Can You Get Tennent Lager In England?

When you say beer in Scotland, one of the first thoughts that comes to any mind is that of the famous pint that anyone in the state knows as Tennents.

The beer was created as an inspiration for the Pilsner style beer. It is delicious and refreshing and a favorite of beer drinkers in Scotland.

But if you are reading this as someone in England, you probably are here with another question: can you get Tennent’s lager in England?

Stay in suspense for a while and read on through the rest of the article, keeping your fingers crossed till you receive your answer somewhere in the course of this article.

Where Did Tennent Beer Come From?

This is because there are quite a few readers here who are also curious about the origin of this liquor.

Tennents, as you would have guessed, first emerged in Scotland and have been popular since the year 1985. Yes, the drink is almost four decades old, and the world does not seem to get tired of this lager.

To be honest, the drink is much older and takes its roots back to the 1950s, 1956 to be precise, making it one of the oldest businesses in the state of Scotland.

However, it became popular only in the year 1985 when Hugh Tennent decided to pioneer the drink. You now see how it got its name, don’t you?

A Little On Hugh Tennent

This man was one innovator, and it only deserves that he takes the credit behind the beer lager that borrowed his name.

And it was not easy, for it was at this time that the people around him merely considered this as a madman’s dream.

But like every successful person does, Hugh pursued his dream, without which we would not (and even England would not) have this beautifully flavored lager.

And these are the events that led to the birth of one of the most popular drinks in Scotland and the world at large, a drink that is, to date, still produced only in one place, though sold in various parts of the world.

The popularity of Tennents is only on the increase, and the drink is now being sold in different parts of the world.

There is another interesting fact, and that is that Tennents sells over 150 million pints over the world today.

Is Tennent’s Only In Scotland?

This is one of the best-selling beers that one can find in Scotland and, in fact, a favorite all over the nation.

Yet, it is a drink that is brewed only in Glasgow, right from the time of its origin when Glasgow was a mere village.

However, this is hardly surprising because Glasgow is home to some of the oldest traditions of brewing, some of which are as old as 450 years.

That’s how experienced the city of Glasgow is in an art like this, and the same holds for Tennent’s, the world’s most popular lager.

Making Tennent’s Lager In Glasgow

Here is where the local Scottish farmers bring in the barley and all the other ingredients into one bottle, and that is how you get the famous lager.

Oh, and it won’t be good to miss out on the water used in the beer, water from Loch Katrine, one of the finest suppliers of drinking water in England and perhaps all over the world.

The beer is manufactured in copper tanks of impressive quality, and yes, things like this do make a difference.

And this is how a drink made with some of the simplest quality ingredients has grown to be a favorite of a lot of beer drinkers over the world. Barley hops and yeast, which are the ingredients that go into just any beer, also go into this lager, a lager that still stands out with a difference.

However, it is sold in various parts of Scotland, where it has, till now, been a part of almost every major social occasion. In other words, this is the beer of choice in Scotland.

What Countries Sell Tennents?

Scotland, of course, you know that by now. And then you also have Italy and America (you have to find this country on the list), and Spain.

So, you see, Scotland is not the only country in the world that sells Tennents. In other words, this is a legendary refreshment that you can find in almost every part of the world today.

Whether you are in Europe or Africa, chances are you will easily find this drink in one of your country’s stores.

Can You Get Tennents in America?

You already saw that above, but here is a closer look. Tennents is back in America.

For a while, the drink went missing from the US market, but back are those days when you could once again purchase a Tennent’s lager.

What Supermarkets Sell Tennents Lager?

If Tennents is sold in your country, then chances are you will find it in some supermarkets.

And if not, the drink is always available online, where in a few clicks, you can bring home this lager.

One of the best places where you can get this beer is from the brand’s very own online store, where a few clicks are all it takes to have a bottle arrive at your door.

Remember the copper tanks you read about earlier in this article? Now, you have them arriving straight out of the tanks in no time to your door.

Things like this do make a difference, too, to the beer you find at your door. You now don’t see a lager that has been sitting for quite some time on shelves of stores but has simply traveled from the tank to your door, which means it is fresh, and so to be convinced, you need to hear no more.

Can You Get Tennent Lager in England?

While you have seen several countries and states mentioned till now, it is only obvious that Tenants should be available in England, shouldn’t they?

That said, you can find Tennent’s lager in almost any supermarket in England, for Tennent’s lager is as popular in England as it is in Scotland.



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