How Long Can You Store Vodka In A Plastic Bottle?

If you are reading this article right now, chances are you have some vodka in a plastic bottle sitting in your fridge, and something makes you think twice about it.

And we are glad you chose to trust your intuition, for we have some valuable information to give you.

How long can you store vodka in a plastic bottle? Or, rather, can you store vodka in a plastic bottle?

Of course, there is Everclear, which comes in a plastic bottle, and this makes us think that it is normal to store all kinds of vodka in plastic bottles.

So, what’s the truth? Read on to know.

Alcohol and Plastic Bottles

Some alcohols can conveniently be stored in plastic bottles, and there are some that just cannot.

Beer can safely be stored in a plastic bottle and consumed, but for a few days.

Wine may remain safe for a week. And what about vodka, rum, and whiskey? Well, these can be stored for months, but under certain conditions, like the right container and temperature.

In other words, the temperature needs to be cool, and the container needs to be airtight.

In that case, nothing harmful will come of your vodka in the plastic bottle.

Can It Be Harmful To Store Vodka In A Plastic Bottle?

The type of plastic is another thing that one needs to make a note of.

Plastics like polyvinyl chlorides and polycarbonates can indeed be harmful, so one needs to avoid them at all costs, especially when serving hard liquor like vodka.

Why so? This is because the alcohol in the bottle can react with the kind of plastic that it is and cause it to break.

And that is why we decided to warn you, for we know that you would neither want your drink wasted nor want to put up with a mess.

Is There Any Other Harm?

And it does not stop there. There is worse to come. What can happen as part of the process is that the chemical bonds can break down in reaction to the liquid, and this can, in turn, harm your drink.

You will notice this in the liquid’s flavor, color, and taste. And so, here’s another way to know when your vodka has been changed as a reaction to the plastic.

What has happened here is that the toxins (yes, plastic can contain toxins) have found their way into the liquid, which you are not supposed to be drinking.

In such a case, take it as a learning and make sure to be careful in the future, but more importantly for now, do not drink it.

Also, some bottles are meant for single use, and storing your vodka in them can, in fact, prove to be very harmful.

And it is for these reasons that you just can’t be too careful with the kind of plastic bottle that you choose to store your vodka in. And more importantly, monitor the condition of the liquid inside before going ahead and enjoying it.

In any case, you won’t enjoy it, so save your health by not consuming it.

What happens after a few months?

Well, just make sure that you empty the bottle of the liquid and that the liquid goes down the drain. A few months are okay, after which your vodka may not be considered safe.

Is Vodka In A Plastic Bottle A Good Idea?

Plastic, at the end of the day, has its cons. Of course, there are the pros that plastic bottles are cheaper, and it’s easy to get your hands on one, sometimes even to the point of getting it free with another drink.

And then, there is the fact that it is light and won’t break. But then we all know that the cons outweigh the pros, not just by ruining your vodka but the environment too.

You know what we mean by that, don’t you? You have contributed to another piece of junk that will stay on this beautiful Earth of ours for another 450 years just because you found your vodka convenient to store in.

So What Are the Alternatives? Glass?

Good question. We are glad you came to that. Glass is one convenient material that can store almost all liquids, from beer to milk, so what about vodka?

While most of you may be nodding your consent, there are a couple of things to note here.

Well, you would definitely agree that glass can be heavy, wouldn’t you?

And then there is the fact that glass has to be handled carefully as it can break easily.

We don’t want a mess when we are off somewhere with vodka hidden in the back of our suitcase.

And even if you don’t mind the mess, there is always the danger of having glass pieces providing enough danger.

So, unless it is a vodka that you plan to store in your fridge or home bar, the glass may not be a good option, and now you know why.

How About Aluminum?

Now that brings us to one of the best options regarding the kind of container you can store your vodka in aluminum. It is not so heavy, and it is definitely not brittle.

And at the same time, it does not come with any harsh chemical properties that refuse to behave and choose to break down, wreaking havoc on the alcohol that is inside.

There, now we know that you are happy. And there is also the fact that you are using a bottle made of a renewable energy source. So, you see, your vodka, and you go guilt-free.

Aluminum contains no toxins, which makes it safe to use, and if by chance you let the bottle hit the floor, it sure will make a loud noise, but it won’t create a mess as it won’t shatter into pieces.

So, how long can you store vodka in a plastic bottle? You can store it for quite a long time if it is the right plastic, perhaps even for months, but now that you have seen the whole big picture, that shouldn’t be the point, isn’t it?



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