Can You Drink Alcohol With Invisalign On?

If you’re reading this article and have Invisalign on, then congratulations! You are one of the unique 1.6 million people who took your first step towards a healthy smile.

Now that you have started using Invisalign, you might be facing some unavoidable situations. And unavoidable situations count for unavoidable questions. But don’t worry, this article has got you covered for all your Invisalign-related questions.

The major question that this article will answer is “Can you drink alcohol with Invisalign on?”.

The simple answer is yes, but there are major downsides to it. Therefore, writing the answer to this question took some effort and reading it will take some effort on your part.

What Is Invisalign Made of?

Invisalign is made from polyurethane. It is a special plastic that is transparent and convenient.

It has been manufactured using highly accurate 3D printing, fabricated to exert an altering yet subtle pressure on the teeth. Thus, although it can align non-uniform teeth in the right direction, the material, being special, is a sensitive one.

Drinking & Teeth

We know that bacteria reside inside our mouths. Some bacteria are helpful, while some are harmful.

The harmful one is known to survive off the sugar in your diet.

When they consume the sugar from your diet, they produce acids that form plaque. Plaque is a sticky substance that further leads to cavities.

This is the reason why dentists advise against drinking sweetened drinks and juices, even if you are not under dental treatment. Such drinks must be consumed in heavy moderation or they can have damaging results for your teeth.

Coffee and tea might not seem to have much sugar content in them. However, they can stain your teeth.

Staining your teeth may not be particularly good for you as you might want a bright and shining smile. Hence, doctors recommend such drinks in moderation as well.

In addition to these, acidic beverages are the worst. The acid in those drinks weakens the tooth enamel and makes them vulnerable to cavities and stains.

There are some mixed beverages which contain alcohol and fruit juices. Such beverages have a double attack of acidity and sugar on your teeth.

Occasional alcoholic or beverage drinks are an exception. However, consuming the same regularly is not good practice for your oral hygiene and can have detrimental effects on your smile.

Can You Drink Tequila With Invisalign?

Tequila is a highly popular Mexican drink that is produced by the blue agave plant. It is drunk neat or even with a mixer.

Fun fact: Tequila is also used in cooking!

Invisalign is a removable transparent brace to align and straighten your teeth. Those who do teeth alignment without traditional braces choose Invisalign.

The answer to “can you drink tequila with Invisalign” is a resounding “YES”.

There is no major risk associated with drinking tequila with Invisalign.

Although drinking too much tequila can be bad for your oral hygiene, there is no direct disadvantage to drinking tequila with Invisalign.

But heavy consumption of tequila can lead to dehydration which in turn leads to dry mouth. A dry mouth is not the best condition for your tooth as it makes it a breeding hub for cavities.

Tequila can stain your teeth and the aligner trays as well. It can also cause plaque buildup apart from cavities.

Can You Drink Shots With Invisalign?

Yes, you can drink shots with Invisalign, given that you are careful about it. Too much consumption can lead to dehydration which makes your teeth sensitive.

Your teeth, which are already under pressure from Invisalign for alignment, will become hypersensitive after drinking shots. This might lead to toothache in some cases.

That is why, before drinking, you can remove aligners and check the content of your drink. Removing aligners has its disadvantages of being misplaced or unfixable to your teeth so you must be aware of these.

Can I Drink Vodka With Invisalign?

Drinking vodka instead of fruit juices or beverages is the best option if you are using Invisalign.

The reason is that it is a clear spirit which means that it will not leave any stain on your aligners and you can maintain a bright and beautiful smile. It is also one of the least sugary drinks.

Vodka is the safest option along with gin as other drinks can stain Invisalign aligners. If you want to mix them, avoid sugary mixers and mix them with soda water.

Can You Drink Soda With Invisalign?

If you want to drink soda, you will have to follow certain precautions while doing so. Avoiding enamel-staining soda will be better for your oral hygiene.

Instead, one can go for club soda or even sparking water. They contain less acid and sugar content and are considered better alternatives to normal soda.

How to Drink With Invisalign?

There are certain best alcohol drinking practices that you must follow while wearing Invisalign aligners. They are as follows:

Stick To Clear Drinks

Gin, vodka and white wine are drinks that have the lowest sugar content. As discussed earlier, they can be mixed with tonic or soda water. Avoid fruity and sugary mixers at all costs.

Practice Using A Straw

Straws are built in such a way that they do not allow the drinks to contact the teeth and aligners. Therefore, dentists recommend drinking with straws if you cannot avoid alcohol or other beverages.

Remove Your Invisalign Aligners

Whenever you are drinking hot or cold beverages, make it a point to remove your aligners before drinking them. This takes us to the next point.

Carry Your Invisalign Case

Whenever you are travelling to an event where you know you might be drinking, carry your Invisalign aligner case. Do not store them in a napkin of any sort.

Rinse Using Water

After consuming beverages and alcohol, make it a practice to drink enough water. Rinse your teeth with water for a good minute before replacing or reusing your Invisalign aligners.


Yes, you can drink alcohol with Invisalign on!

You can enjoy your favourite foods and drinks with Invisalign on. But you must follow the best practices given above.

Ideally, water is the safest option to consume if one is using Invisalingners. Sugary or acidic drinks are not good for your aligners and your teeth. They can cause plaque and even stains, which will not enable you to achieve the desired results for your teeth.

Follow your dentist strictly, maintain good oral hygiene and you will not run into any issues while drinking alcohol.



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