Can You Use Vodka as Rubbing Alcohol?

Has someone suggested you try vodka instead of rubbing alcohol? Are you confused about making any decision because you don’t want the money to go wasted?

If yes, you’re not alone. All vodka lovers are curious to know the answer. Keep reading till the end!

What Is Rubbing Alcohol?

Have you ever read about the ingredients of home cleaners? Yes, it contains rubbing alcohol.

But do you know what its chemical name is? What makes it so demanding? Let’s find out!

Rubbing alcohol is actually isopropyl alcohol. It’s a potent chemical sterilizer.

A standard bottle of isopropyl alcohol has 70% alcohol and 30% water. Due to its high alcohol content, rubbing alcohol is used as a disinfectant.

Do you know what a disinfectant is? Any substance having the potential to kill bacteria, molds, or other germs from surfaces is called a disinfectant.

And isopropyl alcohol is one of the best disinfectants.

Besides, a mixture of 70% ethanol and 30% water is also called rubbing alcohol, which is widely used in laboratories for sterilization.

How Is Rubbing Alcohol Different from Vodka?

What’s the difference between rubbing alcohol and vodka? It’s a hot topic among vodka lovers.

Many people think both are the same. Are they really the same thing, or is there any difference between the two? It’s time to uncover it!

Rubbing alcohol and vodka are not the same. Don’t you dare to think of drinking rubbing alcohol?

The former is produced from acetone or propylene, two organic compounds. At the same time, vodka is made via the fermentation of sugar from grains, potatoes, or fruits.

Besides, the alcoholic content is also different. Rubbing alcohol is 70% alcohol, while vodka is 40% alcohol.

You can have vodka shots but it’s not the case with isopropyl alcohol. It’s too toxic to be drunk as an alcoholic drink.

Hence, there are a lot of missed matches between the two.

Can You Substitute It with Vodka?

Though vodka and rubbing alcohol are not the same things, but still, can you substitute isopropyl alcohol with vodka?

The common thing about both alcohols is that they have ALCOHOL. Sounds funny. Right!

In simple terms, just like rubbing alcohol, vodka also has antiseptic properties. You can use it to clean the germs from your house. But it’s not as strong a disinfectant as rubbing alcohol. The reason?

Its alcoholic content is less and is produced with the idea of drinking, not cleaning.  Still, the answer to your question is yes. You can substitute isopropyl alcohol with vodka. But, once again, it doesn’t mean you can also drink isopropyl alcohol. Drinking it is a big no!

Where Can You Use Vodka Instead of Rubbing Alcohol?

Now that you are thinking of giving vodka a try, you first need to know its uses. Apart from drinking, here are some of its uses.

  1. You can use vodka to mop the floor.
  2. It can be used on wounds.
  3. Vodka can also be used to sterilize surfaces.
  4. It has grease-cutting potential.
  5. Vodka kills germs.

Is It a Good Idea to Replace Rubbing Alcohol with Vodka?

Generally speaking, if you can’t find rubbing alcohol, you can use vodka instead. But if you’ve the former, then there’s no need to go with vodka.

The alcoholic content of vodka is low compared to rubbing alcohol. Hence, its effectiveness is also less.

So it’s not a good idea to replace rubbing alcohol with vodka.

Why Does Vodka Smell Like Rubbing Alcohol?

As stated before, some rubbing alcohol has 70% ethanol instead of isopropyl alcohol.  Vodka is also a mix of ethanol and water.

That’s why it smells like rubbing alcohol.

Can You Use Vodka Instead of Rubbing Alcohol for Removing Nail Polish?

Yes, you can use vodka as a nail polish remover. You’ll have to dip your finger for some time in vodka.

It will soften the nail polish. Now, rub it with a cotton pad and the nail polish is gone. It’s it too simple?

Can You Use Vodka Instead of Rubbing Alcohol to Make Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is a necessary hygiene tool. You can’t ignore its importance.

If you are making it at home, vodka won’t work instead of isopropyl alcohol. The low alcohol content of vodka makes the hand sanitizer less effective.

So the answer to the question is no. You can’t use vodka instead of rubbing alcohol to make hand sanitizer.

Can You Use Vodka to Clean A Wound?

In movies and TV shows, you might have seen people using vodka on cuts or wounds. Can you really use vodka to clean wounds?

Luckily the answer is yes. But using it directly can damage the already injured tissues.

Still, your first choice should always be running alcohol. The reason? It has more alcohol which ensures maximum killing of the germs.

However, don’t apply it directly to the injuries.

Can You Use Vodka to Clean Electronics?

Using rubbing alcohol to clean electronics is normal. But can vodka be used to clean them too?

After reading the article, the idea of using it to clean electronics is natural. But you must not bring it into action.

Vodka contains more water, that’s why it takes longer to evaporate. Besides, it also makes your gadgets a bit oily.

Therefore, the answer is no. Don’t try vodka on your water-sensitive electronics.

Can Vodka Be Used as a Disinfectant?

Yes, you can use vodka as a disinfectant but its efficacy is lower than rubbing alcohol. Besides, if you are using these alcohols on wounds directly, it will harm the tissues even more.

First, dilute the alcohol and use it afterward.

The Bottom Line

Can you use vodka as rubbing alcohol? Many people have this question in their minds.

Well! The answer is yes. Both rubbing alcohol and vodka have a lot of common traits.

But vodka has a lesser percentage of alcohol than rubbing alcohol. It makes it less effective than the latter.

Besides, vodka also takes a lot more time to dry. You can’t use it on water-sensitive gadgets.

In short, you can use vodka as rubbing alcohol but it won’t give the same results as rubbing alcohol.



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