Does Mixing Beer And Wine Make You Sick?

Restaurants are offering menus of these two beverages lately. It is hard not to try the different varieties available on this menu.

You may crave a glass of one just after sipping the other.

Although there is a lot of caution lately against mixing these drinks, it isn’t wrong to have this mixture and satisfy your cravings once in a while.

The effect you would get if you drink this mixture is no different from what you would get if you take these drinks individually.

Does Mixing Them Make You ill

It will not make you sicker than when you try them individually. Against popular belief mixing these will not make you sick, however, do not overindulge.

So long as you drink in moderation you would not get sick.

But you might be wondering what gave people the idea that mixing these two drinks can make one sick in the first place. Where did these sayings come from? And what gave people the idea that mixing different types of drinks is harmful?

To find out more about this, read on. In this article, we would discuss the relationship between these drinks and why you can have one alongside the other.

Can You Drink Them Together?

If you have ever found yourself in a bar craving both of these beverages and wondering which one you should order first, then you should read this.

There is no right sequence for which should come first. No science rule states that you should have one before the other.

Whichever one you choose to have first is perfectly fine, and is not going to harm you irrespective of the one you choose to have first.

Just ensure you don’t drink too much because that would make you sick. These negative sayings about these beverage mixing come from those who have had negative experiences and side effects from drinking.

It doesn’t matter the order you drink these beverages, what matters is how much you drink. If you overindulge you definitely would feel the effect perhaps not immediately but the handover would hit in the morning.

There is also a long-term negative effect of overindulging in alcohol. Too much alcohol in your body system can cause health issues.

So it is important to drink responsibly at all times.

What Is The Beer After Wine Theories

There are a lot of sayings concerning mixing these two. There are some theories about the proper way of drinking these two beverages.

There are also theories on how not to drink them. There also are theories about how drinking these two beverages can be damaging to your health.

There is a popular saying that;

“wines before beer will make you feel weird. And beer before wine you’ll feel fine.”

There is yet another saying that cautions people against mixing beer with liquor.

However, proponents of these theories have failed to prove it as no scientific ground on which to base their claims.

These sayings are not backed by science but they persist. A lot of people still believe them and are still guided by them.

To find out why these sayings have persisted and have become so popular, read on.

Is It Better to Drink Wine First?

Though this cannot be scientifically proven it has some other basis.

Is there a basis for these sayings?

A possible explanation for this is the fact that beer most often than not has less ABV when compared to most wine. If you start with it, you won’t misjudge how much you take.

So when you move to wine which is harder and has more alcohol in it, you are more likely to quit early after a few glasses.

“Wine before beer you feel weird” how true is this part?

What this is saying is that if you reverse the previous statement instead of feeling fine this time you will feel weird.

A possible explanation for this part is this;

Wine has a higher ABV, which means a glass of wine would have higher alcohol than the same volume of beer. If you take liquor first, your judgment would be distorted and you may end up drinking more beer than you should.

And you’re more likely to drink your beer faster and the excess carbonation might make you feel bloated, thereby making you ill.

Will You Get Sick If You Mix Wine And Beer? 

Despite the many sayings about the negative outcome of mixing these two drinks, none of them is true. Drinking these together won’t make you feel weirder than you would have if you take one of them.

Will Drinking Beer And Wine Make You Sick?

What will make you sick is indulging in too much alcohol?

Too much drinking would make you sick. It doesn’t matter what you take if it constitutes too much alcohol, not only will it intoxicate you it will also expose you to some health challenges in the future.

Is it Ok To Drink Beer And Wine?

There are no rules that forbid the drinking of these beverages on the same night. You can have both drinks and feel fine so long as you drink in moderation.


These warnings although not found a lot of people have held onto them. Drinking them on the same night won’t cause you any harm so long as you drink in moderation.

Although these arguments might not be founded in science, there is still a basis for them. Wine has a higher ABV so drinking it first may cloud your judgment on the amount of beer you take and how fast you take it.

Taking your beer too fast can lead to the feeling of bloating due to carbonation. However there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim, and they have not been proven to be true.

There is one saying that has been proven to be true, which is that drinking too much alcohol isn’t good for you. Drink in moderate amounts and enjoy the drink combo.



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