Can You Mix Vodka and Orange Juice? 

Vodka is a neutral spirit with a nice mouthfeel. It contains 40% alcohol and to reduce the alcoholic content, people try it with various mixers.

But can you mix vodka and orange juice? Is it a good match?

Read the article to get the answer!

Is The Mix of Vodka and Orange Juice Possible?

If you’ve got an adventurous soul, the idea of trying vodka with different mixers has always hit your mind. Do you want to try vodka with orange juice this time?

Many people have this and a lot more related questions. Well! Let’s tell you that the vodka and orange juice duo is perfect.

There’s nothing harm in consuming the cocktail in a moderate amount. A lot of bars and restaurants even have it on their menu.

What Is the Mixture of Vodka and Orange Juice Called?

Suppose you’re out with your friends at a bar. A menu card is in your hands and you are constantly staring at the word screwdriver mentioned on it.

What is it? Why is it mentioned in the drinks section? At the back of your mind, these questions are constantly hitting you.

Let’s explain it to you! The vodka orange cocktail is actually a screwdriver.

Did the name surprise you? You might be wondering how strange the name is.

There’s a story behind it. The credit for creating the drink goes to American oil workers.

While at work, they thought of trying vodka with orange juice as fun. Since they didn’t have any spoons, so mixed the orange juice with vodka using a screwdriver.

From there, the cocktail got its name. It was the first-ever vodka-based cocktail.

Is It Good for Your Health?

Alcoholic drinks are never completely healthy. They can be less harmful but not completely harmless.

This time it’s the screwdriver. Its alcoholic content is less as compared to vodka alone.

Also, if the orange juice is pure without added sugar or preservatives, the drink is good. But still, it has alcohol, which means it’s not a healthy drink.

Is Screwdriver a Strong Drink to Consume?

If you compare it with vodka, the screwdriver has low alcoholic content. It means not a strong drink.

However, if you consume it in excess, the drink will definitely affect your senses.

Why Should You Try the Drink?

If you have a vodka bottle and fresh oranges at home, why not try the classic screwdriver? Here are a few reasons that make it a must to have.

  1. It has less alcoholic content.
  2. Making it is super easy.
  3. A single shot won’t get you drunk.

How to Prepare a Screwdriver at Home?

Looking for an easy peasy lemon squeezy screwdriver recipe? Worry not!

Here’s an amazing recipe that you can make in no time. First of all, let’s have a look at the ingredients.

You’ll need four things for this cocktail.

  1. Fresh oranges
  2. Vodka
  3. Ice cubes
  4. Sugar (optional)

Now, let’s move toward the steps.

Step# 1 Squeeze The Oranges First

Buy fresh oranges and squeeze them into a jug to get fresh orange juice. Place it in the fridge to chill.

You can also use already chilled orange juice.

Step# 2 Mix The Liquids

Mix the chilled orange juice with chilled vodka. Mix them well.

Step# 3 Pour It into The Glass

Pour the mixture into a glass containing ice.

Step# 4 Decorate and Serve

Cut a circular slice of orange and fix it on the rim of the class. Now serve the chilled cocktail to your friends.

You can also add sugar in your cocktail. But dissolve it first in the orange juice.

Tips and Tricks of Making a Screwdriver

Here are a few fantastic tips that would take your vodka orange cocktail to the next level. Give them a try!

1. Use a Cocktail Shaker

To give your cocktail a professional taste, go for a cocktail shaker. Pour vodka, orange juice, and ice cubes in the shaker and give it a nice mix for 5 minutes.

2. Peel the Orange First

To avoid the mess and give your screwdriver a nice taste, peel the oranges first.

3. Add Orange Pulp to Your Drink

To give your drink more freshness, add the orange pulp to it once it’s prepared.

How Many Calories Do the Screwdriver Have?

Health-conscious people want to know about the calories the drink offers. The drink has 175-180 calories per serving.

And do you know what’s the most surprising thing? Most of the calories come from vodka.

Can Screwdriver Get You Drunk?

Let’s tell you clearly that a single shot of screwdriver won’t get you drunk. But if you overconsume it, you can lose your senses.

Can You Have Vodka and Orange Juice for Breakfast?

Is vodka and orange juice a good drink to have on your table at breakfast? Well! Yes, you can have it.

Add a few other fruits as well to make your cocktail more refreshing and fruity.

Also, don’t just stick to the cocktail. You must eat solid foods too.

Note: Never drink alcoholic cocktails on an empty stomach. It will make you sick.

Can You Mix Vodka, Orange Juice, and Heavy Milk?

Yes, you can mix all these ingredients to have a sweet drink. Did you know it has a special name?

This magical mix is called a creamsicle.  You can prepare it by mixing vodka, triple sec, and orange juice. Just three ingredients, and there you go!

Enjoy your drink!

Which Juice Is the Best to Mix with Vodka?

Well! Orange juice is the best choice. But if you want to try other juices, go with

  1. Lemon juice
  2. Grapefruit juice
  3. Cranberry juice
  4. Pineapple juice

These juices are a great mixer for your vodka. Give it a try.

The Final Verdict

Can you mix vodka and orange juice? It’s a question most people have in their brains.

If you are planning to do so, go ahead. The mix is called screwdriver and has an interesting history.

Besides, the best thing about the drink is that it contains less alcohol than vodka alone. If you want a less alcoholic drink, a screwdriver is the best choice for you.



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