Does Zacapa Rum Have Sugar?

You would have recently overheard a conversation on a drink called Zacapa rum and how refreshing it can be, especially on a hot day, and you are wondering whether or not to try it.

With a balance of some of the most delicate and unique flavors, this is a favorite of a lot among those who love rum.

On the nose, it gives you notes of caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch, and on the tongue, this savory and full-bodied drink is generous with complex flavors that you can’t but appreciate.

But then, does Zacapa rum contain sugar?

This is the question that has brought you here on this page, where you can read on to know all about Zacapa rum and whether or not it contains sugar.

What Is Zacapa Made From?

What is it about this rum that makes it so highly praised? Well, for one, this is one drink that brings together variously aged rums in a blend that one can’t but appreciate.

In this way, you can have rum that has been aged for six years and rum that has been aged for 20 and more years, both coming together in one bottle, of which you would want to have a taste.

This is known as the sistema solera, which is the aging process, where it is put in several barrels to become the rum you finally get.

How Do You Drink Zacapa Rum?

Again, what’s special about Zacapa rum is that you can enjoy it in any way, neat, on the rocks, or mixed to form your favorite cocktail.

It’s up to you to decide, for this drink can be enjoyed in any way. Enjoy it just the way you would enjoy one of the finest scotches in the world.

In fact, this is one of the most versatile rums that can be enjoyed in many ways.

Pour one peg into a tapered brandy snifter and enjoy it with a cube of ice on a day after work. The different notes that come with this tasty drink can be best enjoyed in this way.

On a cold day, you can add some cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom for the perfect winter warmer.

You can even have your Zacapa with tea. Add some lime juice and soda if you want to, and serve chilled when you return from your many errands on a hot day outdoors.

Is Zacapa A Good Rum?

This, as you would have seen above (unless you have been skimming through the article), is a rum with blends that have been aged from six to 23 years.

It comes with rich layers of flavor and a deep aroma that one can’t but enjoy.

The creation of Lorena Vasquez is becoming an increasingly popular form of rum over the world today.

Of these, one of the best is Ron Zacapa Centenario 23, which is seeing many good reviews over the internet today. This article will not add to them, but you can go ahead and look at them yourself.

What Are the Ingredients In Zacapa?

All rums are made of sugarcane, and this includes Zacapa rum, as this, too, is a form of rum.

However, there is a difference. This rum is not made of sugarcane molasses. Instead, what you get is a drink made with the first press of virgin sugarcane.

In comparison to other rum varieties, it is thus sweeter and smoother. What you also get to enjoy as a result of this is a distinctive characteristic that is very unlike other kinds of rum.

This is another one of the many reasons why they say that you should try this rum.

Once distilled, it is made to cool above sea level in a moist climate, high above the clouds, further enhancing its quality and taste profile.

There, all this is enough to convince you about what makes this rum so special and why you would want to try out Zacapa rum.

What Type Of Rum Is Zacapa?

Crafted in Guatemala, this one is an award-winning rum and would by now agree on the reason why it is becoming increasingly popular today.

However, the drink is 80-proof, so one needs to have it responsibly.

The drink has 40 percent of alcohol by volume (ABV), and yes, as this too is a form of rum, you can be sure that it comes with a high alcohol content.

Know your limits, drink carefully and be safe.

Is Zacapa Rum High In Sugar Content

Distilled spirits are not really high in sugar content, and this includes all kinds of rum, be it Zacapa rum or the local brand you choose to buy from the store up the road.

To this, you can expect to find a bit of artificial coloring and added flavor, but this can be of not much harm if you enjoy it once in a way.

After all, it is not always that you get to enjoy premium rum as good as this, isn’t it?

Zacapa is rum, and it comes with alcohol, as it is distilled just like all alcoholic beverages, which means you need to be aware of the alcohol content, but do not worry about the sugar.

You can relax and take a sip. Go ahead and enjoy a glass, in fact.

How Much is Sugar in Zacapa Rum?

Every liter contains about 25 grams of added sugar, so the answer is yes. Zacapa rum does contain sugar.

Should you be scared? Actually, not, because when you do the math, this does not amount to much unless you plan to have an entire liter.

And you are not going to be doing that, are you?

At the end of the day, one can say that this could make the perfect drink for someone who loves sweetened rum, and yet, this is not something to be very scared of, as Zacapa rum does not really come with very high sugar content.

You need to be more aware of the alcoholic content.



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