Can You Substitute Rum For Rum Extract?

As a cook or a chef, you would agree that little things can make an entire difference when you are working on a recipe.

So, if you landed on this page today, chances are you have run out of rum extract, but then you realize that there is a bottle of rum on your kitchen shelf.

And now you are confused and found this article when you made use of Google to the rescue.

If yes, then you are on the right page, so read on to know whether or not you can really use rum in the place of rum extract.

Rum Extract: Definition and Cooking Information

What happens with rum extract is that it provides a sweet flavor to enhance the entire dish, a kind of sweetness that cannot be replaced with sugar.

It is for this reason that this cooking extract made from rum is becoming increasingly popular today. The ingredient is known to provide the dish with the flavor of rum without the high alcoholic content that comes with adding rum.

However, the problem with this concentrated form of rum is that it can indeed be expensive, which can be a problem if you have grown to use this ingredient in each and every one of your dishes.

This is why some cooks have discovered some unique substitutes for rum extract that also works wonders with their dish.

Some Substitutes For Rum Extract

There is vanilla essence, for one, that can boost the flavor of any dessert or baked dish.

Some prefer to use bourbon, which is a kind of whiskey that can add some amount of sweetness and the right amount of tanginess to a spicy meat dish.

But then, at the end of the day, there still can be no match for the good old rum extract, which you finally miss when you sit down to enjoy your dish.

So, if you are still looking for a solution, here it is.

Can You Substitute Rum For Rum Extract?

Yes, rum can be substituted for rum extract. However, one needs to keep an eye on the amount of rum used as this would vary from the amount where you are using rum extract.

See, rum, as you would already know, is a kind of distilled alcohol that is made with molasses or juice from sugarcane. So, there is no doubt that this alcohol can be a winner in any tangy or sweet dish.

Having originated from the Caribbean, it comes with rich notes of vanilla and caramel to provide the kind of flavor, sweetness, and depth that could complete almost any dish.

How Much Rum Equals A Teaspoon Of Rum Extract?

You need to remember that you are using this rum as a substitute for what is meant to be a mere rum extract, and hence the reason for you to be keeping an eye on the amount.

Using the same amount of rum as you would in the case of the rum extract would make your dish too strong, and you will be disappointed in the end.

So, ideally, if you were to be using a teaspoon of rum extract, you need to be using three tablespoons now that you are replacing rum for rum extract.

Then, there is a difference between dark and light rum that one needs to keep in mind.

So, in other words, if the rum that you are using is light, add another tablespoon, for four tablespoons would be just right.

On the other hand, if the rum that you are using is dark, it is wiser to minus one. Keep it at two tablespoons, as dark rum can tend to get stronger.

How Strong Is Rum?

Stronger than rum extract. This is very important to note now that you are using rum and not rum extract. This is because rum comes with alcoholic content, and messing up with the quantity can end up disrupting the liquid balance of your food.

This is more so in the case of cakes. So, if you are conducting this little experiment when baking a cake, you need to be a little more careful, or the wrong amount of rum that you just added can play a big ugly role in interfering with the texture of your cake.

So, if it’s for an important order or an upcoming birthday, a good suggestion is not to take the risk this time. Go out and buy some rum extract instead.

You can conduct this experiment the next time when you have more practice in replacing rum for rum extract, as you are unlikely to by then.

Which Rum Is Best To Substitute Rum Extract?

Some people prefer to use coconut rum which is a great choice for cooking and can be one of the best substitutes when you are running out of rum extract.

This clear pale drink has a coconut flavor which makes it so popular in recipes, more so among those who like using a lot of coconut in their many dishes and recipes.

There is the fact that the flavor is milder than traditional rum, which means those few extra drops that go into the dish won’t be so much of a disaster for you.

Can You Substitute Rum For Rum Extract? Yes!

So now you know all about replacing the rum with rum extract. You see, there is nothing wrong with conducting this little experiment as long as you are not cooking for a house party or an important event.

On the other hand, if it is just a dish that you would like to try out on an ordinary day, then this is the perfect time for you to experiment.

Go ahead and try your hand at all that you learned above, using rum for rum extract instead. Make a lot of mistakes on the way, and more importantly, make sure that you learn from them.

At the end of the day, that is what cooking is all about, and today it is about not having rum extract and using rum instead.



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