Does Fruit Juice Cocktail Contain Alcohol?

You like fruit juices, and that is clear from the fact that you have landed on this article. However, chances are you don’t like alcohol, and now that you just heard about the drink called fruit juice cocktail, the question in your mind is obviously, does fruit juice cocktail contain alcohol?

The name sounds very tempting and if there is a glass in front of you right now, it sure looks very inviting and you can’t resist taking a sip, but what stops you is the word cocktail when you ask someone the name of the drink

If this is true in your case, read on to know all about the drink called fruit juice cocktail and whether or not it contains alcohol.

Is Cocktail Alcohol Or Juice?

This could be one of the first doubts on your mind, so let’s begin by getting that clear.

A cocktail is a drink that contains a mix of alcohol or more than one alcohol with some added ingredients that can include herbs, syrups, or even fruit juice.

Do Fruit Cocktails Have Alcohol

The answer is yes. Anything that is called a cocktail and is meant to be sipped will contain alcohol.

The fruit cocktail before you on the table surely has a delicious blend of some of your favorite fruits. At the same time, know that it also contains alcohol, which is most probably white rum or vodka.

This means that if you cannot stomach alcohol, you need to put down that glass and go for a mocktail or a fruit punch instead.

What Is the Difference Between Fruit Juice and Fruit Juice Cocktail?

The truth is that one can call it fruit juice only if it has 100 percent fruit in it. Yet, often we have juices that come in tetra packs that come with a lot of added sugars, which should ideally just be called a sweet drink.

A fruit juice cocktail is one such drink. It cannot come under the term fruit juice if it is going to contain the artificial sweeteners, sugars, and syrups that cocktails come with.

Do Juice Cocktails Have Alcohol?

Aren’t fruit cocktails and juice cocktails the same? Don’t waste time, move on…

Oh wait, there is one thing you can make a note of here since you seem concerned.

Though juice cocktails are known to contain alcohol, they are generally not alcohol, and this means you are not likely to get intoxicated or drunk with just a few sips.

But if you have never tried alcohol till now and are unsure about your capacity, then it would be wise to stay away from it.

What Fruit Juices Contain Alcohol?

You are now concerned about fruit juices, are you? You are right to doubt that some fruit juices can come with a small amount of alcohol, namely citrus fruits like orange, grape, and even apple which is not citrus fruit.

This is because these fruits have a small amount of ethanol and when used in making juices, can contain in them a small amount of alcohol.

Yet, this is harmless and won’t spoil your health or even get you intoxicated or drunk.

Do All Fruit Juices Contain Alcohol?

You seem to be more concerned at the moment. If you are looking for a fruit juice that contains absolutely no sign of alcohol, sadly, you have no options here.

Suffice it to know that the alcohol contained in fruit juices makes up for a very small percentage which is harmless and will not produce any adverse effects.

Is Fruit Cocktail Juice Safe To Drink?

With that, we come back to the fruit juice cocktail you began this article with. Now that you know it has some alcohol, the next question is whether or not this is a safe drink.

You can start with the debate most alcohol drinkers have on how safe it can keep your heart, but just kidding.

On a serious note, what you need to know is that it is not so much the alcohol here that poses a problem but all the added sugars that most fruit juices come with, making it as unhealthy a drink as alcohol.

This is unless you are fixing your fruit juice cocktail at home, are using fresh fruit, and are aware of how many spoonfuls of sugar you are adding.

Sugar can be bad for you, you know? While drinking a fruit juice cocktail may not damage your liver, it sure could end up raising your blood sugar, that is, if you are regular and careless with it.

Be careful. This can be an unhealthy drink.

Is Juice Cocktail Healthy?

Do you mean once in a while? Let’s put it this way. If you have to opt between that glass of whisky or a glass of fruit juice cocktail, you can go for the latter.

But if you have to opt between a glass of fruit juice cocktail or some fruit punch, go for the latter.

Finally, if you have to opt between some fruit punch and some fresh fruit juice made in a mixer, again, go for the latter.

Do you now know the difference between the three? Perhaps, there are times when you just want to try out a glass of cocktail, just for the experience.

In that case, go ahead because there is no harm in enjoying a glass once in a way. Just make sure that you don’t do it every day.

Is Fruit Cocktail Good For You?

Look, the very fact that you seem to be framing the question in so many ways means that you are tempted to try out the drink.

If that is the go-ahead and have a few sips of it, so that you know what it is.

Just remember that this need not be one of the healthiest of drinks and so don’t be deceived by the word fruit in it and don’t get into the habit of enjoying this drink.



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