Can You Use Vodka As A Lighter Fluid?

When you say vodka, one of the first things that come to mind is a chilled drink with ice. And yet, most of us are not unaware of the flaming shot that comes when bartenders set the drink on fire, often leading one to wonder, can you use vodka as lighter fluid?

So, you are one of the many who have come here for answers. Well, read on, and we will talk a little more about this drink and its reaction to fire.

What Is A Lighter Fluid

It’s okay not to know. Life is all about learning. So, for all of you who had in your mind the above question, lighter fluid is nothing but a liquid that is flammable, like the kind of liquid one finds in a cigarette lighter.

Yes, it is poisonous and can contain a lot of harmful substances, which means it must be handled with a lot of care.

So, can alcohol be used as a lighter fuel?

The answer is yes, but this may not be the case with all kinds of alcohol.

Some kinds of alcohol are flammable, and some are not. Some are highly flammable and will burn with a bigger flame, and then some will give you a little more than a spark.

This may not be new to someone who often has shots that are set on fire. Igniting alcohol is on the rise these days, and the results are different as you set different kinds of alcoholic drinks on fire.

You have rum that has about 60 percent of alcohol and will thus burn well when set on fire. Some drinks contain 80 percent alcohol; one can only imagine how great the fire will be.

Can Vodka or Rum Be Used as a Lighter Fluid?

And then you have vodka that will burn just a little when you set it on fire. In other words, the higher the alcohol content, the bigger the flame that you see.

And so, if you have to choose between using rum or vodka as a lighter fluid, the answer would obviously be rum, as we saw how this one could bring about a greater fire.

And this could be another reason most people don’t prefer vodka with fire. Vodka is best when served chilled rather than after being lit and set on fire.

Unless the vodka is Spirytus vodka, with its alcoholic beverage content of 96 percent, now, this one can burn with a higher flame.

Is Vodka Flammable, Then?

See, the thing about alcohol is that it comes with a low flash point. And this means that one has to be careful as it can catch fire easily.

In other words, alcohol can light up just like any other fuel, which can be very dangerous if one is not careful. It can burn with a clean, blue flame, like the one you can see on your kitchen stove.

It is flammable, it is explosive, and it can indeed be harmful.

However, there is a way to use it well, just as you can use any other fuel.

Can I Run My Vehicle On Vodka?

We had to laugh a little here. That said, alcohol can’t be used as petrol.

Yes, it is flammable and can bring about a bit of a spark. It can burn, but not enough, as it is not alcoholic enough to do the needful.

This is why one may get disappointed when they try to use vodka as fuel to run their vehicle.

Yes, some might have been successful, and this could be due to the high percentage of ethanol in the vodka, which is now being used as a fuel.

A Little About Vodka and Fire

Vodka is more of a neutral spirit and normally consists of ethanol and water. Of course, how much fire it can catch and how long this fire remains will depend on some factors, like the environment, the temperature of the room, and so on.

Vodka will, most of the time, burn for just a few seconds, but yes, it has the potential to be set on fire.

On the other hand, rum will stay on longer, which makes it a better choice over vodka, but we won’t go into that for now, for we are here to talk about vodka as a lighter fluid and how well one can set it on fire.

But yes, try rum for the perfect flaming cocktail; it cooperates better than vodka with fire.

Can Vodka Catch Fire

But don’t be fooled, for vodka does catch fire. And so, if you have a bottle of vodka at home, ensure it is far away from any chance of a flame, as it can catch fire.

Even if it is low alcohol proof, you must stay on the safer side, for yes, it can catch fire.

On the other hand, some vodkas come with 100 percent proof, and these must be especially watchful as they will catch fire.

They will still not be extremely flammable as vodka contains a lot of water that will soon extinguish the blue fire; it is still important to be on the safer side as no one wants to see a house on fire.

Vodka For Cooking

Now some may use vodka for cooking, which is not entirely impossible.

Vodka can be used to warm up your food and drink. However, this depends on how you get it lit.

Often some tend to use a lit match to start the fire. But it has also been found that a longer, lighter fuel can start a bigger fire.

And the fire can last longer, though this mainly depends on the concentration of alcohol that is in the beverage.

The Conclusion

So, yes, the answer is, you can use vodka as a lighter fluid, but not as an experiment that you are conducting for the first time.

Remember that you are playing with fire, which requires appropriate training and not something to burn your fingers with as a child bursting with curiosity.

Understood? There are things like the perfect mix which, if you goof up with it, can land you in a fix.

This kind of art is done under extreme precaution, which a first-timer in his excitement will not care to take, and then carelessly start a fire.

Know that the bartenders you see doing it with so much expertise have received all the right training, and so you, too, should be willing to invest this time and effort if this is something you want to be trying.



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