he assisted in helping me choose.

They have fresh food you can eat while you sip your drink, and they have fresh delicious pizza. I had some with my IPA and it was excellent.

They have a lot of pizza variety, just ensure you go there when the truck is there.

I can boldly say they have the most beautiful taproom, and a wide enough space, it would be perfect for date night, special events and fundraisers etc.

They had great sours. Fresh IPAs in their thing.


  • The pizza isn’t available at all times
  • It is mostly for those who love IPA.


It is a great place for lovers of IPA.

Slowboat Brewing Company

Slowboat Brewing Company is a fun place to drink, hang out, and snack. You can also play games.

It is a local brewery where the beer is brewed on the premises, however, they also have regular beer for those who might prefer to have that. The atmosphere is nice and friendly.

I went there a couple of times since they set up, and the beer is great. The folks are nice and friendly, and ready to serve and respond to all your inquiries and or queries.

The owner is open to having conversations, he is very easy to talk with, and he is such a great guy.

The atmosphere is nice and friendly, it is a great place for craft beer lovers. The brewery comes more alive on Saturday with the live music band.

They have quite a number of beer selections but nothing too extra.


  • The beer selection is few.


It is a great place with a nice atmosphere and most of all good beer.


If you are an avid ale lover or you are one for IPA, your needs would be met. Drop by any of these breweries If you prefer yours with a tasty meal or a snack.

When you visit this great state you can always find a brewery that makes beer for your palate. Have fun and Enjoy.



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