Does Tonic Water Keep You Awake at Night?

Even though you are a social drinker, you surely know tonic water. It’s one of the best additives to serve Gin spirit and more than a dozen other cocktails.

However, some people prefer to drink tonic water as it is. For that reason, we will discuss rumors that tonic water can cause you insomnia.

There is no strong evidence that such a thing could happen, but you have to know about the possibility of staying awake when you overdo it with tonic water consumption.

This short article is about forging your opinion about tonic water and knowing the inner secrets of this simple soft drink.

Starting with the definition of tonic water, we will explore its ingredients and make sure that everything is there to avoid sleeping incontinence and annoyance that could be harmful to your mental health.

What Is Tonic Water?

As its name mentions, tonic water is one of the most straightforward soft drinks in the market. Here are the main ingredients so that you know what we are talking about:

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Citric acid as an acidifier
  • Flavors (Quinine hydrochloride)

As you can realize from the above shortlist, there are no agents that stimulate the nervous system and will provide you with a hard time falling asleep. However, it’s not only stimulants that can make you wake up during your night’s sleep.

Being awake more than once to go to the toilet may not allow you to sleep for the rest of the night. And it’s worth investigating if this could happen with tonic water, so you know all about it next time you will overdo it with its consumption.

Which Is the Active Ingredient in Tonic Water?

There is only one active ingredient in tonic water. That is, quinine used to be a painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent in the 1950ies.

According to the latest medical literature reviews, there is no chance that quinine can act within the central nervous system to overstimulate the nerve cells. As a result, no matter how many liters of tonic water you may drink, the effects on your nervous system will be minimal.

On the other hand, we need to discuss the excessive amount of cane sugar and carbon dioxide you get through tonic water consumption. It could be the main reason for sleeping disorders and make you awake when you should be sleeping.

Does Tonic Have Caffeine?

One thing is for sure: tonic water contains no caffeine. It’s good to know that because some consumers confuse tonic water with Sprite.

While tonic water has no caffeine, Sprite has lots of caffeine in it, even though you cannot view it from the glass. Caffeine is the number one reason some people cannot sleep at night, and it’s better to avoid it when you can.

Most energy drinks contain caffeine, and they can cause insomnia. However, tonic water is as pure as regular water and has only cane sugar inside that could potentially play a role in your sleeping disorders establishment.

Is there any Cane Sugar in Tonic Water?

As we mentioned before, you can find cane sugar in the tonic water. One can of tonic water has as much as four teaspoons of cane sugar, either in a crystal of syrup form.

That amount of cane sugar can keep your pancreas busy for many hours. The sudden increase of sugar in your bloodstream forces your pancreas to work overtime, secreting insulin.

That’s the main reason you may stay awake when you drink lots of tonic water before you go to bed. By reducing the amount of tonic water you consume, you could have a more balanced blood sugar profile and ensure you are on the safe side to enjoy a good eight-hour sleep.

Could Drinking Tonic Water Keep You Awake at Night?

Drinking tonic water could, of course, fill up your cyst and make you feel like you need to use the bathroom all night long. That sentiment is more apparent to people who are obese and whose belly presses their cysts when they fall asleep.

Drinking more than a few cans of tonic water before going to bed could cause urinary incontinence, which is one of the significant reasons for losing sleep at night.

How Much Can Tonic Water Keep You Awake at Night?

It would need to consume a higher volume of tonic water to keep you awake at night. Tonic water can remain in your stomach only for a little time before it passes through the duodenum and is absorbed in your thin intestine.

If you drink more than five cans of tonic water before you fall asleep, chances are that you will wake up at least twice during the night to urinate in the toilet.

Does Carbonization of Tonic Water Make You Awake at Night?

The carbonization of tonic water is another issue that may keep you awake at night. Tonic water gets some extra carbonization to ensure that it has all the necessary tastes for its lovers.

It will make you awake at night because it can stay in your stomach for a long time and force you to burp. These burping could be as hard as volcanic eruptions, and you could be awake during the night due to stomachache.

Even though other drinks could have the same level of carbonization, tonic water may have a higher effect on your sleep, so you need to have a controlled use when you plan to sleep right after.

Final Words

Tonic water is a nice and aromatic soft drink to accompany your spirits, or drink it by itself with ice. However, it doesn’t contain any chemical nervous system stimulants; it can be the main reason for your insomnia.

The amount of tonic water you drink, as well as the level of its carbonization, could easily make you stay awake. It’s how you treat your tonic water consumption that will regulate your night’s sleep that you need so desperately.



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