Can You Drink Vodka That Has Been Sitting Out?

You bought vodka for dinner and forgot to put it in the fridge. Can you drink it?

Many vodka lovers get confused about drinking vodka that has been sitting out. Are you one of them too?

If yes, congratulations! You landed on the right site.

This article will cover all about vodka that has been sitting out. Let’s get started!

What Does It Mean When You Say Vodka Has Been Sitting Out?

Is vodka your favorite alcoholic drink? Though it doesn’t have any taste, people are still its huge fans.

But when someone says vodka has been sitting out, what does it mean? Let’s figure it out!

Suppose you’ve just opened a vodka bottle and had a shot or two of the drink. Now, what will you do with the remaining vodka?

When you leave it outside the fridge at room temperature, either capped or uncapped, it is called “sitting out the vodka.”

Let’s talk more about it!

Is Vodka That Has Been Sitting Out Worth Drinking?

The answer depends on how the vodka sat out and for how long. For instance, if you forget to cap the bottle, oxidation occurs.

The result? Impurities start developing in the drink. As a result, its taste deteriorates.

Besides, it also starts producing a foul smell. Drinking such alcohol makes you sick.

On the other hand, if the bottle is capped properly and placed away from direct sunlight, it will last longer. How long? That is your next question, right?

Keep reading to know the answer!

What Happens to Vodka When It Sits Out for a Week?

Have you ever kept vodka out for a week? What did you notice?

Okay! If you have yet to have this experience, here’s what happens. When an opened vodka bottle sits out for a week, its contents become watery.

It’s an indication that you need to throw the drink away. Even experts recommend finishing the vodka within 1-2 days after opening it.

Keeping it out for such a long time makes it undrinkable. It’s better to store it in the refrigerator or finish it as early as possible.

How Long Can Vodka Sit Out at Room Temperature?

It depends upon the state of the vodka bottle. For instance, it’ll be sealed if you’ve just bought it.

Such bottles can stay out for decades. You’ll need to put them in the refrigerator before drinking.

However, if it’s opened, finish it earlier. Opened vodka bottles can stay at room temperature for a few days (less than a week).

It’s because the drink loses taste and subtle mouthfeel as there are a lot of chances of oxidation.

Bonus Tip

  • If vodka starts smelling unpleasant, avoid drinking it. It can make you sick.

Can You Drink Alcohol That Sat Out for a Day?

Well! The answer is yes. You can have it, but you’ll feel a slight change in the flavor.

The change in taste is due to the oxidation of organic compounds present in vodka. But another thing to consider is the quality of the vodka.

A good quality vodka will only oxidize a little. But if you bought cheap quality vodka, smell it first.

If there’s no unusual smell, take a small sip to check its taste. You can have it if it tastes fine.

Remember, the earlier you finish the bottle, the better it is. Your money won’t go wasted.

Is It Good to Drink Vodka That Has Been Sat Out at Room Temperature?

Well! There’s nothing bad in it. You might have also noticed in bars that the bottles are outside the fridge.

Instead, they are set on shelves. When you order the alcohol, they serve you from those bottles.

But yes! With ice cubes. It shows you can have vodka if the unsealed bottle is at room temperature.

At this temperature, you’ll sense vodka’s real taste and smell. Besides, it will also have a burning sensation.

That’s why experts always recommend having food with unchilled vodka.

How to Store Vodka Once Opened?

You must store your vodka under the right conditions to save it from spoilage. But what are these conditions?

Let’s figure it out!

1. Temperature is the Most Important Thing

Vodka is sensitive to temperature. Extremely low temperatures make it dense and cut its natural mouthfeel.

On the other hand, too high temperatures decompose its components. You need to store the drink at a moderate temperature.

The temperature of your refrigerator is ideal for storing vodka.

2. Exposure to Light Also Matters a Lot

You must not store vodka in direct sunlight. The UV rays spoil the drink.

Keep it in a dark place.

3. The Container Must Be Airtight

If you’re storing vodka in its bottle, close the cap tightly. You can store it in a mason jar too.

Keep these points in mind while storing vodka.

What’s the Shelf Life of Opened and Unopened Vodka?

Unopened alcohol doesn’t have any shelf life. What does it mean?

It means you can keep the unopened vodka as long as you want. There’s no definite shelf-life of the drink.

Unlike it, you can store the opened bottles for one to two years if the vodka is absolute.

On the other hand, flavored vodkas have a shelf-life of six months. However, if not stored properly, both flavored and unflavored vodkas can spoil within a week.

Is It a Must to Refrigerate Vodka After Opening?

Vodka has a higher percentage of alcohol. And most highly alcoholic drinks don’t need refrigeration once opened.

The reason is that high alcohol content prevents the growth of molds and bacteria. But keeping them out at room temperature slightly impacts the flavor, too, unless you follow strict storage guidelines.

Final Thoughts On Vodka That Has Been Sitting Out

You can drink vodka that was out if it doesn’t smell or taste bad. You must ensure it is closed tightly and away from direct sunlight.

However, if it’s uncapped or partially capped, the alcohol reacts with the air. As a result, your drink’s aroma, color, and flavors change.

You can’t drink such vodkas. Therefore, you need to be quite careful when storing it at room temperature.



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