Can You Add Vodka To Eggnog?

That sweet mix of cream, eggs, and spices can be one of the best things to go into a glass of brandy, run, or even bourbon whiskey, resulting in a cocktail that is just irresistible for someone with a sweet tooth.

All the better when you add cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and other things.

But can you add vodka to eggnog to make it nice and creamy?

So, you are a drinker of vodka, as we are guessing, and recently enjoyed this cocktail.

And now you want to know whether it can be enjoyed with vodka, your choice of drink.

Well then, we have news for you.

Can You Add Vodka To Eggnog: Here’s Your Answer!

You can add eggnog to vodka. Eggnog served with vodka can make one inviting glass of vodka martini.

And we are not done yet. Are you someone who loves fixing cocktails? Then, you will now enjoy what you read because we are here to give you some innovative ideas to fix yourself a glass of eggnog martini.

But wait, we just sensed a few of you frowning on the word eggnog and so here is a brief description for those new to the term and don’t know what it is

What Eggnog Is

This is one of the most popular ingredients that is often used in cocktails for the rich and creamy feel that it can add to them.

Eggnog, as the name would suggest, is a sweet mix of egg with milk, cream, and sugar, all of which come together to make a frothy beverage that someone with a sweet tooth cannot resist.

And yes, this can be a hit, even when mixed with alcoholic drinks. While we saw some of the above, the drink we are going to learn how to mix this beverage with vodka.

Vodka With Eggnog- The Fun You Can Have

Whether you like vodka or not, this article is sure to get you excited as you come across some interesting and unique eggnog recipes that you would perhaps want to experiment with at the next house party and see what comes of your eggnog martini.

So, ‘can you add vodka should not be the question you are asking right now; rather, it should be how can you add vodka to eggnog?

That said, read on, and we will give you some answers to this.

Keep It Simple

If this is your first time, let’s begin by keeping it simple. All you need is some eggnog with a dash of vanilla and a little bit of cinnamon and caramel syrup.

Use less of the latter if all you want is a little flavor in your glass of vodka martini and more of it if you like it sweet, rich, and gooey.

So, which one did you choose? You can even have both, to arrange them on different sides of the table to have guests take their pick.

Now go ahead and enjoy your glass of homemade eggnog martini.

The Dairy-Free Eggnog

Now that you have tried the above, here’s providing a little twist to your eggnog vodka recipe. Replace milk with coconut milk. All you have to do is grind a cup of grated coconut, to which you can add this mixture of milk, sugar, and cream.

You can then decide which one you like better and choose to serve that at the next party.

Eggnog With Double Cream

Some people like their eggnog with double cream, which is nothing but a double portion of the cream to create a rich, rich vodka martini.

Your vodka may not be very strong, but it sure is going to be enjoyable and sweet.

Garnished With Nuts

Finally, you can try any of the above recipes and then end with a generous garnishing of nuts in any way that you wish.

You could either have a slight sprinkling for a bit of this that one can enjoy or pour a generous helping to cover the entire cream of your vodka martini.

It can make a world of difference to the appearance of your drink and the quality of it too, but both of them can be equally relishing. It all depends on how one chooses to enjoy his drink.

Your Own Vodka Martini Recipe

Well, now that was a host of ideas we offered you, didn’t we? And we are sure that your mind is now running with ideas of your own as you are fixing cocktail mixes in your mind, picturing the glass of vodka with all that milk and cream.

Be creative and be daring. You won’t be judged on what you do.

In the end, just remember that eggs, milk, milk cream, and to that a good helping of cinnamon, caramel, and sugar make eggnog that you can use to fix yourself a vodka martini.

The rest is up to you by way of how much of each should go into the mix and what new ingredient you would like to add and experiment with.

However, make sure you start small to see how your stomach takes it, and then, you can conduct some fun vodka martini experiments with this cocktail to have guests choosing from the variety you display at the next party.

Enjoy Your Vodka Martini Party

A vodka martini is the best with seafood, butter chicken, and anything that is salty and sweet. So, remember this with the salads you prepare and the other side dishes you fix.

And oh wait, just before you go, remember that your presentation is as important and that you serve your cocktail in the right cocktail, for this is as important as the ingredients that go into it, that is, if you want your guests to enjoy your drink.

A colorful display of some of your best vodka martinis, a table with carefully selected food, and a beautiful presentation of those v-shaped glasses that a vodka martini is served in are enough for you to put together a memorable vodka martini party.



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