Does Putting Tequila in the Freezer Ruin It?

According to Statista, Mexico produced 651.4 million liters of tequila in 2022. Since 1995, It’s considered the highest volume on record.

Mexico is the creator of the drink and is exporting it across the globe. Mexicans don’t chill it in the freezer. Did you ever think why?

Does putting tequila in the freezer ruin it? Well! It impacts the spirit’s flavor but you can’t call it a ruined drink. To know more details, read out the article!

Can You Put Tequila in the Freezer?

Tequila is a fermented juice of the agave plant. It’s a distilled spirit created by the Mexican people and is considered the second-best-selling spirit in America.

Tequila lovers keep on doing experiments with the drink and if you also have an adventurous soul, you might want to put tequila in the freezer to see what happens. Right?

Can you put tequila in the freezer? Well! The answer is yes. You can put the spirit in the freezer but it won’t freeze.

Tequila contains 40% alcohol which is way too much to freeze in your home freezer. Freezing requires a freezer of extremely low temperature.

Also, remember that there are some caveats about putting the spirit in the freezer.

Keep reading to learn about them.

Does Putting Tequila in the Freezer Ruin It?

Does putting tequila in the freezer ruin it? It’s a common question that a large number of people ask.

What’s the answer? Let’s find it out!

Well! Putting tequila in the freezer doesn’t ruin the spirit but it has an impact on the drink. Freezing the spirit causes the cold sensation to overtake the flavors.

Upon drinking such spirit, your mouth will get numb and you won’t be able to enjoy the flavors. Besides, freezing also causes the volatile compounds in the drink to degrade.

The result? You can’t enjoy the aroma of tequila and its flavor is also compromised.

Is It a Good or Bad Idea to Put Tequila in the Freezer?

After reading the above-mentioned facts, will you freeze tequila? Is it worth it?

Well! To be honest, putting tequila in the freezer is a bad idea. Now, you might be thinking, why. Right?

Let’s tell you clearly that it affects the flavors of your Mexican distilled spirit. You won’t be able to enjoy the taste and aroma of the drink.

Therefore, don’t put the spirit in the freezer. Instead, put some ice cubes in the glass of tequila.

Can You Store Tequila in the Fridge?

Distilled spirits with high alcohol content don’t need refrigeration as refrigeration harms the beverage.

It is also a highly alcohol-proof drink and doesn’t need a fridge for storage. Once you break the bottle’s seal, keep it at room temperature. It won’t spoil.

The reason? The high percentage of alcohol doesn’t allow the bacteria or molds to grow inside the bottle. Hence, you must avoid putting the tequila bottle in the fridge.

How to Store Tequila?

Another concern for tequila drinkers is storing the drink. You’ve just bought your favorite brand’s tequila and had a shot, what next?

You can’t waste the remaining drink. After all, you’ve paid for it.

Now, how’ll you store tequila? What things do you need to consider while storing it?

Let’s dig in!

1. The Storage Temperature Must Not Be Too High nor Too Cold

Tequila loses its enjoyable taste and aroma at extreme temperatures. You need to store it at room temperature to preserve the flavors for the long term.

2. Direct Sunlight is also Bad

Ensure that the bottle is in a dark place, away from direct sunlight. The reason is that UV light damages the compounds present in the drink.

3. The Cap Should Be Tight

Ensure that after every shot of the spirit, you close the cap tightly. Improperly closed caps cause oxidation of the content of the bottle, making it taste bad.

Considering these points, the best place to store tequila is your kitchen cabinet.

How Many Shots of Tequila Can Get You Drunk?

The answer is that it depends on how you drink it. Generally, most people get drunk after having four shots.

If you dilute it with mixers or if you’re a heavy drinker, you’ll need more shots to get drunk.

On the other hand, if you have low tolerance, even 2-3 shots are enough for you.

At What Temperature Does the Tequila Freeze?

Tequila is a highly alcoholic beverage. Like all other high-proof alcohol, it requires extremely low temperatures to freeze.

It freezes at temperatures between -100 to -170 degrees Fahrenheit. Achieving this temperature at home is not possible because your home freezer can’t go so low.

Does Tequila Expire?

Many tequila lovers inquire about the expiry date of the spirit they just bought. Do you know what the shelf-life of tequila is?

Surprisingly, it doesn’t expire. A sealed bottle can spend indefinite time in your kitchen cabinet.

But if the bottle is opened, try to finish it within a year. Keeping it for a longer time spoils the drink.

Can You Put Tequila Rose in the Freezer?

Tequila rose is also a distilled spirit. The best part is that you chill it before having it. That’s why people are often confused when it comes to freezing it.

Well! From now you won’t be confused anymore. You can place tequila rose in the freezer.

Chilling it enhances the flavor of the liquor, which makes it more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts on Putting Tequila in the Freezer

Tequila is a distilled spirit containing high amounts of alcohol. Putting it in the freezer is a bad idea because not only it affects the consistency but also the flavors.

Consuming freezing-cold tequila numbs your buds. As a result, the drink becomes flavorless.

You can’t enjoy it much. Besides, its aroma is also compromised.

Therefore, instead of putting it in the freezer, go for having it with ice cubes. It will dilute the alcohol and make the spirit more enjoyable.



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