Does Beer Make You Fart More?

Human physiology is something everyone should know. Farting, even though disgusting to people around you is a natural function of your intestine.

People who don’t fart usually have issues with their gut and need medical attention.

However, beer is one of the beverages that scientists believe makes you fart more. Today we will discuss this matter based on the latest research published online.

Beer is a natural product coming from live organizations and germs, water, and cereals.

That’s why it interacts with your stomach and gut, inducing gas production both in your stomach and your intestine.

Let’s elaborate more and dive deep into the farting matter is a sensitive case for all people who love to drink beer and socialize with their friends.

Farting as a Mechanism

Farting is the mechanism your thick intestine uses to remove the air gathered in the colon and anus area.

This gas has a connection with microbial functions. Usually, the microbe metabolism in the thick intestine produces gases that, most of the time, have some sulfuric molecules inside.

That’s the main reason farting gases have a nasty smell we all know and want to avoid smelling from other people.

Beer is another set of enzymes dissolved in water coming in close touch with your intestinal microbe flora.

That’s why you need to know how beer interacts with them and why it makes them produce more gases after they absorb beer ingredients.

Intestinal Microbe and Beer Hops

Intestinal fauna microbes absorb all the beer molecules. These molecules vary from beer hops to carbon dioxide and other sugars and proteins.

When they metabolize these ingredients, they produce gases as a result of entering them into Krebs’ cycle inside the cellular organelles.

The more sweet your beer is, the higher the gas exchange will be with your intestinal microbes.

Also, if you drink a beer that is rich in carbon dioxide (that means it’s fresher coming directly from the barrel), you may expect higher and more smelly fart gases coming out of your asshole.

How Can Beer Hops Increase the Gases in your Gut

Beer hops have many ingredients that will allow you to have greater gas production in your gut.

Their sulfuric substances and molecules are enough to start a chain reaction of chemical enzymes that produce gases after metabolism.

All these gases are slowly and gradually accumulating inside your colon. Then they inflate the colon like a tire.

When the colon reaches its full size, and before it bursts, it will start opening the valves to allow the gases to proceed to the next parts of the gut.

When the gases reach your anus, you only need to use your external sphincter muscles to let the fart go out into the atmosphere.

That is the main physiology of farting after drinking beer. Of course, the more beer you drink, the bigger the effects of farting.

According to the type of beer you decide to consume, there is also a more intense farting and a deeper smell.

We are going to analyze this in the following sections of the article to know more about the connection between beer consumption to gas emissions, and farting in your intestines.

Farting Is More Intense With Black Beers

Black beers will generally induce a lot more farting. That happens to most people with a usual intestine without issues of Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that is usual in western countries.

Black beers have more sugar and alcohol inside. That means they have more barley or oats and corn. These are all substances that make your intestinal microbes go frenzy.

When you drink lots of black beer, you allow it to pass from your stomach a lot easier. That happens especially when you don’t eat food while drinking your beer.

Besides the fact that you are getting drunk, you can expose your gut microbes to excess numbers of sugars and carbon dioxide.

That leads to more gas creation and a lot of farting. So you better be alone when you drink black beers of others will leave you the soonest.

Combining Beer with Onions and Beans is the Worst

Some people also like to accompany their beer intake with lots of food. If you like onion rings and kidney beans with your beer, you must know it’s a deadly combination.

When you have beans and onions in your gut, they react with the sugars from the beer. When they all enter your microbe fauna in the thick intestine, they create gases that stink.

In other words, you may fart all night because of the irritation of your bowel, and that’s something you can’t stop until the last drop of beer in your gut is getting metabolized.

Beer with Lots of Foam Makes You Fart Less

Despite the common perception that beer with foam gives you more farting, researchers support the contrary.

When you have a beer with lots of foam, it means that most of its carbon dioxide intake will get released to the glass before you actually drink the beer.

As a result, less carbon dioxide will reach your intestine and will produce a substantially lower amount of gases.

So, you may fart less when you drink beer with lots of foam, and you may ask the bartender to serve you foamy beer all the time!

Farting is Natural After Beer Consumption

Finally, it’s good to know that people fart after beer consumption and that is a fact for everyone.

Some people just don’t show it and try to fart alone.

However, if you don’t fart, then you certainly need to see an expert and have a colonoscopy to ensure everything works properly in your gut.

Final Words

Avoid eating too much when drinking beer and always try to limit farting in front of others. That’s the golden rule about public farting after beer consumption.

Farting is not a reason to stop drinking beer. You must do it smartly and not let others realize you are trying to fart!



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