Can You Keep Rum in the Fridge?

Do you want to store rum? Are you considering putting it in the fridge?

If so, you are not alone. Every other spirit lover has this common perception of storing rum in the fridge.

But is it okay to do so? Well! It’s okay but not necessary.

To know the reasons, keep reading the article.

Is It Okay to Put Rum in the Fridge?

Rum is a spirit produced by the fermentation of sugar cane juice or molasses and then undergoes distillation. Next, it’s aged using wooden casks, bourbon casks, or stainless steel tanks.

Typically, the rum you drink has an alcohol concentration of 40% ABV. But in some rum, the percentage can reach 57.5 or 75.5 ABV.

As you open a bottle of rum to have a shot, storing it in the fridge might hit your mind. But can you keep rum in the refrigerator?

Is it a good idea? Let’s figure it out!

Well! You can put rum, whether opened or sealed, in the fridge. However, it has nothing to do with extending the spirit’s shelf-life.

What does that mean? It means you can refrigerate the drink, but it has no benefit. As its alcohol content is high, placing it at room temperature would also not spoil the drink.

Therefore, it’s better to store the drink outside the fridge. And put it in the fridge just a few hours before consuming it because rum is always served chill.

How Long Can Rum Stay in the Fridge?

Rum is a highly alcoholic spirit, and its shelf-life depends on two things:

  1. Whether it’s sealed or opened?
  2. If opened, how did you store it?

Let’s first talk about sealed rum bottles. You would be glad to know that a sealed bottle lasts for decades without expiring or getting spoiled. Moreover, you don’t even need to place them in a refrigerator.

On the other hand, you must finish an opened rum bottle within six months. It’s due to the chances of the alcohol reacting with air which causes it to change color and flavor. Therefore, the earlier you finish the spirit, the better it is.

Does rum have an Expiry Date?

Were you looking for the expiry date on the rum bottle but couldn’t find it? Well! If you’re about to experience it for the first time, having no expiry date can put you in doubt.

But guys, you have to be calm. Rum is a hard liquor, and such liquors don’t have any expiry date.

An unopened bottle can spend decades in your kitchen cabinet without any change in its flavors or color. However, for opened bottles, that’s not the case.

So, whenever you open a bottle of rum, try to finish it within six months.

How to Store Rum?

Since you have an unsealed rum bottle, storing it safely is extremely important. As many factors can spoil the drink, you must be careful.

Considering this here’s an ideal way for you to store rum.

1. Keep the Liquor at Room Temperature

Temperature plays a pivotal role when it comes to storing rum. As high temperatures can degrade the components of the spirit, you have to find a cooler place to keep it.

Furthermore, direct sunlight also causes the drink to evaporate faster. Ultimately, it affects the spirit’s flavors too. Therefore, store the liquor in a cooler, darker room, or kitchen cabinet.

2. Cap the Bottle Properly

Some rum bottles come with caps, while others have wooden cork. Whatever it be, every time you take out a shot from the bottle, ensure you cap it properly.

The reason? Improper capping causes the air to react with alcohol, decreasing the liquor’s shelf-life.

Moreover, if the bottle has a wooden cork, keep inspecting it for breaks to minimize oxidation caused by air.

Bonus Tip

Don’t throw the box away if the bottle comes in a box. Instead, store the bottle in it as an extra protective covering.

How to Find Out if the Rum is Spoiled?

Improperly stored rum spoils quickly. But how would you figure out that the rum bottle in your hand has gone bad?

Let’s shed some light on it!

There are some visible changes that you can sense easily. First, look at the color.

A spoiled rum is darker and dense.

Next, smell the drink. A bad rum will have a musty smell because of the breakdown of sensitive organic compounds.

Lastly, taste the liquid if the color looks satisfactory to you. Remember to take a tiny sip.

If the taste is fine, you can have the drink. And if the case is the opposite, it’s time to discard it.

Is It Necessary to Put Rum in the Fridge?

Well! A straightforward answer is NO! Putting rum in the fridge is unnecessary as it’s a hard liquor. The alcohol content of the drink doesn’t allow bacteria or molds to grow in the drink, even outside the fridge.

Furthermore, refrigeration does not affect the product’s shelf-life either. In short, there’s no point in storing the drink in the fridge. But as far as shit chilling is concerned, you can put the liquor in the refrigerator.

Is It Okay to Chill Rum?

Rum is always served chill. If you are chilling it to drink it later, it’s okay.

But if you want to store the rum, the better option is a dark and cool room or a kitchen cabinet.

Is It Safe to Store Rum in the Freezer?

Generally, rum is stored at room temperature. Keeping it in the freezer is not a good idea as it affects the liquor’s texture and flavor.

Additionally, if you put the rum bottle straight away in the fridge, it may burst.

Final Thoughts

Can you keep rum in the fridge? Well! Yes, you can, but storing it’s not an ideal practice.

As you can easily store opened and sealed rum bottles at room temperature, there’s no need to refrigerate them.

However, if you want to have rum after dinner, you can put it in the fridge for a few hours.



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