Do IPAs Make You Sleepy?

Lately, we have seen a great domination of IPA beers in the world market. Even though they have the Indian Pale Ale name, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are produced in the Eastern Asian country of India.

Many of these IPAs are created in the West, either Britain or America, and belong to the alcoholic beverages people like to drink alone or socially.

The discussion lately has been about if the IPAs can make you feel more sleepy when you are out or at home.

It’s worth making some points about it to ensure that you know more about the sleeping physiology of a human being.

On the other hand, we need to discover if IPAs have something hidden in their substance that makes people feel more sleepy when they consume them.

Beer Hops Have Anti-Depressant Abilities

A new study has shown that alpha acids in beer hops may have some impressive anti-depressant abilities.

However, these anti-depressant actions have an influence on the central nervous system.

Getting asleep means sedating the brain using certain neurotransmitters. These are the chemical substances your brain creates to transfer neuro signals to your nerves, muscles, and inner organs.

Beer hops are said to have a sedative action on your central nervous system.

That means you are more likely to fall asleep after having a couple of IPAs, provided that you are not eating that much to allow alcohol and the sedative substances from beer hops to reach your stomach and successfully enter the blood circulation.

Alcohol Can Strongly Make Your Nervous System Sleep

Alcohol is well-known to have some downgrading effects on your central nervous system. It can pass the blood-brain barrier from your head vessels and come to the nerve cells in your brain that control sleep.

You will feel fine after having a couple of IPAs that usually have a little more than 5% ABV. IPAs seem to be higher in the ABV index among other European beers that may have a lower ABV and be less susceptible to making you sleep after you consume them.

However, beer is the ideal alcoholic beverage to allow you to sleep easier. It has more water than other beverages that contain alcohol.

That makes your body absorb alcohol a lot easier and transfers it to your brain and inner organs. It will eventually make you sleepy as your brain can drive down all the other functions in your body to allow you to sleep for several hours.

With IPAs You Get a Lower Rate of Neurotransmission

Getting more IPAs in your daily calorie intake will eventually give you a lower rate of neurotransmission. That has to do with the ability of your nerves to send signals to your muscles.

Even though that does not happen right away, when you drink more than one IPA beer, you have the sense that you feel numb in some of your four limbs.

If you keep on drinking more beer, it will be harder for your brain to pass new signals to the nerves and muscles. As a result, you will start falling asleep and wake up with a hangover the next day morning.

It’s interesting to know that IPAs are very pleasant to enjoy when you are out with friends but can give you a hard time waking up the next day. As a result, drinking IPAs responsibly is the only way to be careful and protect yourself from sleeping when coming back home.

Hoppy Beers Make You Sleep Better

Many researchers know that hoppy beers can make you a lot more sleepy than others containing fewer beer hops. That is something we all know now and is the main characteristic of IPA beers.

Since they have more exotic hops and a higher percentage of them compared to barley and oats, you will have a better sleeping effect after consuming many of them at the same time.

That doesn’t mean you will feel sleepy after the first IPA beer bottle you will enjoy. However, if you are out with friends and drinking IPA beer bottles all night long, you are more likely to start getting asleep sooner than all the others.

IPAs Have a Higher ABV and Increase Your Sleep Quality

The higher the ABV concentration the better the sleep quality you will have when you finally come back home. You may realize that you have performed the best possible night’s sleep after you have consumed several IPA beer bottles.

That happens because the alcohol comes from natural sources like malt, barley, and oats. It’s a type of alcohol made from cereals that will allow the liver to metabolize it easier and will sedate your central nervous system easier to give you the best possible sleep you ever had.

Bigger Amounts of Carbon Dioxide in IPAs Make You Yawn More

Another known feature of IPAs is their greater carbon dioxide concentration. Because of the longer fermentation period, IPAs have a bigger foam phenomenon when you get them out of the bottle or barrel.

At the same time, they have more beer gas bubbles that come from the bottle of the glass to the top and vanish. These bubbles contain carbon dioxide that comes down in your stomach and makes you yawn a little more than usual.

As we all know, yawning is the first signal in your brain that needs more oxygen. It is strongly associated with your need to fall asleep.

As a result, we can strongly support that yawning is more intense with IPAs, and you will feel a lot more sleepy when consuming lots of them compared with other beers.

Final Words

IPAs are the most convenient and affordable beers to drink in bars and restaurants. However, you need to remember to drink only a few bottles as they could set you to sleep faster than any other alcoholic beverage.

Never drive a vehicle or operate sensitive mechanisms when drinking IPAs since you can get sleepy right away and cause an accident to yourself or others.



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