Does Apple Cider Vinegar Make You Urinate More?

Apple cider vinegar, also known as cider vinegar, is a lemon juice made from fermented apple juice. It is created by crushing apples and extracting the juice.

The liquid is inoculated with yeast and bacteria to begin the fermentation process that turns the sugars into alcohol. Cider vinegar can cause you to urinate more by rising urine flow.

Because apple cider vinegar contains a lot of acids, some people think that it can cause more urination. It has a variety of health benefits through antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.

Drinking apple cider vinegar, for instance, is not advised for those who have kidney disease as it may increase one’s risk of developing kidney failure.

Some Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a known natural remedy. For centuries, people have used it in both cooking and medicine.

Research suggests it might provide health advantages like improving diabetes symptoms by assisting with weight loss and lowering blood sugar levels.

However, it can show some undesirable actions to some people. Let’s examine a few side effects of apple cider vinegar.

Dropping Potassium Levels

Since cider vinegar is naturally acidic, as was previously mentioned, it lowers the body’s potassium levels.

A severe reaction to a potassium deficiency can include heart palpitations, paresis, chronic tiredness, cramps, and frequent urination.

Low Blood pressure

The excessive use of cider vinegar can also significantly lower your blood pressure. Hypokalemia may result from the drop in blood potassium levels.

Digestive issues

Although it suppresses appetite and prolongs the feeling of fullness, it can also cause indigestion. Apple cider vinegar is a popular beverage for weight loss but frequent use can lead to numerous digestive issues.

Enamel damage

You need to dilute apple cider vinegar because it is so acidic that it could severely damage your tooth enamel if used undiluted.

However, even diluted vinegar is still quite bad for your teeth, so extra caution should be used when consuming this beneficial beverage.

Reduced Minerals

Even though detoxification removes harmful toxins from our bodies, ACV is unable to differentiate between good and bad toxins.

As a result, it eliminates all types of toxins and flushes out the majority of the minerals our bodies require. Therefore, it is recommended to consume apple cider vinegar in moderation.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Make You Pee?

It’s unclear whether or not having a drink of apple cider vinegar causes you to pee a lot, but there’s a possibility.

Even though there isn’t any proof, it’s possible that consuming apple cider vinegar can make you urinate more frequently. There are a few possible potentials to increase urination.

Apple cider vinegar may cause bladder irritation, for example. When you consume apple cider vinegar, your urinary tract may become inflamed and irritated. This might cause you to urinate frequently.

The Science Behind It!

As a diuretic, alcoholic cider makes you pee by enhancing water loss through urination. It prevents the synthesis of the stress hormone vasopressin, which is crucial in the control of water excretion.

Vasopressin, an anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) instructs your kidneys to absorb the water instead of flush it. Apple cider also increases urination by the same mechanism.

It restrains the kidneys to release more water by suppressing ADH. So, your body may become dehydrated as a result, which may make you urinate more frequently.

Is consuming vinegar a panacea for urinary tract problems? No, not always. Medical professionals advise against drinking vinegar because it could irritate your bladder.

Another prospect is that consuming apple cider vinegar will make you lose electrolytes and water. Your body may release fluid and salts if you drink apple cider vinegar.

You might experience an increased urge to urinate if you consume apple cider.

Acetaldehyde is one of the chemicals that your body may release when you drink apple cider vinegar. The requirement to urinate more frequently can be brought on by acetaldehyde.

How to Control the Urge to Urinate

There are many typical techniques for controlling the urge to urinate while drinking alcoholic cider. Do not consume beverages with high alcohol content.

Avoid keeping yourself mildly dehydrated to make less urination. Overall, it’s not a great plan because you’ll probably end up feeling worse because of dehydration.

Drink only in moderation to limit the effects of alcohol. You won’t need to urinate as frequently if you don’t slosh around as much alcohol in your body and bladder.

What Happens If You Consume Apple Cider Vinegar Daily?

Daily consumption of apple cider vinegar can harm your teeth, irritate your throat, and make you feel ill. There is also little evidence to support the claim that consuming apple cider vinegar promotes weight loss.

Therefore, if you’re considering getting drunk apple cider vinegar daily, you may want to think twice.

Fat can be burned off, as vinegar made from apples is low in calories. Only 22 calories are in one spoonful of apple cider vinegar. So, drinking a glass of cider vinegar won’t make you feel heavy.

Though apple cider vinegar makes you urinate more and has side effects too, it can be beneficial for you in some aspects.

Your metabolism may be boosted by including apple cider vinegar in your diet. This is due to the probiotics that apple cider vinegar contains, which are good bacteria that aid in metabolism-boosting.

Consider whether it is a good idea before proceeding!


Apple cider may cause more urination but there are some ways to control the urge to urinate. However, it’s still not crystal clear whether or not drinking cider vinegar will cause you to urinate frequently.

If you consume apple cider vinegar regularly, your urinary tract may become inflamed. This might cause them to urinate frequently. So, the answer to the question can apple cider vinegar make you urinate, is yes.

Individuals who have kidney disease or other medical conditions shouldn’t regularly consume apple cider vinegar because it can enhance the flow of urine.

Because apple cider vinegar is naturally acidic, it lowers the body’s potassium levels. A severe reaction to a potassium deficiency can include heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, and frequent urination too.



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