Can You Drink Beer at Room Temperature?

It is not stereotypically the way to prefer a beer, but not all of us like to drink refrigerated beer. In fact, many people dislike it and claim that beer does not taste good when kept at room temperature.

However, this does not mean that there is no room for preference when it comes to drinking it cold in comparison with warm. Whichever one you like most or least, it is your choice, and there is no right or wrong answer!

Today we will examine the issue of drinking beer at room temperature. We will elaborate more on this matter and find out which beers are better to drink unrefrigerated and how you can improve your satisfaction when doing so.

No more ads with cold beers in refrigerators; hail to the room-temperature warm beer!

Is it Better to Drink Beer at Room Temperature or Cold?

The question of whether it is better to drink beer at room temperature or cold has been debated for centuries, with one group contending that room temperature is best and the other saying that cold beverages are a more efficient way to quench your thirst.

Should you choose a chilled beer or one in the refrigerator?

One big debate that beer lovers can’t seem to get out of is the temperature of your drink. Should you drink your beer cold or at room temperature?

The answer depends on a few factors, including where the beer is coming from and which style of beer you’re drinking.

Why do Some People Prefer Drinking Beer at Room Temperature?

The reason why some people prefer drinking beer at room temperature is that many bar employees recommend this to their customers. There are a lot of reasons to explain why they think that it’s best that beer is served cold.

People tend to think that this is the ideal temperature for their body and the taste of the beer itself.

Also, some people try to drink beer close to room temperature for health reasons.

Some of them are afraid of getting cold, especially singers who work with their voices. For them, it’s better to keep their vocal cords healthy, and drinking cold beer is not the right practice for them.

For How Long Is Beer Good at Room Temperature?

Beer is good at room temperature for about six months. When stored in a cool dark place, beer will retain its flavor and taste for even longer.

The shelf life of beer is tricky to gauge, given that it’s exposed to air and light. But it can be helpful to think of how long you should keep your beer at room temperature when you plan on opening it later.

Let’s start with some general guidelines before delving into more specific guidelines for different styles.

However, after opening the bottle, you have a few hours to drink your beer. Otherwise, the oxygen getting inside will make your beer have a funny taste, and the carbon dioxide will evaporate.

So, drinking a beer at room temperature has to be done within a few hours of the bottle opening.

Does Beer Taste Inferior When You Drink it at Room Temperature?

If you like your beer cold, you may be tempted to think that beer tastes better — or gets better — when it’s at room temperature. However, this is a myth.

It is true that a colder environment will give your beer a crisp flavor and keep your head from getting warm after drinking it, but the taste itself will not be affected by temperature.

Drinking beer at room temperature is a condition you need to compromise with when you are ill or the fridge has some problems. In any other case, you should opt for cooling your beer before you enjoy it, as it’s the only way to let it unleash its rich flavors and aromas.

Not all beers are good to drink at room temperature, and it’s always better to know beforehand which one is better to consume right from the self or if you need to place it in the refrigerator first.

What Beers are Good at Room Temperature?

Some beers are better to drink at room temperature. This includes all the black beers like brown ales, porters, stouts, and old ales. They have this barley and deep oat taste that will evolve when you drink them at room temperature.

However, lagers and Pale Ales or even IPAs are not good to drink at room temperature since they smell like piss. You will never have the chance to enjoy them without cooling them properly, so don’t even try them because you will only end up spoiling your beer!

Is Beer Meant to Be Drunk Warm?

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is better to drink cold. Not ice cold but surely colder than room temperature.

Even though you can find some beer types mentioned above that can be consumed at room temperature, the general rule for beer would be to drink it chilled.

It’s better for the beer to give all its flavors and aromas when it gets refrigerated. By warming a beer to room temperature, you risk perishing the beer hops and the flavors that you need to add to it.

Not to mention that the carbonation would also disappear at room temperature making foam creation almost impossible.

Does Warming Beer Ruin It?

Warming beer can ruin some crucial flavor elements inside. It’s never good to boil a beer as it will lose all the carbon dioxide inside.

However, a beer left at room temperature is not ruined at all, and you can still drink it when being opened for only a couple of hours.

Sealed beer cans and bottles can stay at room temperature for at least six months before their content is finally ruined.

Final Words

Warm beer is not something people like to consume. It’s better to keep your beer refrigerated close to 9 degrees Celsius to ensure that it will remain cold for many minutes to increase your satisfaction!



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