Does Tequila Ice Cream Have Alcohol?

Alcohol-infused deserts have, in recent times, been on the rise, along with the doubt as to whether or not they really contain alcohol, despite the name that they come with.

Rum, whiskey, and brandy are some common flavors today that you find in this dessert made with ice. Of these, a common favorite of most today is tequila.

So, when they say tequila ice cream, does that mean that it really contains alcohol?

Is Tequila Ice Cream Safe?

Tequila is alcohol, no doubt, and like any alcohol out there, has its pros and cons (more of the former) But what about tequila ice cream? Now does that contain alcohol?

This may not be much of a worry when you or your spouse go ahead to enjoy one that you see on the menu in an ice cream shop.

The problem is when your little son wants the same ice cream that you are having, and he is barely three. Yes, of all the flavors he sees around, even chocolate, he wants a scoop of what’s in your hand, or he is going to cry.

What do you do now? For starters, read on.

How Much Alcohol In A Tequila Ice Cream?

Tequila ice cream is indeed gaining in popularity these days for its unique and intoxicating flavor that most people claim to enjoy.

Yes, tequila ice cream does contain alcohol. It contains tequila, the main ingredient, which is only understood otherwise; why would it get its name?

However, the content of alcohol in it can vary and most often falls within the range of 0.5 to five percent, depending on how much the manufacturer would like to add to it.

Now, often there is no way of knowing how much alcohol you can find in it, and so, to be on the safer side, here is the next big question.

Is tequila with ice cream good to have at all? You’re talking about your little son, right? Well, but this is for you, too; read on.

Tequila Ice Cream May Not Be Safe

The truth is that even a small amount of alcohol in the ice cream is enough to give it an alcoholic flavor and provide that scoop of ice cream with a kind of intoxicating quality.

Now, coming back to the little boy, you just have to find a way to get him pacified, but as you know, children should not take in any kind of alcohol. No, not even wine.

That brings us to you. If you are an expecting mother, soon on your way to having another child, then this is the reason for you to put that tequila ice cream aside or give it to your husband.

He will only be too glad to have two of these, and you can give yourself a pat on your back for your generosity and for choosing to be wise.

But Why Is Tequila Ice Cream So Enjoyable?

Ice cream is nothing but a combination of fat, sugar, flavor, and ice to come together and blend into this desert that most of us find so nice.

And here, the flavor in question is tequila, which means the ice cream in your hand is now creamier, smoother, and more enjoyable, for that is what happens with alcohol mixed with ice cream that makes it so nice.

This is why tequila ice cream is a common favorite among liquor lovers.

That said, here are some things that you would find interesting and want to know, especially if you plan on preparing your tequila ice cream at home.

Making Your Tequila Ice Cream At Home

The sugar and fat used in ice cream play a role in freezing the water, but now you have an ingredient that can come in the way, and that is alcohol.

Alcohol is known to freeze at much lower temperatures. In other words, the alcohol you have chosen to add to the ice cream here will serve as an antifreeze may create a problem for you.

See, now how soft an ice cream could be, depends on the amount of sugar and fat you add to it (health freaks already have their minds running by now)

And now that the alcohol you chose to add will make the whole thing so hard to freeze, it only goes to say that you will need more fat and sugar for this.

Tequila Ice Cream Can Have More Fat

So, you see, it’s not just for those who have been advised to stay away from liquor. There’s a catch for those who have been told to watch the fat too.

In other words, this is not just a very boozy ice cream, but a little fattier too, so if you have been attending Zumba classes with the hope of losing some weight, we suggest you put aside that tequila ice cream too.

The Final Words OF Advice

While tequila can indeed be one of the most intoxicating flavors used in ice creams, there are certain things you need to make a note of.

Okay, for one, note the number of ice creams you reach out for, especially if you need to follow a doctor’s advice.

While some say that the dairy content in the ice cream will reduce or postpone the tipsiness that you would feel otherwise, you need to go by what you feel is right.

You can say that tequila ice cream becomes a better option when you have to juice between this or a glass of tequila.

If, in the end, the many scoops of ice cream that you have enjoyed have left you drunk and intoxicated, then know that whatever you have done is not right.

Perhaps you have been advised to stay away from alcohol for a while, which you find hard to do, so this is just something you can try.

But don’t make the mistake of fooling yourself by saying that this is just ice cream, for this is ice cream that contains alcohol, which you are perhaps forbidden to have, and so you need to be wise.



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