Muscle Milk vs. Premier Protein: Which Is Better? [Explained]

There are so many protein powder options in the market one could choose from. However, Muscle Milk and Premier Protein are two popular brands of protein drinks.

So between the two which one is better?

There is no universal answer to this question of which is best between the two, it all depends on individual preferences and needs. It is a matter of which one is best for the individual.

The Muscle drink has a lot of calories and proteins, so if you need one with a lot of proteins and calories then go for this one. But, the Premier Protein drink would be the better option for those who want to embark on weight loss or reduce calorie intake.

Both are good at what they do but they are not without their pros and cons. So when it comes to choosing between these two your needs should be the determining factor.

Which Is More Affordable?

These two are protein shakes and are popular with athletes and those into bodybuilding. They are rich in proteins and nutritious. They contain a similar amount of nutrients.

But they are not the same in every way. Premier Protein is more affordable than Muscle Milk. Because Muscle Milk is a famous brand name and has more quality ingredients than Premier Protein. But this doesn’t mean the Premier Protein is of low quality.

If affordability is what you are going with, Premier Protein is best in this regard.

Which Has More Protein?

Among these two, Muscle Milk has a higher protein content compared to Premier Protein.

It is a protein-filled beverage that is popular among bodybuilders and athletes that intend to build muscle. Each serving of this drink supplies proteins of up to 30 grams while Premier Protein supplies a protein of 20 grams per serving.

If you are a bodybuilder or you intend to go into bodybuilding, Muscle Milk is the right option for you.

But if weight loss is your goal and you intend to have a protein beverage that’s low in calories then Premier Protein would be a great choice.

Which Has Fewer Calories?

If you want to make your choice based on which has fewer calories, then the best option would be Muscle Milk.

This is because it has 150 calories per serving which are low when compared with the 200 calories per serving that Premier Protein offers. So if you are thinking along the lines of dropping calories, Muscle Milk is the one for you.

Which Tastes Better: Muscle Milk vs. Premier Protein?

Muscle Milk is high in protein content but not so delicious. The Premier Protein has a creamy and rich taste and it is more enjoyable to drink even though it might not be as rich in quality. So when it comes to which has better tasting, the odds are in favor of Premier Protein.

Apart from its rich taste, it is also versatile. It is used in toppings for cereal and also used in baking. On the other hand, Muscle Milk can best be served as a drink and you will best enjoy it.


The question of which is best between these two shakes does not have a definite answer. The answer depends on the individual’s needs.

Muscle drink is higher in protein content and it would serve well for bodybuilders and athletes who intend to add muscles. It is also a brand name and more expensive.

This is because it contains more quality ingredients.

While the other would work well for weight loss and for those who are trying to cut down calorie intake. It is also a more affordable option and it has a more rich and creamier taste.

When choosing from these two shakes your need should guide you to ensure that you get the satisfaction you need.



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