How Long Does Cider Take to Ship?

Humans have consumed cider since hundreds of years ago.  Cider used to cost much more than the finest wines in the world. Britain produced an abundance of apples, so this drink was born there.

The British drank a lot of cider, which later attracted Romans before its way to North America. It gradually grew in popularity among the general public and today generates billions of dollars in revenue.

A lot of people want to order hard cider online to have it delivered right to their door! But standard shipping to addresses in the United States is supported only.

Cider is perfect for both winter and summer parties, despite the fact that it sounds like a summertime sensation. Local shipment usually takes less than 60 minutes.

Find out your choices of beverages to satisfy your desires.

Who Can Ship Cider Beer? 

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is not a reliable method of shipping cider because it is against the law to send alcohol through this.

Shippers who are in good standing with the law and granted UPS’s approval to transport beer, and who have signed a contract with the company are permitted to send packages containing beer to UPS.

The courier must have a current retailer or brewing company license in their home state, and if necessary, obtain a license or permit in the destination state.

They must be certified to ship wine under applicable law and must enter into an authorized UPS contract for the road transport of spirits, as applicable, for shipments containing these items.

Only a few states have been chosen for UPS to accept wine or liquor shipments.

Delivery Costs and Time for Cider Shipment

People younger than 21-year-old can’t buy and order Cider. An adult signature is a must for delivery confirmation.

Shipments of hard cider must use the UPS delivery affirmation adult trademark required service, which calls for an adult 21 years of age or older to sign for the package when it is delivered.

The majority of orders ship in 3-5 days. Weather conditions and different seasonal issues may cause shipping delays.

How Long Does Shipping of Cider Take?

Over the years, it was discovered the only method for shipping cider that doesn’t spill in transit is to freeze it. To ensure that it gets to you undamaged, so, freezing and wrapping are a must.

Some courier recommends 3-day shipping at checkout if you want to ship something far away.

Within 24 hours of being received, orders are processed. Unless otherwise specified, all shipments are sent via ground; kindly accept 5-7 business days for regular delivery.

During the weekend some local delivery services ship on the same day, while orders placed after 12 pm are shipped the following business day.

If age verification isn’t completed the order may be returned to the cidery or kept in storage at a nearby shipping company depot while the proper identification is confirmed.

Some delivery companies provide 2nd-day air to prevent summertime temperature extremes while in transit. If the heat index is too high, they might also postpone shipments.

Cider Delivery Cost

The average price of apple cider is $3.49 per gallon. The best way to order at a cider bar is to say a pint of cider, as the word scrumpy is sometimes interpreted negatively as a term for subpar cider.

Some online couriers after picking up your order, send an email with a shipment number that will allow you to track it online through their website.

Delivery fees depend on the type of cider you ordered and which states are you in. If for any reason, you couldn’t get the right cider you ordered may prefer a refund or replacement.

Delivery costs £8.50 (10.25$) on average for each case. But it highly varies from place to place and shipment companies.

When placing your order, many authorities show the delivery costs displayed in your shopping cart.

Interstate Regulations for Cider Shipping

Few states specifically mention cider products in their laws governing direct-to-consumer sales.

How a state treats ciders in comparison to other alcoholic beverages—which can differ from how ciders are handled at the federal level—determines whether shipping cider products are legal.

Since they are made from fermented fruit juices, ciders typically meet state definitions of wine. Some states have laws that explicitly exclude ciders from the definition of wine.

Cider may be shipped in accordance with the state’s cider shipping regulations in states that treat it similarly to wines; in states that treat cider more like beer.

These definitions can occasionally change depending on the amount of alcohol in the cider, with higher ABV ciders being governed by wine laws and lower ABV ciders being governed by beer laws.

As a result, cider shippers must be aware of how each state defines and governs its products and whether there are any differences based on their ABV.

Cider shippers should pay particular attention to such definitions as well because, even though it is otherwise governed like wine, many states will tax it at a much lower rate than a wine.

Packing Tips for Cider Shipping

All ciders must be shipped in cans, containers, or growlers. Each entry needs three bottles, cans, or growlers that are at least 10 oz.

Make an effort to pack the beer in a way that the recipient can reuse the packaging. Some other recommended shipping requirements are:

  • Use a box with two sturdy walls.
  • Make use of a lot of filler or use bubble wrap.
  • Ensure that no glass touches another.
  • Use styrofoam wine shippers and tape.


State laws of nations may impose restrictions on shipments to specific regions of a state, with quantity caps, reporting systems, and license obligations.

Shipping time however could take 2-7 days to reach you if you choose via ground service. You can expect apple cider to arriving in under 1-3 days if you decide to have it shipped by air.

Underage drinkers are not allowed to receive alcohol. Any documents of a driver’s license, passport, or identity card are a must for identification.



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