Can Oat Milk Hurt Your Stomach? [Explained!]

This question doesn’t have a fixed answer. This is because people’s digestive systems may react differently to beverages and food.

But Oat Milk is mild and considered digestible.

This means that it is gentle on the digestive system of most people and it can easily be digested. However, some people have had cases of gas and bloating after taking it.

This may be a result of the fact that it is high in fiber content. And not that it causes any major issues to the digestive system.

Generally, this won’t upset your stomach or cause any serious digestive issues. Nevertheless, if you drink this and you experience stomach issues as a result, then you should see a doctor.

A nutritionist or doctor would give a proper diagnosis to ascertain the cause and give advice on what is best for you.

Can Oat Milk Hurt Your Stomach

Oat milk is a popular milk made from Oats.

It is used as an alternative for those who wouldn’t take cow milk. It is a healthy choice for those who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to cow milk.

Vegans and those who are allergic to dairy products find this a good choice. It is mild on the digestive system and it is safe and healthy to drink.

But some persons have had stomach upset after taking it.

This is a result of the gluten present in it. It contains gluten, which is known to activate inflammatory responses in the stomach.

Those who have celiac disease and those who are sensitive to gluten are advised not to take this. If you have those conditions avoid this product.

If you have concerns or if you aren’t certain that you have these conditions consult a nutritionist before drinking one of these products.

Apart from pain in the gut and digestive discomfort, some persons also complain of having diarrhea, gas, and bloating after consuming it. This could be because the oats in this product can be prebiotic, which means it helps the growth of good bacteria in the stomach.

But they can also help bad bacterias grow and this can cause digestive issues. If you find yourself having stomach troubles after taking oat milk, you should immediately stop drinking and seek the advice of a doctor.

Those who are allergic to oats are advised not to drink this as it may cause inflammation and irritation.

Can Oat Milk Make Your Stomach Hurt

Those who are allergic to oats are likely to have stomach inflammation and irritation after taking them. It may start mildly especially if you take little quantities but it can become severe if you continue to take it repeatedly.

Some symptoms linked to oat sensitivity are; gas, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. If you are not sure if you are sensitive or allergic to oats check with a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

If you are new to a high-fiber diet you may experience diarrhea.

What Are The Side Effects Of Oat Milk

This is a known substitute for cow milk. However, it does have some side effects. Those who do not normally take in fiber-rich food may experience these side effects.


Oats have a lot of fiber content in them both soluble and insoluble. This would make your intestine more efficiently pass bowel movements.

But those who are not well adjusted to high-fiber food and are having it for the first time have a high chance of developing diarrhea.

Stomach Upset

There are a lot of people who are not used to eating a fiber-rich diet. Taking this drink which has a high fiber content may be too much for their digestive system to handle.

Hence it might cause stomach trouble for such persons.

Does Oat Milk Cause Inflammation?

It is a popular drink that is often used as a substitute for regular cow milk.

It is made by mixing blended oats and water. This product is plant-based and not difficult to prepare.

It contains carbs which can elevate blood sugar hence causing inflammation. 

This is plant-based but it has high carb content which makes it not a good option for people who are trying to reduce their carb intake.

Generally speaking, there are other plant-based products that offer higher nutritional benefits. However, this drink would serve the purpose if you require a good plant-based product.

Despite its carb content, it has several good points. It has low fat and calories and is a healthy way to get fiber.

Another weak points of this drink are its high carbohydrate content which has the potential of raising blood sugar. And there are a few who have oat allergies and may experience gut problems when they have this drink.

Is Oat Milk Good For Weight Loss

This product is made with oats. It is vegan-friendly milk and it is dairy free. Although there are other plant-based milk like almond milk and soy milk, a lot of people use it as a substitute for cow milk.

It has less saturated fat. It is high in vitamins and rich in fiber. But it has sugar and carbohydrates, and not a good option for those who are gluten sensitive or those who have celiac disease.


Oat milk is plant-based and it is made with oats. It is easily digestible but it is high in fiber which may cause stomach upset to people who are not used to a high-fiber diet.

It also contains gluten and isn’t suitable for people who are sensitive to gluten. It can be flavored with chocolate and vanilla flavors and used in cooking and baking.

Despite its drawbacks, it is a good option for those who are lactose intolerant and those who want dairy-free products. Those who are allergic to proteins would also find this a great option.

However, if you experience an upset stomach after taking this consult a nutritionist to prescribe the best for you.



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