Does A Shot Of Tequila Help A Cold?

So, you are down with a cold and missing your daily shot of tequila as you are in bed taking rest.

However, now that you are reading this article, you have been suggested that a shot of tequila will help.

And then, you are thinking, “why not” while your wife merely stands there thinking you are making an excuse just to have your daily peg. And so, here you are, trying to get some help.

Well, read on to give her the proof that you need to show how a shot of tequila can be of great help when you are down with a cold.

Tequila Can Heal Your Sore Throat

One of the last things we want to end up with when we are down with a cold is a throat, making it hard for us to speak and changing our voice to the extent that we become a joke in the office.

So, here’s a shot of tequila coming to the rescue. Tequila serves as a natural decongestant to soothe the tissues in the throat that tend to get inflamed when you are down with a cold.

Apart from this, the drink also comes with some antibacterial characteristics, as it is made from a medicinal herb called agave. This way, it serves as an effective remedy against all the bacteria within, leaving you feeling much better within an hour or two.

So, go ahead; you can have a shot when you are down with a sore throat, guilt-free.

Can Tequila Ease Your Cold Symptoms?

Well, there is no scientific evidence to prove all of the above. This was a remedy suggested decades ago by a few doctors in Mexico, somewhere in the 1930s, but then, since it was decades ago, now in the 21st century, the solution has proved to be outdated, thanks to the lack of scientific evidence and proof.

But there sure is a lot of other evidence that you can get from those around who have tried and experimented with a shot of tequila when sick.

Ask them how it feels after they have had a drink, and they will tell you all about it.

After all, you are craving a drink, too, aren’t you? Then go ahead and have a shot. Don’t punish yourself by depriving yourself of a drink you need now that you know it can make you feel better indeed.

Tequila: Benefits and Risks

Just don’t overdo it. This is one word of advice for you. Remember you are down with a cold and need to rest. So, go easy on the party. Have a shot of tequila after your meal, and then, as soon as you feel better, make sure that you lie down to rest.

Remember that alcohol provides only temporary relief and, in the long run, can reduce your immunity, so now that you are ill, it is all the more important to keep track of how much you drink.

Tequila is low alcohol proof, so it’s not like you are going to get highly intoxicated with just a shot (unless you are not used to it, of course) as in the case of other alcoholic drinks like vodka and whiskey.

But even then, be careful.

The Risks

The alcohol that you have carelessly consumed can end up making you feel dizzy and nauseated so that, in the end, you feel sicker than you otherwise would. So, know your limits.

In fact, don’t go beyond one shot. Nothing more than one shot. Nothing at all, as this can reduce your body’s ability to fight off the disease, and you are going to be spending more days in bed, in need of more tequila and other fluids.

You don’t want that, do you? So, at the end of the day, go for the shot of tequila only if you think you really have to if your congested nose or sore throat is making it really hard for you to stay in bed. Only, in that case, a shot would do.

And don’t reach out for it again the next day if you are feeling good. You are going to need to get well soon.

Is Tequila A Cure For the Common Cold?

Not really. It provides temporary relief if, at the moment, you find it hard to sleep.

Make sure that with tequila, you are also having a lot of other fluids when you are down with a cold. First of all, a shot of tequila is all you can have.

For the rest of the day, you should consume many other fluids. Soups, for one, can be of great help when you are down with a cold. Fruit juices can also be very good for you.

Choose tea over coffee, and don’t overdo this too. You can add some herbs to the tea, like ginger and cinnamon, as this can ease your throat and make you feel good.

Follow this for a day or two, and you will soon find that you are beginning to feel good.

But Not If You Have Sinus

Listen, if your cold is a result of a sinus, do not reach out for that shot of tequila, for it can do more harm than good. In other words, drinking tequila is not a good idea for someone with a sinus that is now down with a cold.

And this is true in the case of any alcohol, as it dehydrates your body, elevates your symptoms, and leaves you feeling congested in the nose.

So, if you are down with a sinus infection, just stay away from alcohol, any alcohol.

Does A Shot Of Tequila Help A Cold? Yes!

Hope that convinces your wife, who has been standing all the while holding your bottle of tequila. Now go ahead and promise her that you are going to take all the advice you got from this article to recover soon.

In that case, you can go ahead and enjoy that shot of tequila before going back to bed to drift into a sound sleep. Don’t worry, for at the end of the day; everything is going to be good.



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