Can You Drink Cider with Ice?

Are you tired of sipping warm cider on a hot sunny summer day? Do you want some ice in the cider but need clarification about whether to do it?

Well! Look no further! Because this page has a perfect solution for you!

Many people ask, ” Can you drink cider with ice?” Well! Gratefully the answer is yes.

You can drink cider with ice, but it also has some cons. In this blog, you’ll learn all about cider with ice.

So, let’s kick-start it!

What Are the Different Types of Cider?

Cider comes in great variety, but before jumping on them, let’s first know what cider is. Do you know about it, or is it something new to you?

Cider is a refreshing drink, a favorite of many, made commonly from apple juice. It’s produced by crushing and pressing the apples to collect the juice.

The apple juice contains sugars that are food for the yeast to perform fermentation. It breaks down the sugar into alcohol.

Besides, cider is a popular drink worldwide with a long and rich history.

Types of Cider

There are different types of cider, but the seven most common ones are listed below:

1. Sweet Cider

Are you a fan of natural sweet beverages? Sweet cider is the best option for you.

It’s made by crushing and pressing apples but doesn’t undergo fermentation. Hence, it’s a non-alcoholic beverage you can enjoy if you are not fond of alcoholic drinks.

2. Hard Cider

Second on the list! Hard cider contains 1-8% alcohol produced from fermentation by yeast. Alcohol is the buy product of fermentation, and cider is an excellent product for alcohol lovers looking for a change in their tastes.

3. Sparkling Cider

Have you ever heard of the carbonated version of cider? If not, the sparkling cider is what you need.

It is the best festive drink made from a hard or a sweet cider.

4. Ice Cider

Making ice cider is different and involves additional steps. Though the apple juice is extracted first, like in all other types all well, it’s then frozen.

The ice from the juice is removed to make it more concentrated and is fermented after it. It has around 7% to 13% of alcohol.

5. Draft Cider

A carbonated cider that’s served fresh right from the keg or cask! It’s made from a blend of different varieties of apples, therefore, has a complex and unique flavor.

6. Fruit Cider

As the name indicates, this unique cider blends different fruits such as berries, pears, etc. However, the base is still made of apple juice.

7. Traditional Cider

The last but not least type is traditional cider! It’s produced using heirloom varieties of apples and traditional methods and has a dry and complex flavor profile.

All these varieties are fantastic. You must try them out!

Can You Drink Cider with Ice?

Cider with ice sounds confusing? Well! It’ll not, from now onwards, because you can drink cider with ice if you prefer a chilled one.

Some people like to have it at room temperature to enjoy its taste to the fullest. Every sip of the drink is so refreshing that no one can resist having it.

Therefore, you’ll notice people having it either way. It’s totally about your personal preferences.

Now that you’ve decided to have a glass of cider with ice, you must know its pros and cons. Come on, let’s uncover them!

Pros of Having Cider with Ice

Excellent Solution for a Hot Day

Cider is already very refreshing. Having it with ice not only makes it more rejuvenating but also keeps you cool on a hot summer day.


Do you prefer soft or less potent drinks? Adding ice to the cider does it for you.

It dilutes the drink making it less alcoholic.

Customization of the Drink

Some people like ice-cold cider, while others like just slightly chilled one. Depending upon personal preference, you can add ice.

Now that you know the pros, let’s highlight some cons of using ice with cider.

Cons of Using Ice with Cider

Loss of Flavor

Ice makes your cider dilute. Hence, it loses that characteristic cider flavor and aroma.

You Can’t Enjoy the Drink

Too many ice cubes make the beverage extremely cold. Even your taste buds freeze, leaving you unable to enjoy the drink’s taste.

These reasons make ice a wrong choice to have with cider. If you want to feel the taste of the cider, drink it at room temperature.

How to Serve Cider with Ice?

Now that you’ve learned much about the beverage, it’s time to tell you how to serve it. Here you go!

Step#1 Take a tall glass such as a pint or a highball glass.

Step# 2 Add a few ice cubes to it. You can pour it into small glasses if you want to have it unchilled.

Step# 3 Pour the cider into the glass.

Step# 4 Take a sprig of fresh mint or a slice of apple to garnish the beverage.

Step# 5 Stir and enjoy your drink!

That’s it! There’s nothing hard about serving the drink.

What Are the Alternative Ways to Serve Cider Cold?

If you want to avoid diluting the drink by adding ice, here are some guaranteed ways to make your cider cold.

  1. Put the beverage in the refrigerator.
  2. Take an ice bucket. Fill it with ice and some water, and place the cider bottle to chill.
  3. You can also use chill sticks. Put them in the freezer. When they are chilled, insert them into the drink.
  4. Add some of your favorite frozen fruits to the cider to cook it down.

So, use any of these methods and enjoy your drink!

Can You Drink Hard Cider with Ice?

Yes, you can have it with ice, but it will dilute the cider making it less alcoholic.

Wrapping It Up

Can you drink cider with ice? Fortunately, you can do so but some cons are also associated with it.

Indeed, cold cider is excellent to beat the scorching summer heat as it gives you a refreshing and calming effect. But at the same time makes the drink flavorless.

It numbs the taste buds, leaving you clueless about the taste. However, it still depends on your personal choice.



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