Can You Smell Vodka On Your Breath?

Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks around the world. The subtle flavor, transparency, and odorless nature of the alcohol have made everyone its fan.

But the question is can you smell vodka on your breath after consuming it? Does vodka don’t have any smell, or is it just a myth?

You and many other vodka lovers have the same questions hitting their minds often. But you don’t need to stress.

In this article, we’ve highlighted how vodka makes your breath smelly. You’ll also get some tricks that will help you in getting rid of the smell.

What Is Vodka?

Vodka is an alcoholic spirit known for its colorless and odorless nature. The spirit is clear and produced through fermentation.

You can use any food substance containing sugar or starch for its preparation. Most commonly, vodka is produced from grains such as wheat, rye, rice, sorghum, and corn.

Potatoes are also one of the substrates for the production of vodka. Moreover, live yeast cells carry out the fermentation process.

Vodka contains water and ethanol. The percentage of ethanol ranges from 35-95.

But the most commonly available vodka has 40% alcohol. Yes, the one that you just bought contains 40% ethanol.

Can You Smell Vodka On Your Breath?

As already mentioned, vodka is a colorless and odorless spirit. It’s due to multiple distillations the product undergoes.

Considering this, people have a common opinion that vodka does make your breath smelly. Let’s find out the truth!

Luckily the answer to your query is no, but with some considerations. If you are drinking just a shot, your breath will not smell like vodka.

The reason? Your body can easily process a small amount of alcohol without making you smelly.

But if you have more shots or drink vodka excessively, of course, you’ll have to face the consequences.

Why You Can’t Smell Small Amounts of Vodka On Your Breath?

If you have plain vodka, it does have strong flavors or smell like the mixed one. Besides, it’s our liver that metabolizes the alcohol and distributes it in our blood.

It’s from the blood that the metabolized alcohol reaches the lungs. As you’ve consumed only a small quantity of vodka, the alcohol level in your blood is below the threshold.

Ultimately it doesn’t reach your lungs. Hence, your breath doesn’t smell.

How Long Does the Vodka Smell Last On Your Breath?

Have you overconsumed vodka? Your parents are visiting you in the morning and you want to know how long the vodka smell will last on your breath.

Let’s tell you very clearly that the longevity of the smell depends on the shot you’ve gulped. If you’ve consumed just a single shot, don’t stress much about the smell.

It won’t last longer than an hour. You can chill and make the necessary preparations to welcome them.

But if you’ve overloaded your stomach, you need to get worried. The smell will stay with you for approximately 12-24 hours.

Still, you can get rid of the smell with a few effective tips discussed later in the article.

Which Alcohol Smells the Most On Your Breath?

A lot of drinkers don’t want to leave alcohol. At the same time, they also don’t want their breath to smell like alcohol.

If you also think the same, you must avoid drinking alcohol with the strongest smells. Do you know the names of these alcohols?

Okay, Don’t start googling it! Let’s tell you about them.

Wine and beer, though the least intoxicating but have the strongest smell. Avoid drinking them.

Instead, go for less smelly or odorless alcohol such as vodka.

Which Alcohol Smells the Least On Your Breath?

You must be thinking about the available options of alcoholic drinks that leave the least smell on your breath. Is it a right guess?

Well! It’s vodka. Yes, guys! Vodka undergoes distillation multiple times during its production. It removes all the impurities leaving behind a pure, clear, and neutral spirit.

But it does have a subtle flavor and mouthfeel. So next time you want alcohol that smells the least on your breath, go for pure/ plain vodka.

How Can You Quickly Get Rid of the Vodka Smell Coming from Your Breath?

You went out for dinner with your boss and consumed a lot of vodka? Is your breath smelling like vodka now and you want to get rid of it?

Don’t stress, guys! You are not alone. Many people want to know about the tricks to get rid of this unpleasant smell.

Here you go!

  1. Brush your teeth.
  2. Chew some mint leaves.
  3. Use mouthwash.
  4. Take a nice cool shower to remove the smell of sweat.
  5. Chew flavored chewing gum.
  6. Have a cup of coffee to override the alcohol smell.
  7. If you love peanuts, have some peanut butter to overshadow the smell.
  8. Have a few drops of pure lemon juice or squeeze the lemon in water and drink it.

All these are effective tricks but they won’t quickly fix the smell because the smell is not from your mouth. It’s from your digestive system.

Therefore, it will take some time to vanish.


Is Vodka Strong Smelling?

You’ll be glad to know that the answer is no. Vodka doesn’t have a strong smell.

In fact, it has quite a subtle smell.

Do You Smell When You Drink Vodka?

If you’ve had just a single shot, the answer is no. The reason? A single shot doesn’t have that much alcohol to make you smell bad.

But yes, if you are overconsuming it, your breath, in fact, the whole body, will smell like vodka.

The Bottom Line

Can you smell vodka on your breath? Well! A single shot of vodka has quite a small amount of alcohol. It doesn’t make any difference to your breath.

But if you drink 8-9 shots at a time, your breath will get the smell of vodka. People will also avoid talking to you.

Therefore, it’s better to stick to only one shot at a time.



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