Can You Mix Vermouth With Vodka?

When you think of vodka, probably one of the first things that come to most creative minds is the endless number of cocktails that you can experiment with.

And this is especially true in the case of vermouth, an increasingly popular ingredient used in making vodka cocktails today.

In fact, vodka mixed with vermouth can come together as a classic cocktail that you will want to try repeatedly.

Now, for those of you who are reading about this for the first time, this article is for you (and for the rest of you too).

Read on, as this article is going to be all about the many ways in which you can put together vermouth and vodka to come up with some interesting cocktails.

What Drink Is Made With Vodka and Vermouth?

Lemon and olives together can make a beautiful combination, especially when it comes to mixing your vermouth and vodka cocktail.

If you are doubtful, go ahead and experiment with this elegant twist and see the results that come of it, and you are sure to love it.

For the best results, serve this cocktail in a martini glass. Yes, presentation plays a very important role when it comes to serving your vodka cocktails.

And then, more importantly, make sure that you are using dry vermouth for this, as this works best with any cocktail, giving a more floral flavor to your drink.

Since this cocktail is best enjoyed chilled, add a few ice cubes to the glass. And before you go, don’t forget the stirring part. For a cocktail, in order to be a hit, it needs to be stirred vigorously. For better results, go ahead and give it a shake before pouring them into your glasses, and then you will see the difference it makes to your drink.

Coming back to the presentation, don’t forget to garnish this drink with a few lemon slices. Yes, it can make a huge difference to the look of your drink.

What Mixes Well With Vermouth?

So, there will come a time when you have tried the drink too many times, leaving you in search of a change. When that happens, here is a variation of the above recipe that you can try.

Go ahead and get the olives replaced with some orange bitters. They do wonders in a glass of cocktail, especially that of vodka mixed with vermouth, your classic cocktail.

The rest of the steps are going to be the same as above, so don’t worry. You don’t have to do any new learning here in this way.

Speaking of bitters, you can try some others too in time, lavender, peach, and celery being some other popular choices that you can get.

Now For the Shake

Coming back to the shaking part, if you are the kind that is going to be experimenting with these cocktail recipes more often, it would be a good idea for you to bring home a cocktail shaker. It will make your work easy and your cocktails better.

With a cocktail shaker, 30 seconds of a good shake is all it takes, after which you are ready with your vermouth and vodka cocktail.

What Kind Of Vermouth Do You Use For A Vodka Martini?

The best kind of vermouth that can go into a vodka cocktail is one that comes with a lemony or any other citrusy flavor, as this contributes to the kind of tanginess that one often looks for in a cocktail.

At other times, when you are looking for a change, you can even go for herbal flavors, as they, too, can give your cocktail a kind of savory quality.

Then, when it comes to the type of vermouth you choose for your vodka drink or martini, quality is something to keep in mind.

Vermouth of a cheap quality can indeed spoil the feel of your entire drink, so if you don’t want this, do not make the mistake of compromising on the quality.

What About Vodka?

Take care of the quality of the vodka too. Premium vodka is one of the best ways to go about this.

Remember that the right kind of vodka can make your cocktail, and the wrong kind of vodka can break your cocktail. So, don’t go about with just any cheap vodka with the idea that it is going to work now that you are using it for a cocktail.

If you want the best cocktail, pour the best vodka you have, and then you will see the wonders it will create with the vermouth to result in a beautiful cocktail.

Is Vermouth Similar To Vodka?

You see, what vermouth does when you use it in a cocktail is that it reduces the ABV of the drink, thus reducing the taste of the ethanol that one would otherwise get with it.

And that is not all. You also get to appreciate the various aromatic compounds that come with it.

Three is to one. This is the range. In other words, three parts of vodka mixed with one part of vermouth is a sure way to go about your vodka and vermouth cocktail.

Vermouth and Vodka and Some Quick Cocktails

The best part about a vermouth and vodka cocktail is that it is very easy to make. In fact, three minutes is all it takes, well, ten minutes if you are slow and someone who tends to get distracted by looking at your phone.

Even then, this is a drink that you can fix just half an hour before the guests arrive and in no hurry, for it takes just a couple of minutes, and your vermouth and vodka cocktail will be ready.

Oh wait, were you on this page with the big question on your mind, “can you mix vermouth with vodka?

Well, then, the answer to your question is yes. You can mix vermouth with vodka and with that, come up with some really interesting cocktails.



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