Can You Mix Rum and Vodka?

Vodka and rum, are two of your favorite drinks. Right? Does having both in the fridge is making you think of trying the mix?

Are you confused about whether the experience will go well or not? If so, don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered. Read the article and get the answer to all your queries!

What Are Rum and Vodka?

Do you know how rum and vodka are produced? Let’s talk about it first!

Rum is an alcoholic beverage produced from the fermentation of molasses. It has a sweet flavor and a distinct odor.

On the other hand, vodka is also an alcoholic drink produced from the fermentation of grains or potatoes. Unlike rum, it does have a sweet taste.

But it does have a subtle mouthfeel. The substrates of both drinks are different.

Let’s see if their mix is a good option to go with or not.

Can You Mix Rum and Vodka?

You would be glad to know that the answer is yes. You can mix both to get a nice cocktail.

But there’s a problem. The drink will be sweet.

As vodka is tasteless, the taste of the drink will solely depend on how your rum tastes.

However, you can enhance/ add more flavors to your cocktail by adding more ingredients.

How to Mix Both?

Okay! Now that you know you can mix rum and vodka. Let’s tell you how to do it in the right way!

Step# 1 Take the chilled vodka and rum out of the fridge.

Step# 2 Mix both in a cocktail shaker.

Step# 3 Take a glass filled with ice cubes.

Step# 4 Pour the cocktail into the glass.

Step# 5 Garnish the cocktail and serve.

Pro Tip: To make your drink tasty add cranberry juice or any other juice of your choice.

What is the Right Proportion of Both Alcohols?

What’s the most essential thing in a recipe? Of course, the right amount of ingredients!

Without adding all the ingredients in the right proportion, you can’t get a perfect dish. Likewise, while preparing rum and vodka cocktail, you must know the exact amount of both drinks.

Usually, the ratio of both alcohols is 2:2. What does it mean?

A 2:2 ratio means adding the same amount of vodka and rum in the cocktail. If you want to add lemon juice, too, just squeeze it out from a half lemon.

That would be enough for your drink.

What Happens When You Mix Rum with Vodka?

Another important question is, what will be the end product of mixing rum and vodka? Will it be a good mix?

Let’s talk about it! Rum contains a minimum of 35.5% alcohol.

Whereas vodka has 40% of it. The percentages vary depending on the brand.

The point is that when you mix them, the result is a highly alcoholic drink. Unfortunately, the cocktail is not flavor rich.

But if you go for corn-based vodka and regular rum, you’ll get a sweet and buttery mouthfeel. Most people go for flavored rum or vodka to get an enjoyable drink.

Are There Any Side Effects of Consuming Vodka-rum Cocktail?

Small amounts, like a single cocktail shot, don’t have any side effects. Problems only arise upon overconsumption.

Let’s have a look at them!

1. Inflammation of the Stomach Lining

Inflammation of the stomach lining is called gastritis. It happens when you consume the cocktail on an empty stomach.

Never have alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach.

2. Frequent Urination

Excessive intake of the cocktail means passing off more urine. The result?

You become dehydrated and experience dizziness and lightheadedness.

3. Drop in Your Blood Sugar

Did you know that excessive intake of vodka-rum cocktails results in the production of too much insulin? It results in a rapid drop in sugar levels from your blood.

4. Disturbed Sleep

Alcoholic beverages affect your nervous system if over-consumed. One of its results is disturbed sleep.

5. Headaches

One of the common side effects of consuming alcoholic beverages is headaches. Alcohol causes the blood vessels to expand, which results in headaches.

To avoid these side effects, you must limit the amount of the vodka-rum cocktail.

How to Protect Your Body from The Side Effects of Vodka-Rum Mix?

Here are a few tips that you must consider while having the cocktail.

  1. The lesser, the better. It means you should take only one or two shots a day.
  2. If you can’t resist yourself from having more, drink water in between the session.
  3. Take small gaps, at least an hour, for the drink to process.
  4. Have a healthy meal at least an hour before your plan to drink.
  5. Avoid the mix containing artificial flavors.
  6. If you already have a hangover, don’t drink.

Though overconsumption of vodka rum has detrimental effects on your body, by considering the above-mentioned tips, you can lessen the effects.

Which Alcohol is More Potent– Vodka or Rum?

Well! There’s no definite answer to the question. There are different brands having varying percentages of alcohol.

But the fact is rum has more sugar which gives it a sweet taste. Besides, sugar makes you get dehydrated.

Hence, you get more hangovers. On the other hand, vodka has a subtle mouthfeel and doesn’t contain sugar.

It’s more hangover friendly. In short, rum makes you drunk more quickly than vodka.


Can You Mix Vodka and White Rum?

White rum, just like vodka, doesn’t have any color. It only has a subtle mouthfeel.

It’s more like vodka. You can mix the two but the resulting cocktail will be flavorless.

If you are looking for a flavorful drink, white rum and vodka mix is not a good option. You can get better results with dark vodka both in terms of looks and taste.

Can You Mix Spiced Rum and Vodka?

Yes, you can mix spiced rum and vodka. But you need to add additional ingredients too.

The taste of the mix is quite intoxicating. To overshadow it you need additional flavors.

Wrapping It Up

Can you mix rum and vodka? Is it a good idea to try the mix? And the answer is yes!

You can make the rum-vodka cocktail but its alcohol content will be more than the individual drinks.

Moreover, the mix is also not much flavorful. You’ll have to add some extra ingredients too.

In short, you can mix the two but don’t overconsume it.



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