Do IPAs Cause Worse Hangovers?

We all know that beer is the best beverage for adults everywhere in the world. Especially Indian Pale Ale (IPA) beers are the most popular craft beer types these days.

Once considered an obscure style of beer, today, IPAs attract a following that rivals that of heavier, maltier beers like Stout and Pilsner.

Why? They’re delicious! IPAs have bold hop flavors and aromas ranging from citrusy to woodsy, fruity, and even herbal tones, as well as bitter ones.

The popularity of India Pale Ale beers is because they can make people taste the incredible flavors of hops and malt in a unique way.

IPA beers are specifically crafted to imitate the type of beer that was brewed during the 1700s in Britain, which is known as IPAs or Imperial Pale Ales.

The name comes from this period when India had great influence over Britain’s trade with India and Asia before the British colonies were established on American soil.

IPA beers are also famous for their high levels of flavor, both from yeast and hops, leaving them to be alluringly desirable among beer drinkers who love their fun and rich taste!

Today we are going to discuss the IPAs and how they could impact the hangover the next day after you consume lots of them. It’s more important to know that before rather than after you decide to party with IPAs.

What is an IPA?

IPAs are light in color but bold in taste. They’re brewed with lots of hops and often taste sweet. They’re usually around 5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) and have an aroma that is fruity and sometimes herbal.

Even though their alcoholic concentration is not very impressive, they still stand stronger than any other European-style beer.

It’s sure that, and that makes brewers use many complex beer hops and activated yeast.

Researchers believe that yeast type and beer hops interaction have to do with the impact of a hangover on people who drink many IPA beer bottles at once.

It remains to discover if the same happens with lagers of other Pale Ales to ensure that this doesn’t affect only the IPA beers.

How Can You Have a Hangover From Beer?

A hangover can be caused by a variety of different factors and not just from drinking too much beer. A tiny little amount of alcohol can have a big impact on your body.

For example, let’s say you drink at a party for more than one person, and you start experiencing symptoms like a migraine headache, dizziness, and blurry vision.

Do you know what can cause a hangover? Beer, it is true. But why does one feel hungover?

The first reason is that beer has water in it. When the body is dehydrated, it needs to drink more water and less beer, so drinking a lot of beer can dehydrate you. This causes your body to be more sensitive to alcohol.

Does Alcohol Intake Have to Do With Hangover Situation?

Alcohol is a huge factor in the hangover situation. The reason for this is that alcohol will dehydrate you, which can make you feel a hangover.

Alcohol causes dehydration by breaking down into the water, which rushes out of your body more quickly than normal and needs to be replaced. Alcohol also irritates your stomach lining and increases heart rate, which increases the amount of work your heart has to do.

In addition, alcohol also raises body temperature, so your body produces more sweat to keep cool and help cool off your digestive system so that you don’t pass gas unnecessarily (burping).

Also, alcohol can interrupt the digestive tract and start decreasing your body temperature.

That can make your body feel freezing, and it will add to the bad hangover experience you will feel the next day you consume alcoholic beverages.

Not to mention the bad influence of alcohol on your liver cells, where it can destroy many of them to ensure that your body can metabolize it.

Do Beer Hops Make You Feel a Worse Hangover in some Beers?

Beer hops are added to beer to increase its bitterness and allow it to survive the long journey from the brewery to your glass. However, different beers use different types of hops, and the bitterness can vary wildly between beers.

One explanation for this is that some beers have more bitter compounds than others, so you may find that different varieties of hops make you feel a worse hangover than others.

Having a hangover right after beer consumption is not rare to happen, and alpha acids of the beer hops may play a crucial role in that. However, further investigation and research are about to be done by breweries, so keep alert!

Do Congeners in IPAs Make You Feel Bad During Hangover?

Congeners are ingredients that are added to beer, wine, and liquor in order to make them more drinkable. Most people don’t even know they exist, but some have a profound impact on your body.

Lately, we have seen that congeners allow alcohol to pass quicker from the blood-brain barrier.

That means the alcohol passes faster to your central nervous system, and you finally experience a quicker hangover period when the next day comes.

Why IPAs Are Stronger Beers and How It Affects Hangover?

An IPA, or India Pale Ale, is a strong lager brewed with more hops than normal lagers. This is what makes IPAs stronger than pale ales and lagers, which are more malt-based beers.

Due to the higher amount of hops in IPAs, they tend to be more alcoholic and have a lower carbonation level as well. That makes them the ideal drinks to cause you a hangover from beer consumption, so you better be prepared to deal with it the next day at work!

Final Words

IPAs are so popular these days. You need to know their exact ABV before you start consuming them.

Remember that it’s not wise for you to be dehydrated when you start drinking beer. And consuming them responsibly will always reduce the possibility of getting a nasty hangover the following day, which may forbid you from going to work.



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