Can Malibu Get You Drunk?

Today we have a considerable debate about Malibu drinking and how it could get you drunk. It’s not the same as the other hard spirits due to its lower alcohol concentration.

However, Malibu is another alcoholic beverage that can surely give you an optimal buzz. If you insist on drinking more, you can have more fantastic adverse effects, including getting drunk in Malibu.

This article aims to give you an idea about how much Malibu you need to consume before you are officially drunk. However, this depends on your body type, the fat index, and what type of food you down when you drink Malibu.

Talking about it would be great, especially for younger people who believe Malibu is as innocent as fruit juices and soft drinks. Learning that Malibu is another alcoholic beverage will make them stop consuming it like there is no tomorrow and save their soberness and driving license privilege.

What is Malibu?

Malibu is the long-term title for the Caribbean rum that tastes like sweet coconut. It comes in well-known white bottles with the coconut tree and the sunset imprint on them.

This drink is very sweet and has some added cane sugar inside with other herbs and aromas. The final result when you add fruit juices like pineapple juice and ice makes the perfect cocktail.

However, the sweetness does not mean there is no hidden alcohol inside the Malibu cocktail. Let’s see what that alcohol concentration is and how you should know it to protect yourself when you need to drive to come back home from the bar.

Which is the Alcohol Concentration in Malibu?

The alcohol concentration in Malibu is close to 21% per 100ml. That means for every 100ml of Malibu drink, you consume 21ml of pure alcohol. Even though it’s herbal alcohol, it creates the same mess in your body as the real one.

It’s one of the drinks with hidden alcohol since you cannot smell or taste it in the drink. The mere sweetness of the drink covers the heavy alcohol taste, especially when you mix it with other juices or real sugar extract from pomegranates like Grenadine.

Why Do Malibu Drinkers believe they Can’t Get Drunk?

Most Malibu drinkers are teenagers (in countries where people over 18 years old are eligible to consume alcohol) or younger adults who want to have a sweet drink when they are at the bar.

That sweetness makes them think they cannot get drunk, and they consume numerous Malibu cocktails at once. Some people drink cocktails with Malibu when they are thirsty instead of drinking pure water.

It’s a behavior that can get them drunk immediately since, as we will see in the following chapters, there is enough alcohol there to make them lose their soberness.

How Sweetness Affects the Way You Consume Alcohol?

People who drink Malibu are younger girls who dislike any other type of alcohol. However, most of them exceed the normal alcohol intake for the night and reach the optimal buzz quicker.

That makes them drunk after some drinks of Malibu as the main alcoholic ingredient. Another reason is the presence of cane sugar inside the Malibu drink and cocktails.

The sugar makes alcohol pass quicker from the stomach to the duodenum and reach the bloodstream. As a result, you will get drunk much faster with Malibu when exceeding the regular intake.

How Many Malibu Drinks Do You Need to Have to Get Drunk?

When you have about 2ml of pure alcohol per serving of Malibu in the normal cocktail, you can do the math. It will take no more than 6 Malibu drinks to get you drunk.

However, getting drunk with Malibu depends on your liver’s ability to absorb and metabolize alcohol. Also, your body mass index and your chance to absorb alcohol and store it in your fatty tissues also make you consume Malibu a lot safer.

In general, girls can get drunk with three or four Malibu drinks, while men could reach six or seven Malibu drinks to get drunk.

Does it Help to Consume Snacks When You Drink Malibu?

It surely helps to consume some greasy snacks when you drink Malibu or any other kind of alcoholic beverage. Fat and oil presence in your stomach will significantly delay the entrance and absorbance of alcohol from Malibu drinks.

So it’s better to eat something when you drink even though you think that Malibu is nothing more than a sweet juice, which is wrong.

Is Malibu a Good Spirit for Alcoholic Shots?

Malibu is great for alcoholic shots. It’s cheaper than any other hard spirits like whiskey and vodka.

On the other hand, it gets along well with any juice you may like and could be the main alcohol ingredient in any shot you want to serve to your friends or customers.

That’s why you can add Malibu to the mixture when you want to consume a real Caribbean rum that tastes like coconut and gives you a fresh and sweet taste.

How Can You Drink Malibu Responsibly?

As a social drinker, you may need to know when you have a buzz and when you start getting drunk. The point is different for each person, and you can reach it either by drinking two whiskeys or six Malibu rums.

Drinking Malibu responsibly means consuming no more than four drinks in a row. That applies to a cocktail as well since bartenders tend to use the same amount of Malibu serving both for neat drinks and cocktails.

When being out, it’s better to inform your company about you getting a good buzz with Malibu and stop drinking anymore to preserve yourself from the awful experience of being drunk and the upcoming hangover.

Final Words

Although Malibu is one of the tastiest drinks, it’s always better to drink it with care. Younger people who have no prior experience with alcohol should always stop and check how they feel after the first Malibu cocktail they consume.

Drinking a lot of water when you have Malibu also reduces the risk of getting drunk, so you better try it next time!



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