Can You Drink Whiskey After Rum?

There are some drinks that just don’t go together, like beer and wine, which, when enjoyed together, can result in a terrible hangover.

So, how about whiskey and rum, you may ask? Do these two drinks go together? In other words, can you drink whiskey after the rum?

This is exactly what you are going to learn about in this article. If the above were some of the questions on your mind, read on to find the answers.

Is Mixing Two Different Alcohols Bad?

There, now all this could have left you worried and curious, especially if this is a fact that is new to you. And with that, you are wondering whether this is true.

Alcohol contains congeners, chemicals that get added to the drink in the process of fermentation. It is these congeners that leave a person who is not careful with a hangover.

This is not just with regard to the number of glasses you are having but the kind of drinks you choose to mix too.

Now, not all kinds of alcohol come with strong congeners. Congeners like methanol and furfural are considered to be strong congeners found in some kinds of alcohol.

Not all kinds of alcohol contain the same amount of congeners. There are some that contain more and then there are some that contain less.

When Does It Become Bad?

The problem arrives when you are mixing two kinds of alcohol that contain high amounts of congeners, and this is what makes the wrong alcoholic pair.

Of course, it does not do as much harm as alcohol mixed with medication (never try that) but it can do a lot of harm all the same.

These are the kinds of alcohol that can go hand in hand to leave you feeling nauseated, dizzy, and with a general feeling of a hangover in the end. And the more intense the congeners in the drink, the greater and more severe the hangover will be.

Are rum and whiskey among them? You have this question on your mind right now, don’t you?

Can You Drink Whiskey and Rum Together?

The good thing about whiskey is that, unlike some alcoholic drinks, this one is safe and can be mixed with a lot of other types of alcohol, and yes, this even includes rum.

Okay, you can now go ahead and heave a sigh of relief.

And then, there is rum, which deserves some credit here. Rum, as a drink, is not as strong as whiskey, which again makes it a safer option to have with whiskey.

Rum, to be precise, contains 40 percent of alcohol, which is 10 percent less than that whiskey.

Still, Worried About the Whiskey and Rum You Had Together?

However, if you have just had both drinks together and are still scared or worried even with all that you just read, probably because of something that someone around has said, here are some things that you can do.

Water is the best way out when you think you have goofed up with your drink. Make sure that you drink a lot of water. It will leave you feeling better, so you can take it easy.

Make sure that you go ahead and eat something. This is especially helpful when you feel like you have had too many glasses of whiskey.

If possible, make sure that you eat beforehand. You see, one of the fastest ways of being down with a hangover is drinking on an empty stomach. So, if you are yet to have your rum or whiskey right now, maybe you can take just a sip. And in the meanwhile, check what’s on the buffet or menu so you can go ahead and start to eat.

The Whiskey and Rum Cocktail

Now that you have seen how whiskey and rum are safe options together, it would be nice to have a little peep into the whiskey and rum cocktail.

Yes, these two drinks are not just safe when enjoyed together but can also come together to make some of the most interesting cocktails.

All you need are the right ingredients and a knowledge of all the right steps and there, you have a savory and smokey cocktail.

Making It Better

For the best results, make sure that you use premium whiskey, for when put together with rum, can make a wonderful cocktail.

And then, get as creative as you can, using flavored whiskey that can enhance your cocktail. For a couple of suggestions, try whiskey that is flavored with apple or honey.

Coming to the rum, don’t hesitate to experiment by mixing dark and white. Doing all this can go a long way in providing a unique twist to your whiskey and rum cocktail.

You know the rest of what to do, don’t you?

What Not To Mix With Whiskey

Okay, whiskey and rum together are safe. What, then is unsafe? Good question, for if this is your first time, there are certain things that you should not be adding to your whiskey cocktail.

These include anything sweet, anything fruity, anything creamy, and anything fizzy.

This means that fruit juices, ice cream, and soda can in no way go into your whiskey and rum cocktail. Not only are they going to spoil the taste and come in the way of the otherwise smokey feel of your cocktail, but can also be harmful and affect how you feel at the end of the day.

Which Is Healthier, Rum Or Whiskey

Both can have some health benefits as long as they are enjoyed in moderation. This is very important to note now that you are convinced that this combination of alcohol is healthy. Remember that they still come under alcohol and you need to be exercising your limits.

Do the above and you will be safe. So, can you drink whiskey after the rum? The answer is yes, you can drink wisely.



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